4 Best Belt Sanders with a Dust Bag Reviews 2021

Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag

Are you an enthusiast woodworker or a newbie passionate about your newly found love in woodwork? You will need a belt sander eventually if you are on this path and the reason will be evident once you start using one. Belt sanders are the best when it comes to wood projects as they can bring out the best vision of any project with the minimal mess created in your small workshop. Moreover, this article contains the list of the 4 best belt sanders with a dust bag that comes with cloth dust bags and is best to keep you busy on your vacation. For your ease, we have also included an easy buyer’s guide to help you make a better decision. Our reviews and buying guide shall serve as the ultimate guide to choose the best according to your needs and budget. Cheers to beautiful carvings and vintage wood decors!

Best 4 Belt Sanders with Cloth Dust Bag: Reviews

Makita 9903 8.8 Amp variable speed

Makita’s 9903 Belt Sander is a speed variable model that gives a smooth performance in woodworking projects. It is the perfect combination of convenient features and high speed with good controls. It will make your workshop time much easier by removing dust easily. This is ideal if you are looking for a long-lasting belt sander as it also comes with a warranty. It is among the top choices of woodworkers as it is one of the best in the market.

Powerful motor

The 9903 is powered by a powerful 8.8 AMP motor. It works flawlessly with electronic speed and offers smooth speed control along with variable speeds. On the other hand, the motor doesn’t create much noise and works at only 84dB. 

Auto-tracking belt system

The belt sander also has an auto-tracking belt mechanism that automatically tracks the belt without adjustment. It also features a front grip for convenience. 

Easy cleaning system

There is minimal spilling of dust when you work with this sander as it has an extended base that doesn’t allow much spilling of the sand. The 9903 also has a 16.4-foot power cord that efficiently collects dust and reduces dirtying of your workshop. 

Apt for all projects

This Makita 9903 is apt for cabinetry, woodworking, and all sorts of wood projects. It is superiorly engineered to aid all professionals in their daily lives. This belt sander is another characteristic of Makita’s high-quality products made with updated technology.


This tool comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty that has your back at all times. While all Makita products are thoroughly tested for performance and reliability before hitting the market, a one-year warranty is a great advantage nonetheless.

What customers say

Most clients speak highly of its performance which is said to be as expected. The motor works fine and the belt is also reliable. However, if you are looking for a budget belt sander, this might not be appropriate for you as it is on the higher end and you will get similar features in other models too. Few advantages that make this stand out are its longevity than average models and the one-year warranty from Makita.

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The Black & Decker Belt Sander definitely deserves a spot in this list because of its high-performance motor which in turn unfurls an impressive performance. It also comes with an adjoining cloth bag that collects all dust formed during sanding and reduces messing up your entire work area. Overall, it’s a great product engineered with all features and convenient traits for a smooth woodwork session.

High power motor

This belt sander utilizes 7.0 amps of power to give out maximum performance. It does make a bit of noise but is not too much to ditch this product. Moreover, the motor is really long-lasting which makes this a better choice than many other similar-ranged products in the market.

Convenient grip

The sander offers three different positions for the adjustable handle which ensures a solid and convenient grip during your working sessions. Hence, it doesn’t hurt even if you use this for a long time. 

Ergonomic design

On the other hand, the product features a low-profile design that doubles the functionality. The body and design are engineered in a simple way to keep it as minimal weighing as possible. This is a great feature as long hours of woodwork are often tiring especially for beginners. Plus, you also get the added advantage of a flush body design that is perfect for smooth sanding on vertical surfaces.

What customers say

If you are looking for a high-functionality sander for versatile products, this will be perfect for you. You get all convenient features from ergonomic grip to flush body design as well as 3X close sanding to wall edges. This is a cheap option for those who are beginners and are trying out different things before settling for one. 

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WEN 6321 7-Amp belt sander


This is probably one of the most lightweight belt sanders weighing about 6 pounds only. Hence, you won’t have trouble moving it while working. This is perfect for beginners and long work hours or even for long vacations.

Spacious dust bag

The package also comes with a spacious dust bag that collects all remnants and dust after your working session reducing the hassles of cleaning your workshop. It holds a large number of wood remnants and is really handy for cleaning all messes in no time.

Convenient use

The sanding belt is very easy to use as you can quickly detach or change the belt using its inbuilt quick-changing system. Adjust grits or switch between sandpapers easily in no time and with zero hassles.

Extended front roller

The sander reaches all corners and tight edges for smooth sanding using the extended front roller. The belts are also replaceable which makes this a favorable option among many professionals.

What customers say

This has a list of convenient features like an adjustable knob for leveling the sanding belt, extended front roller, spacious dust bag, quick releasing sanding belt, and so on. Moreover, the price point is rather cheap for the features it provides hence this is a great option if you are just starting out.

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Genesis GBS321A Single Lever Belt Sander

Genesis is well known for its powerful hardware devices to meet all daily needs with versatility and convenience use. This belt sander is also a prime model from this renowned brand that gets the work done with minimal noise and clear stock cleaning. 


This belt sander has a list of convenient features and works efficiently producing the least noise. It is superiorly designed for professionals working with wood on a daily basis and needing a high-power yet convenient belt sander. Its front grip handle is also a good advancement to ensure a solid and comfortable grip.

Powerful motor

The GBS321A has a robust 8.0 AMP motor that works with an impressive electronic speed plus provides smooth controls over its pace. You can switch between different speeds to meet different sanding needs accordingly.

Robust design

The low-key design has won the hearts of many professionals as it easily helps to get into tight corners and difficult angles. Also, its 6.5-foot power cord extends over long areas so that you can complete heavy projects easily without any hassles.

Efficient dust collection

Its sanding bag is also an exceptional component that deserves a special mention. It is highly efficient in lint collection and prevents messing up your work area to as much extent as possible.

What customers say

Genesis is a really reliable brand combined with highly sophisticated features. It is highly recommended if you work with difficult angles or want perfection in any woodwork project. So, you can consider this option even on a tight budget.

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Buying Guide for the Best Belt Sanders with Dust Bag

Choosing an all-rounder belt sander can be quite daunting especially for the first time. These are the major key points to keep in mind while you choose a belt sander.


Belt sanders must be easy to hold and have an ergonomic grip that in turn ensures smooth sanding even at difficult angles. On the other hand, cord length should be kept in mind if you are looking for ultimate convenience. A longer cord length is easier to carry over longer areas. Especially if you are a beginner, convenience will matter a lot as you will need some time to get used to the model.

Sanding bag

Next up, the focus should be given on sanding bag volume and quality. Look for a sanding bag that holds the maximum dust so that you can have a longer sanding time without worrying about unloading the dust. 


Ultimately, the motor power decides how much longer it lasts and how efficiently the sanding is performed. Most models are powered by 7.0 amp motors however you can get even better ones on a higher price range. The motor capability should be the first priority and should not be compromised for any other factors. 


Another important factor is the reliability and longevity of the product which should be satisfactory. There are a lot of affordable options in the market as well which gives satisfactory options. So, if you are on a stretched budget, you can still get a long-lasting product that will work on most of your wood projects. 


You get an added advantage if the belt sander you choose accompanies a warranty from the manufacturer. Since hardware tools often tend to get damaged or incur major functional mishaps, you are saved if your sander comes with a year or two’s warranty. 


Lastly, budget is a major consideration for many woodworkers especially for beginners as you might not want to invest a lot during trials. However, in this particular product, you do get many options in the price range. From high-end to budget picks, most belt sanders have almost similar features. Hence, you can ignore this point as choosing a budget belt sander will also give you similar results if it is from a reliable brand and performs as it promises.


No matter whether you are a newbie or a pro at this game, you probably know a belt sander is a savior when it comes to wood projects. It brings the most difficult projects to life in no time and with a minimal dusting of your work area. From high-end options to budget belt sanders, in this article, we have listed the 4 best belt sanders with a dust bag for your ease. It can be difficult to choose from the varying options available in the market, especially for a beginner. Hence, we have put together the most important parameters you need to look for in a belt sander. This buying guide along with the top 4 picks shall get you going no matter if you are just starting out or need a versatile one for bigger projects.

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