5 Best Bench Stone Coarse Sharpener for Aggressive Cutting

Sharpening stones are the abrasive surfaces used to hone and sharpen the edges of cutting tools like knives, chisels, scissors, plane blades, scrapers, etc. Tool sharpening is an essential chapter of woodworking as it leads to performing aggressive cutting actions. The stone sharpener creates or reestablishes cutting edges, adjusts the knife sharpening angle, and reforms the blades’ shape. It also hones the tools to remove all the small imperfections. Getting a good Bench Stone Coarse Sharpener will help you put a rough edge on the dull blade or repair damage in the regularly used blade edges. So you can shape chisels, wood lathe cutters, plane blades, different knives, precision tools, and other delicate instruments & bearings perfectly. It also provides a fast and efficient way for flattening the planer irons and chisel backs.

Sharpening stones are generally made of synthetic materials that are available in softer and harder forms. These stones are categorized by grit, which is the size of the abrasive particles. The stone coarse sharpener generally comes in a 150 to 325 grit range and has abrasive particles sized around 45 to 100 microns. You come across different stones to select from at the coarse end of the spectrum. The diamond stones, oil stones, and water stones are the most efficient ones. The oil stones and water stones use oil and water, respectively, as a lubricant. However, you can use some of these stones dry as well.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on stone sharpeners that can be used on the benches. You’ll come across several options for the best bench coarse stone sharpener. But relax, you don’t have to be confused as we are here to narrow down your options with a concise list. So you don’t get frustrated to find yours. Without taking much time, let’s move on to the reviews of the top stone coarse sharpeners below!

5 Best Bench Stone Coarse Sharpener

DMT 8-in. Dia-Sharp Bench Stone Coarse Sharpener

DMT 8-in. Dia-Sharp Bench Stone Coarse Sharpener

DMT 8-in. Dia-Sharp Bench Stone Coarse Sharpener is one of the most highly acclaimed options considered by the woodworker of all sorts. Diamond Machining Technology is the market leader when it comes to producing sharpeners. It provides the most sharpening surface to help achieve a sharp edge with minimum pressure and stroker. We’ll find out more about this product below.

Uniformity, Coverage, & Surface Flatness

DMT stands out in the competition with the use of unique Micronized Monocrystalline Diamonds in their stones. It makes the sharpening stone super abrasive and reliable for long-lasting performance. You can also experience a better sharpening speed and diamond uniformity. So it won’t shear off easily like other polycrystalline made ones. It’s also a market leader for using the most diamonds per sq. inch. This bench stone is flat and highly uniform, ensuring even contact with your cutting tool.

Highly Efficient

This DMT sharpener comes with an ultra-hard diamond surface. It takes a few easy strokes to sharpen the edge. It comes with slightly recessed holes that can collect metal swarf removed in the sharpening process to prevent loading. This stone is dedicated to faster sharpening and is not meant for small or pointed tools.

It’s an easy-to-use sharpening surface that doesn’t require any additional oil or water to be used. It comes with a continuous surface having a more conventional look. The company backs its product with a replacement warranty in case any defect is encountered.

Wide Applications

There are immense benefits of using this DMT Bench Coarse Stone Sharpener. It comes with precise sizing, flat surface, better coverage, fast & long-lasting sharpening, and ease of use. You can use it to sharpen the edges of different woodworking tools such as marking knife, chisel, plane iron, draw knife, utility knife, and so on. Besides, you can also use it for different cutting tools related to your home, garden, or outdoor use.

Product Details

The product has size dimensions of 8” L x 3” W x 3.5” H and weighs only 2.45 pounds. It comes in gray color and includes non-skid rubber feet. Its grit type is coarse and has a style of 45 microns/ 325 mesh. The sharpening surface comes with a wide range of tool accommodation.

Why You Should Buy It

  • Ranks highest in the diamond coverage.
  • Flat and uniform surface.
  • No oil required.
  • Sharpens fast.
  • Highly durable.
  • Versatile applications.

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Norton 614636855653 IB8 1-by-2-by-8-Inch Fine/Coarse India Combination Oilstone, Red

The Norton 614636855653 IB8 is an excellent 100/320-grit Combination Oilstone. You can use this as a bench stone coarse sharpener for knives and other cutting tools used in woodworking. It comes with solid engineering and more durability.

Superior Engineering 

It’s an aluminum oxide stone from Norton Abrasives, a Saint-Gobain brand that meets the ISO 9000 & 14001 Certification. Its superior engineering includes a tough fracture having a wear-resistant grit. So it’s more durable than the other silicone carbide ones. The stone is engineered by grading the aluminum oxide to uniform particle size and then blending it with bonding agents. Next, it’s molded, and surface finished for superior sharpening performance to very close tolerances.

Norton combination oilstone is harder and more durable than the Waterstones. It is compliant with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Abrasive Grit Standards. Moreover, it has thoughtful size dimensions of 1” H x 8” W x 2” D. So you can use it as a bench stone coarse sharpener as well.

Proprietary Manufacturing

Norton India oilstones use a proprietary manufacturing process. It impregnates the stones with a petroleum-based product. So the lubrication used in the sharpening process stays on the stone surface. As a result, the shredded metal from the sharpened object and other small dislodged abrasive pieces gets suspended in the lubricant. Therefore, these materials don’t embed into the surface of the sharpening stone. So you have a clean surface and enjoy a free cutting experience.

Moreover, the comes prefilled with oil, eliminating the need to presoak it before use. It also saves your time and eases the maintenance procedure.

Norton 614636855653 India Combination Oil Bench Stone Coarse Sharpener

Great Combination of Fine & Coarse Sharpening

IB8 Combination India Bench Oilstone features 2-Grit on opposite sides of the stone. It has 100 grit on one side and 320 grit on the other. So you don’t have to own a variety of grit sizes for different sharpening tasks. The oilstone has a dedicated 100-grit coarse sharpening side having a medium cutting rate. You can use it to sharpen dull edges quickly.

There’s 320-grit fine sharpening on the other side that can be used to provide a fine edge. You can use it to restore slightly dull cutting edges and enhance the finish left by the other side of the stone.

Wide Applications, Smooth Sharpening

This combination oilstone comprises aluminum oxide and is a highly capable stone for producing durable and smooth-cutting edges. You can use it to restore cutting edges on different straight-edged tools such as knives, chisels, plane blades, and precision tools.

Why You Should Buy It

  • Faster sharpening.
  • Efficient coarse and fine sharpening sides.
  • Hard, flat, and uniform surface.
  • Durable and produces sharp edges.
  • Versatile applications.

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Smith’s Diamond Sharpening Bench Stone, Gray, 6″ (156-BRK)

Smith's Diamond Bench Stone Coarse Sharpener

Smith’s Diamond Sharpening Bench Stone is the next one we’re gonna review on this list. Smith is one of the most prominent names in the sharpening industry for over a century. This sharpening bench stone here is a perfect example of their excellent capability. It’s an effective and easy-to-use diamond sharpening stone to set your edge. We’ll check out more about its features below.

Product Details

Smith’s Diamond Sharpening Bench Stone is a one-sided sharpening stone that comes in two grit choices Coarse (DBSC) or Fine (DBSC). As we’re discussing bench stone coarse sharpener, you’ve to choose the Yellow-325, Coarse Diamond Stone that’ll set a perfect edge for you. It comes with size dimensions of 6.31” W x 2.75” W x 1.13” H and a weight of 0.65 pounds. So you can have an excellent convenience of use with the thoughtful design.

Ultimate Sharpening Technology

The stone surface includes superior engineering for sharpening. It comes with multiple layers of Micron-sized, Mono-crystalline diamonds perfectly bonded in nickel to a smooth metal surface. The stone also includes a patented design of overlapping oval-hole that speeds up the sharpening by accumulating and holding the metal filings. These build-ups are later suspended, allowing the surface to remain clean and clear.

Wide Applications

This Smith’s Diamond Stone is an excellent option for sharpening a wide range of woodworking tools, including kitchen knives, pocket knives, or medium to small sport knives. Smith’s 6-inch diamond bench stone is a general-purpose, quick-cutting, sharpening stone. It’s highly appreciated by all woodworkers, hunters, culinary enthusiasts, fishers, and artisans alike.

Effective Sharpening

It’s made with the monocrystalline diamond on a unique uniformed surface. So it speeds abrasive action and remains clear and efficient during a long-lasting use. There’s also a Micro-Tool Sharpening Pad that lets you sharpen knife points and small cutting edges. It comes with oval-shaped holes that don’t fill up during the sharpening process. This stone is fast, flat, and indestructible for maximum efficiency in sharpening. You can use it with or without any lubricant. Even if you want to use lubricant, it only requires water for lubrication.

Convenience of Use

The 6” x 2-1/2” wide stone is contained on the anti-slip rubber feet with the molded plastic base for perfect stability. It also includes a snap-on clear storage lid for protecting the stone. You can achieve the best results if paired with Smith’s Premium Honing Solution. It also comes with the Micro-Tool Sharpening Pad for smaller tools.

Why You Should Buy It

  • Solidly built with high-quality materials.
  • Effective coarse sharpening.
  • No oil required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Anti-sleep rubber feet provide excellent stability.

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DMT WM8CX 8-Inch DuoSharp Plus Bench Stone Coarse / Extra-Coarse

DMT WM8CX 8-Inch DuoSharp Plus Bench Stone Coarse Sharpener

You always have high expectations from Diamond Machining Technology with different sharpening bench stones. The DMT WM8CX 8-Inch DuoSharp Plus Bench Stone Coarse Sharpner is one such product that lives up to all sorts of woodworkers’ expectations. It’s a two grit diamond sharpener that comes with excellent features to check out. Let’s take a look at some of these below.

Product Details

This DMT sharpening stone is a double-sided, two-grit coarse sharpener. It’s an 8″ x 2 5/8″ diamond bench stone having a continuous zone for small & pointed tools. With the coarse grit on one side and extra coarse grit, you can expect maximum sharpening efficiency. It doesn’t include any base and can be paired with the DMTB8250 Duo Sharp Base (sold separately) for the best results.

Dual Grit Bench Stone

8-Inch DuoSharp Plus is an innovative, precision flat dual grit diamond sharpener. It features both a continuous diamond sharpening stone for small & pointed tools and an interrupted diamond sharpening stone for sharpening scissors, knives, etc. It comes anti-slip mat providing excellent options for counter & bench sharpening stone. The Coarse Diamond side has 45 micron/325 mesh for quickly restoring the neglected edge. And the Extra-Coarse Diamond with 60 micron/220 mesh provides significant material removal for a damaged edge.

Effective & Easy

Sharpening with this diamond stone is effective, fast, and easy. You don’t require any messy oils, sharpen dry, or use water. It’s a durable stone with effective sharpening that can provide consistent sharpening performance for years. It also comes with convenient tool maintenance. Therefore, it’s one of the most reliable bench sharpeners for woodworkers, chefs, and other professionals.

Why You Should Buy It

  • High-quality crafting.
  • Durable construction and performance.
  • Easy for bench use.
  • Sharpens faster.
  • Requires no oil.

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Lansky Double-Sided Diam. Stone M/F Benchstone 6×2 (15×5 cm) DB-2860

Now it’s time to end with another double-sided diamond sharpener. It’s not from DMT this time, but from another prominent brand in the sharpening industry—Lansky. The Lansky Double-Sided Diam. Stone M/F Benchstone makes an excellent addition to our list of the best bench stone coarse sharpener. It includes solid engineering for quick and efficient sharpening. There are more features to this coarse sharpener that await your consideration. Let’s check out some of these below.

Product Details

The Lansky DB-2860 Benchstone is made of high-quality synthetic materials. It has size dimensions 6.69” L x 2.76” W x 1.38” H, and a weight of 408 grams. It comprises 100% uninterrupted diamond coating, and the diamond abrasives on this bench stone sharpener are excellent for any craftsman to sharpen their tools.

Efficient Dual Grit Sharpener

The Lansky Bench Stone has an edge-to-edge diamond surface. So it’ll provide quick and efficient sharpening. The green, 280 grit Coarse side is capable of quickly reconditioning the blades. On the other hand, the blue, 600 grit Fine side is capable of producing and maintaining a micro-serrated working edge while polishing off the marks from lower grit stones.

It’s low maintenance sharpener that’s easy to mount and use. It includes easy screw holes for convenient bench mounting.

Wide Applications

Lansky bench stoner is used to sharpen a wide range of woodworking tools. It’s a fantastic diamond sharpener for maintaining and repairing different dull and damaged tools. Starting from the kitchen knives to the well-maintained woodworking chisels, this is the answer to all your sharpening jobs.

Why You Should Buy It

  • Coarse and extra-coarse sharpening options.
  • Sharpens dry or with water.
  • Fast and effective sharpening performance.
  • Easy to mount and use.
  • Works as advertised.

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The bench stone coarse sharpener is available in different varieties. And getting the one suited to your needs can be a challenging task. However, we’ve tried to make it easier for you with a concise list and reviewed the sharpening stones that are best for providing coarse edges. These above-mentioned stones come with varying grits, providing the versatility of sharpening applications. You can cut an initial bevel with these stones, define a damaged edge, refine the existing edge, and polish the edge. We’ve mentioned every detail of these stone sharpeners so that you can make an informed choice and go for the one best suited to your needs.

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