The Best Bosch Power Tools review 2022

When it comes to power tools, every business owner or tradesperson is interested in knowing the best manufacturers of cordless and cord power tools. Bosch power tools are leading in the market for power tools and accessories.

Professionals look for reliability, speed, competence, and endurance. Power tools and accessories from Bosch company have an excellent design that every professional needs in power tool accessories.

Professional power tools and accessories from Bosch are designed for excellent performance stands, speed, robustness, and precision.

Bosch power tools and accessories have a remarkable design to meet each professional’s needs. They feature leading technology for efficiency and reliability for both cord and cordless power tools. They have an easy-to-use design that every skilled worker would desire to experience from them. 

To help you decide on the best Bosch Power Tools for your workpiece, we list the best tools with their descriptions and features. The review also presents frequently asked questions and a non-biased analysis of what customers say about the tool. By reading this review, you will find valuable information that will guide your buying decision.

Frequently asked questions 

Are Bosch Power Tools good?

Bosch makes some good tools. their 12V and 18 V platforms may not appear more compelling than the competing platforms. Their current release of Bosh’s power and cordless tools shows convincing performance.

Where are Bosch Power Tools made?

Bosch’s power tools manufacturers are from Malaysia, China, Mexico, and Taiwan. However, some products come from Switzerland and Germany.

How do I know if my Bosch Power Tools are authentic?

To tell whether the Bosch Power Tools are authentic, enter the 16 digits from the label Blue Power Tool to verify their authenticity.

Here is a list of BOSCH Power Tools:

BOSCH CLPK22-120 12V...image BOSCH CLPK22-120 12V Max Cordless 2-Tool 3/8 in. Drill/Driver and 1/4 in. Impact Driver Combo Kit with 2 Batteries, Charger and Case,Blue $175.47
BOSCH GWS18V-8N 18V...image BOSCH GWS18V-8N 18V Brushless 4-1/2 In. Angle Grinder with Slide Switch (Bare Tool),Black/grey/blue $109.00
BOSCH GWS12V-30N 12V...image BOSCH GWS12V-30N 12V Max Brushless 3 In. Angle Grinder (Bare Tool), Blue $99.00
BOSCH PS60N 12V...image BOSCH PS60N 12V Max Pocket Reciprocating Saw (Bare Tool),Blue $85.13
BOSCH Power Tools...image BOSCH Power Tools Oscillating Saw - GOP40-30C – StarlockPlus 4.0 Amp Oscillating MultiTool Kit Oscillating Tool Kit Has No-touch Blade-Change System, 32 Accessories and Case $209.00
BOSCH GST18V-47N 18V...image BOSCH GST18V-47N 18V Barrel-Grip Jig Saw (Bare Tool) $150.65
BOSCH GSA18V-083B 18V...image BOSCH GSA18V-083B 18V Compact Reciprocating Saw (Bare Tool) $116.31
BOSCH 18-Volt Lithium-Ion...image BOSCH 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw Bare Tool JSH180B,Blue $147.99
BOSCH GOP18V-28N 18V...image BOSCH GOP18V-28N 18V EC Brushless StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool Bare Tool $124.00
BOSCH JS470E 120V...image BOSCH JS470E 120V 7.0-Amp Corded Top-Handle Jig Saw, Blue $129.00
BOSCH VAC120N 12V...image BOSCH VAC120N 12V Max Hand Vacuum (Bare Tool) $49.00
BOSCH PR20EVS Router...image BOSCH PR20EVS Router Tool, 1 Horsepower 5.6 Amp Electronic Variable Speed Palm Router $89.00

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated on this page and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the purchase time will apply to this product.

Bosch Bare-Tool CCS180B 18-Volt Circular Saw

Bosch Bare-Tool CCS180B 18-Volt Circular Saw uses a 6- ½ inch blade with the ability to cut through 2-inch-thick material at an angle of 90 degrees. The blade can also cut through a 1-9/6-inch-thick material at a 45-degree angle.

The blade’s left design makes it easy to view the cut line while holding the left hand’s saw’s main handle. It features a 50 degrees bevel range for a more comprehensive bevel application, an excessive anti-snag lower guard for easy operation, and a spindle lock to allow easy blade changing.

Its scale for cut and bevel depth is easy to read, making it an excellent choice for professionals looking for a user-friendly tool. Whether on light or arduous job tasks, this tool ensures top performance. Its heavy-duty aluminum material for the upper guard and foot contributes to the tool’s sturdiness and durability. Additional protective features protect its motor against overload, giving it more extended service life.

You buy a cell protection system separately to protect the battery against overheating, deep discharge, and overloading. 

Product Features 


The saw bare tool features a 6-1/2-inch saw blade capacity that allows you to make different cut angles in materials of varied thicknesses. The saw blade makes a 90 degrees cut through a material of 2-inch thickness while 50 degrees with a material of 1-9/6-inch thickness.


It is with a compact and balanced cordless saw weighing 6.6 lbs. A 3900 non-load RMP gives it an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.


The saw provides an easy-to-read and adjustable bevel, including a depth–of–cut gauge for increasing accuracy and improved locking. It is designed with a left blade design to give a clear view of the cut while holding the saw’s main handle in the right hand. 

Accurate operation 

For accurate operation, this saw features a Bosch-exclusive anti-snag lower guard for easy cutting of the workpiece. It also has an electronic brake that quickly stops the blade for easy and quick use.


The upper guard and foot of this circular saw bare tool is designed with heavy-duty aluminum material to withstand years of challenging work. Using it on light tasks or harsh jobs will give outstanding performance for a longer period. Its Bosch’s cell and Motor protection prevent overheating and overloading, allowing secure and long-lasting tool operation.


Six 1/2-inch saw blades can cut through a two-times material, including its full depth. The exclusive anti-snag guard feature makes it easy to cut through a workpiece.

What customers say 

The customer likes the design and power of the saw. They comment positively on its functionality, battery life, and lightweight design. According to the customers ‘ ratings, the product’s value for money, ease to use, and battery life is superior features.

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Bosch GSB18V-755CN 18V EC Hammer Drill/Driver

Bosch GSB18V-755CN 18V EC is an excellent powerful drill that delivers next-generation innovation and the ability to perfume on any demanding material on the job site. 

The hummer drill /driver features an optional connectivity tool module that links it to a free Bosch Power Tools box application on the connected device. The connectivity facilitates efficiency in the control and feedback mechanism. It is designed with a powerful EC brushless motor that delivers an excellent impact-to-weight ratio. The tool only (without the battery ) weighs 3.4 Lbs but delivers 0-31 500 beats per minute (BPM).

You can adjust it to a high speed of 0-2, 100 RPM, or work with high power of 0-480 RPM depending on your preference with the variable speed control settings.

To ensure safety while in operation, the tool features a drill kickback control that minimizes the risks that can occur from the sudden rotational torque reaction in case of a bind-up. It is designed with a 25+1 precision clutch to reduce damage to the fastener and an all-metal chuck that makes it durable. Its more extended clip securely holds it in place to ensure proper functioning. You will buy the charger and battery separately and fix them during operation.

Product Features 

Next-generation hammer drill

The hammer drill has an engineering design for BlueTooth connectivity that allows you to operate it efficiently when connecting it to other operational connectivity tool modules. It also features a kickback control that minimizes the risks from the sudden rotational torque reaction in a bind-up situation.

Bluetooth connectivity

Its Bluetooth connectivity connects to an optional connectivity tool module that links to a Bosch toolbox application on a connected device which allows customization of the setting and optimization of the feedback tool control.

Kickback control 

The kickback control makes the operation of the hummer drill safe. It minimizes the risks of injury from sudden rotational torque reaction in a buildup scenario.

EC Brushless motor 

It features an efficient motor that delivers 755 Lbs of torque which is 15% more improved than the previous generation versions.

Outstanding control system 

You can adjust the variable drilling speed from 0-2,100RPM for high speed and 0-480 RPM for increased power. 

Significant impact to weight ratio 

The tool only, without the inclusion of the battery, weighs 3,5 lbs. but delivers 0-31,500 BPM (beats per minute)

What customers say 

Though customers found this drill heavy, they like its high power and excellent performance. Customers recommend this drill for its outstanding performance bit–depth no-touch.

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Bosch JS572EBK Jig Saw kit

Bosch Power Tools
Bosch Power Tools

BOSCH JS572EBK Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit has a compact circumference that offers the tool an upgraded upfront soft-grip area. The innovative Precision Control II double-roller system gives it outstanding cut accuracy that reduces blade deflection chances.

This tool will offer great satisfaction if you are a woodworker, bath, or kitchen installer. It features a best-in-class 7.2-amp motor, including a variable speed control that you can adjust to your desired range.

Its aluminum gearbox design has an insulated cover that ensures sturdiness and secure operation.

It features a counterbalancing mechanism to ensure low vibrations. With the Constant Response circuitry, you experience a constant speed under load. You can easily adjust the bevel as you maneuver on your workpiece. The LED light and dust blower make the cut more visible and accurate. Changing the blade is super easy; no need to look for tools.


The Bosch JS572EBK JigSaw has an upgraded soft-grade grip upfront that contributes to additional comfort. Its smallest barrel grip area circumference offers an excellent control feature to users. 

The 7.2 amp and a constant response circuitry ensure a consistent speed under load. You can also adjust your rate from the variable speed dial.

Cut Precision 

This tool features Bosch’s Precision Control II double-roller system for accuracy and excellent cut precession, minimizing the blade deflection. The self-adjusting system has roller fittings that fine-tune themselves according to varied thicknesses for easy operations. Its second roller ensures minimized chances of blade flexion.


A professional would like to view the cut as they work on the piece. Apart from the bright LED lighting system, this jigsaw features a dust blower that ensures a clear and visible cut surface.


The JS572EBK jigsaw has a giant die-cast aluminum footplate with a tool-free adjustment that makes bevel adjustment easy and fast. 


No more touching of hot blades when changing them. Thanks for JS572EBK! With the one-touch blade change, you can easily insert and eject the lever without touching the hot blade.


It has a durable die-cast aluminum footplate and aluminum gearbox with tool-free adjustment for easy and fast adjustment. Its multidirectional blade clamp gives a superior grip to the T-shank blades ensuring longer and more stable operation.

What customers say 

Most customers positively reviewed the tool jigsaw, leadlight, and barrel grip. The top-rated features of the product include sheerness, easy to use, and maneuverability.

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Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool 

Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool is a versatile kit with many applications. Use it for precise bit plunging, slot cutting, bit plugging, dovetail cutting, and laminate trimming. You can also use this tool with the router table. 

The kit has a 25000 RPM, 12amp motor that gives a smooth routing. The router kit has a powerful motor with a precision base, advanced speed control technology, and other advanced features that allow you to do your job accurately and quickly. This tool features a motor that reduces the torque upon startup to ensure a smooth transition that makes it comfortable when handling.

To ensure durability, it features a rugged design that gives you a more extended service life. Fixed-Base Router Kit and the plunge have a more comprehensive design to make them last longer. Motor housing, on the other side, is designed with aluminum material, while the switches have a seal for additional durability.

Product Features 


The tool has a variety of applications. Use it for precise bit plunging, slot cutting, dovetail cutting, and laminate trimming. Its versatility makes it the most preferred router for woodworking.


The handles on a fixed base are wood, while soft-grip handles on a plunge base. The aluminum construction makes this wood router durable.

Easy to use 

Using this router is super easy. It is featured a rounded hardwood handle to maximize your control while in use.


The 1617EVSPK wood router has a constant response circuitry that maintains a constant speed throughout its operation. With the tool, you can produce accurate work.

Contents of the kit 

The kit contains a collet nut wrench, shaft wrench, 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch collet chucks, a fixed base, a plunge base, a carrying case, and a chip shield.


The hand router variable speed allows you to adjust the optimal speed for the material and routing task. It has a base diameter of 6 inches fixed /6-11/16 inches and a rounded hardwood handle to maximize user control.

Top power 

It is among the most powerful on the market, with 12-amps, 2.25-horsepower, and 8,000-25,000 RPM. The wood router’s advanced speed control technology monitors and maintains a constant operational speed that ensures consistent performance.


The kit provides all the necessary components for the fix-depth routing. They include the micro fine bit–depth adjustment on its base and an overall range of one inch and accuracy to 1/64 inch to allow for faster change and accuracy.

Rugged Design for Increased Durability

The kit is durable, with construction designed for years of use. The base and motor housing are constructed from long-lasting aluminum material, and the switch is sealed entirely from dust for additional durability. The rugged carrying case secures all the components ensuring maximum protection.


The routing system has a one-year limited warranty, a one-year service plan, and a 30 days money return.

What customers say 

Customers are happy with the product. They give positive comments about its power and ability to adjust it. They rate the product top for safety features, maneuverability, and ergonomics.

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Bosch 18-Volt EC Brushless StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool Bare Tool

Bosch GOP18V-28 18V StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool (Bare Tool) has the star lock next-generation 3-D tool accessory interface design, which gives a perfect grip. 

The Starlock interface, a cupped 3-D interface connection, delivers more fantastic torque transfer for the expanded work capacity. It features the no-touch blade change system for easy repositioning, attaching, and removing the blade. 

It has a high-speed 18V motor that delivers up to 20,000 oscillations per minute. GOP18V-28 offers a 2.8 degrees oscillating arc for top performance. 

Depending on the task at hand, you can optimize the speed using its variable speed dial. The Constant Response circuitry maintains your desired speed constant under load, ensuring comfort during operation. It weighs 2.7 Lbs with a compact design that fits each tight space and a comfortable ergonomic design. 

It is equipped with an LED light to illuminate dark corners and deliver perfect jobs even in poorly lit areas. This tool is versatile, using its StarlockPlus accessories and many Starlock for handling flush-cutting, sanding, plunge-cutting, grinder, and other tasks with various materials.

Product Features 


The StarlockPlus 3 D tool accessory interface offers excellent torque transfer and best-in-class grip. It is a lightweight(2.7lbs) and compact design that fits any tight space.


These oscillating multi-tools are versatile with multiple applications of several tools. You can use them to accomplish flush cutting, sanding, plunge cutting, and grinding, among other tasks.


The tool has accessories of a dynamic range that utilize StarlockPlus and Starlock accessories.

Cordless Power Tools 

Though GOP18V 28N is a cordless tool, they offer excellent power and speed similar to other corded oscillating tools.


This tool has an EC Brushless 18V motor industrial technology that delivers up to 30 percent higher efficiency and more power than the previous 18V motors. A part of compact design, it has a longer motor life ultra-compact design and increased run time.

Tight blade fit 

The tool features a cupped 3 –D tool accessory interface with a greater contact area than the conventional flat OIS interface. The mechanism snaps the blade well to offer a maximum torque transfer, more excellent stabilization of the accessory, and better blade gripping.

No-touch accessory change. 

Bosch GOP18V-28 allows you to change accessories such as blades and achieve quick operation without any tool. You snap in the blades quickly and enjoy a quick fix without any tool—no more touching hot blades and struggling with wrenches. The design makes repositioning Starlock accessories or StarlockPlus in any of the 12 positions easy.

Better control 

The tool is 12.6 inches long and weighs 2.7 lbs, a compact design that fits any tight space. It has a flexible orientation of the accessory with a position every 30 degrees, allowing the accessories’ customizable positioning. It features multiple soft grip areas that provide comfort and greater control, including the LED in a good position to illuminate darker corners.

What customers say 

Customers like the tool’s blade mounting system and appreciate its versatility feature. The top-rated features of this tool include ease to use, value for money, and versatility.

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Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

The Bosch RA1181 benchtop router table has extensive surface area routing and word working. It has a good design that fits various routers and is versatile to accommodate different types of the woodwork with Bosch Power Tools. 

It features a dust collection port to offer a clean working environment. The table’s aluminum material makes it portable and durable. The benchtop router table features an aluminum fence with the MDF fence plates to adjust, the aluminum router mounting plate, and the two outfeed shims.

It includes the guard and starter pin for routing curved workpieces. The convenient cord wrap makes it convenient and portable.

Product Features 

Benchtop router table design 

It has a large aluminum top that offers durability, precision, and an extended working surface.

A rigid aluminum mounting plate 

The rigid aluminum mounting plate is pre-drilled for the above table’s high adjustments, enabling compatibility with routers’ varieties. 

Extra tall aluminum fence 

The Bosch RA1181 benchtop router table features an adjustable faceplate and boards for maximizing versatility and precision, 

The dedicated standard dust collection port 

It fits a standard vacuum horse that ensures a clean surface free from debris during the operation.

Easy to use an adjustable feather board 

The easy-to-use adjustable feather boards are attached to the table, and fence kickback protection and additional guidance.

Accessory slot 

Its accessory slot accepts ¾ inch-optional accessories (such as a mite gauge) and feather boards.

Storage pocket and cord wrap storage 

You can store router accessories in the storage pocket. Its cord wrap storage has the capacity for 6-foot power cord storage.

What customer says 

Customers love the product’s performance. According to customers’ ranking, this tool’s superior features include safety features, mounting system accuracy, and stability.

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Bosch GKF125CEN Colt Variable-Speed Palm Router

Product Description

The Bosch GKF125CE Colt variable-speed palm-grip router has a maximum horsepower of 1.25 and weighs 4.4 pounds. It has an ergonomic palm-grip design with a soft grip that ensures you are comfortable holding it. 

It is convenient to use as compared to other larger routers. It has ample power, a feature backed up by a maximum of 1.25 HorsePower.

You need this tool for round-over deck planks and railings, slot cutting, window cutouts, forming decorative edges, laminate trimming, hinge mortising, and much more.

It has three motor features: soft-start circuitry, Constant Response circuitry, and a variable-speed dial. These features help you to maintain speed under load.

The PR 101 fixed base features comprising the macro-and micro-fine depth adjustments plus a center-able round sub-base provide easy guidance.

This product comes in a package that contains the router, a comfortable forged collet chuck wrench, a self-releasing collet chuck, and a PR101 Fixed base.

The good thing is that you are not required to use batteries to operate this router.

Product Features

Ease of use

The Bosch Colt Variable Speed Palm router has a revolutionary woodworking depth adjustments system that makes it easy for you to use. This system helps to provide you with easy and precise depth adjustment.


Its power unit features a 1.25 HorsePower, a 7.0-amp motor that ensures compact versatility with speeds ranging between 16,000 and 35,000 Revolutions per Minute (RPM).


The palm-grip design with soft grips makes this tool comfortable for you to use and control. The finger support pockets also enhance the stability of this tool.

The durable spindle lock of the tool allows you to make fast, easy bit changes. The easy-release button gives you fast motor installation and removal. The variable speed dial enables you to match the speed to the workpiece and task.


The response circuitry has an engineering design to constantly monitor and maintain speed under load, giving you consistency in performance. The circuitry also protects you from overloads and gives you a soft start for reduced startup torque.


Its finger support pocket and palm-grip design offer outstanding comfort and control.

What customers say

The product’s maneuverability, sheerness, ergonomics, and versatility features are the top-ranked by customers on The customers also liked the ease of use feature of the product.

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Bosch GDR 18V- 1400B12 18V Impact Driver Kit

The Bosch GDR 18V- 1400B12 18V1/4 In. Hex Impact Driver Kit has five items: a GDR18V-1400 18V 1/4 In. Hex Impact Driver, an 18V Lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah slim pack battery, 18V charger, two insert bits and one carrying bag.

The Bosch GDR 18V- 1400B12 18V1/4 In. Hex Impact Driver has an 18V 2.0 Ah slim pack battery and an 18V charger. It has a compact design featured by its head length of 5.9 inches and a weight of 2.3lbs exclusive of the battery.

It is an ergonomic tool for professional-grade fastening applications due to its compact design and 1,400 In. –Lbs of maximum torque. This driver supplies power transmission meant for medium-duty fastening and drilling applications. It has an engineering design that delivers 0.3,600 no-load impacts per minute, 0.2 800 RPM, and up to 1,400 in. –lbs of maximum torque.

Product Features

Reliable impact driver design

It features a performance-optimized miter 18V motor that offers high speed, control, and torque.

Hammer-and-anvil system

The hammer and anvil system helps concentrate torque to the tool and not to you. This maximizes the impact of performance. The ¼ Hex drive allows the fitting of standard hex driver bits quickly.

Built-in LED light 

The LED light helps illuminate low-light or dark work areas you are operating. 

Its compact head length provides better balance and control to the tool. Its lightweight helps improve ergonomics, reducing fatigue when and after you use it. Its performance-optimized 18V motor provides high torque, speed, and control. 

Quick-change 1/4 In. Hex drive chuck

The quick-change 1/4 In. Hex drive chuck provides a power groove that enhances bit grip. Its 18V 2.0Ah Slim Pack battery and charger provide excellent, outstanding runtime.

Professional power transmission 

This tool delivers maximum torque of up to 1400 in-lbs, 0-2,800 rpm, and 0-3 600 no-load impacts per minute. 

What Customers Say

It is easy to use, has the right thickness, and has excellent ergonomic features. The stretch, battery life feature, and lightweight nature of this product have positive customer reviews. 

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Bosch GSA18V- 083B 18V Compact Reciprocating Saw Bare Tool

The Bosch GSA18V-083B 18-Volt Compact Reciprocating Saw has excellent features that enable easy moving through complex tasks in tight spaces that other reciprocating saws cannot fit. It is battery-powered with a weight of 4.4 pounds and has the best power-to-weight ratio. It can deliver fast 3,050 strokes per minute. The balanced nature of the Bosch Power Tools design helps in curtailing vibrations.

It can provide a 0.83-inch stroke at only 15-3/4-inch-long and 4.4 Lbs. As an electrician or plumber, it allows you to remove more material for every stroke. The 0.83-inch stroke is optimized to cut wood and metal efficiently. Its lightweight makes it ideal when doing continuous cutting in over-the-head applications.

It comes with a 6-inch bi-metal reciprocating saw blade. Being a bare tool, you must purchase the battery and charger separately.

Product Features

Designed to cut anywhere

The Bosch GSA18V-083B 18V reciprocating saw, lightweight design of 4.4 pounds, makes it easy for you to make continuous cutting in over-the-head applications. Its compact design makes it very useful when working in extremely tight workspaces. 

Tool-less blade change 

The blade change system is easy to operate, allowing fast toolless blade changes. The blade change system’s LED light helps to illuminate the cutting zones and dark work areas.

The lock-out switch helps prevent accidental startup of the tool, ensuring your secure working environment when in operation. 

Controllable cuts

The variable-speed trigger allows for easing into the cut smoothly. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about tool recoil. Its optimized 0.83-Inch stroke enables you to cut efficiently through the wood and metals you are working on.


The ergonomically shaped handle with a soft grip zone provides extra comfort when using this tool.

Efficient stroke

This cordless tool offers 0.83 –a inch stroke with the removal of a significant amount of material per stroke. Its design is optimized for metal and wood cutting and has a remarkable power-to-weight ratio. Additionally, its weight balance curtails vibration, increasing operational efficiency and comfort.

What Customers say

The value of money feature has been top-rated, given five stars by the customers. Customers found this tool easy to use. According to the reviews, its lightweight design, battery life, and thickness are among the superior qualities. 

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Bosch Power tools GCM 12SD Sliding Glide Miter Saw 

The Bosch GCM 125SD glide miter saw is a space-saving design of a Bosch patented axial glide system that provides a smooth cutting motion with accurate performance.

It has an expanded cutting capacity of 14-inch horizontal capacity nominal six 1/2-inch vertical capacity against a fence base of 6 1/2-inch crown capacity against the fence 45 spring. It is easy to use with an adjustable saw according to your need for top performance.

This tool comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that you receive upon request from customer service.

Product Features

Axial glide system

This glide miter saw patented axial glide system remains compact while allowing wider crosscuts and better alignment. This will save you 12 inches of workspace that you can use for other tools. It provides unmatched smoothness of cut.


The tool features an expanded cutting capacity of 6 1/2-inch crown capacity against the fence 45 spring, six 1/2-inch vertical capacity against the fence base, and 14-inch horizontal capacity.


This saw makes easy adjustments with the large, easily readable uniform bevel and stainless steel miter scales with marked détentes and roof pitch angles. The bevel detents- 0, 33.9 degrees, and 45 degrees left or right allowed you to make accurate cuts. The best 90 percent dust collection category has optimization for cutting 2x materials with a vacuum.


The square lock quick-release fences ensure the locking of the fence 90 degrees to your working table, hence no adjustment is required. The one-touch lock/unlock to slide fences provides your tool with added support.

Easy to use 

The upfront bevel controls the all-metal bevel lock, and the range selector with an upfront positioning allows you to make easy and quick bevel settings without reaching behind the saw. The clear lower guard provides you with unobstructed visibility throughout your cut.


Its ergonomic, ambidextrous trigger handle provides maximum comfort when using or moving the tool.

What customers say

Customers have positive comments on this product. According to the reviews, the glide miter saw is perfect, especially for small workshops that are doing massive projects. Customers are delighted by the tool’s beautiful engineering design that allows all adjustments just as you require.

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 Bosch 3-1/4 Inch Woodworking Hand Planer 

The Bosch PL2632K jointer planer has a 6.5 Amp motor with 16,500 RPM speed. It has a poly micro-V drive belt and a ball-joint cord swivel. It is with reversible Bosch Woodrazor micro-grain carbide blade equipment to give you the option of a two-blade system to accommodate high-speed steel blades.

Its spring-loaded stand elevates the planer to protect the blade and the tool’s resting spot. You can place the dual-mount guide fence on either side of the planer when using the device. The separate inch and metric depth scales allow you to set the planning depth easily.

Like other Bosch Power Tools, the planner comes with other components on purchase. They are; Woodrazor mini micro-grain blades, a dual mount guide fence, a straight no-mar plastic overshoe for the fence, a 3-degree No-mar plastic overshoe for the fence, a shavings bag, etc. finally, a carrying case.

Product Features 


The 6.5 Amp motor with 16,500 RPM speed enables you to perform fast stock removal and smooth finishes.

It has a lightweight of 6.3 lbs. It makes it easy and efficient for you to use.

The ball-joint cord swivel enhances the easy positioning of the tool and cord. The aluminum front and rear shoe precision are machined together after assembly to offer excellent accuracy.


Its plastic overshoe prevents you from marrying the workpiece face or door. Its combination of an ambidextrous lock-off release button helps you avoid accidental starts, and the lock-on button provides extended operation.


It is constructed with a spring-loaded stand for elevation and protection of the blade and tool resting spot. The thickness of the PL2632K planer provides a special shape that offers an easy entry into the middle of the workpiece.


The aluminum rear and front shoes are precision machined together to enhance accuracy. It also features a machined groove for sanding and chamfering.


The poly micro-V drive belt promotes enhanced durability. The chip-ejection switch enables you to discharge shavings. The dust ports on both sides of the planer accommodate a bag for deposits of the large shavings.


The two–blade hand plane system is versatile, and you can use it with sizable higher-speed steel blades. You can mount the dual–mount fence on either tool’s side. Its plastic overshoes protect against marrying off the workpiece fence or the door.

What customers say

The planner has received positive reviews from customers who purchased and have used the tool before. Of all the rated features of the planer, its ease of use received the highest rating. The accuracy of the machine and its sheerness have a positive review. Its value of money has also received good ratings from its users.

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Bosch Bare-Tool Lithium-Ion Compact Band Saw

The Bosch Bare-Tool BHS 180B 18V compact band saw is a cordless saw that is 60 percent lighter than the standard deep-cut saw and 40 percent more compact than many other Bosch Power Tools. It is designed to cut efficiently in tight spaces, corners, and overhead. Its cut rate of 530 surface feet per minute and its cutting capacity of 2-1/2-inch by 2-1/2-inch makes it ideal for the common materials that plumbers, electricians, and contractors use. It can give precise cuts to metal materials such as conduit, uni-strut, threaded rods also copper pipes.

The power system is flexible enough to choose between the fat and slim pack batteries. The integrated LED lights help illuminate the cut line you are making, making it possible to work in dark areas. The rugged aluminum base makes this tool able to withstand harsh job-site conditions.

You buy the charger and battery separately from the Bosch group, a technology supplier. It will come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Features

compact size 

The Bosch Bare tool BHS 180B 18V compact bandsaw makes clean cuts in pipes without releasing sparks, making your work less when grinding and deburring the cut metal. Its compact, lightweight design makes it ideal for overhead cutting and enhancing portability.

Integrated LED work light.

The soft-grip handle provides comfort, and the LED illumination allows you to work in dark areas. The battery pack is positioned above the handle to distribute weight evenly.

Protection system

This tool features a protection system that ensures safety during operation. The aluminum base has a design that precisely withstands harsh Jobsite conditions. Electronic Cell Protection protects your battery from overload, overheating, and deep discharge.

Battery and charger are sold separately.

You will buy the charger and battery separately for easy operation of the tool. Additionally, you enjoy a warranty of 30 days if you are unhappy with the product.


It has a cut rate of 530 surface feet per minute, and its cutting capacity of 2-1/2-inch by 2-1/2-inch makes it ideal for the common materials that plumbers, electricians, and contractors use in their work. It can give precise cuts to metal materials such as conduit, uni-strut, threaded rods also copper pipes.

What customers say

One of the top-rated features of the compact band saw is its maneuverability. This tool’s lightweight nature, battery life, and money value have received customer reviews. Some customers find the saw perfect and powerful enough to cut through hardwoods, softwoods, and even PVC.

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When buying a power tool, you would like to choose the best set that offers your money value. Most buyers will look at the device’s speed before considering other factors. The ability of the tool to accomplish the task fast is what you may like.

Most corded power tools, such as drills, depend on lithium batteries for energy. When buying the tools, you will need them to offer more power and a long time apart from a compact design to fit in any tight space. Bosch power tools slightly differ in design and size, which presents a variety you can choose according to your desire. 

The versatility of a tool is another excellent feature to look for before making a buying decision. You may need a tool that allows you to work on different tasks and materials while offering desirable results. You may need it to provide bit plugging, slot cutting, plunging, dovetail cutting, and laminate trimming tools like the wood router.

Tools that are easy to use gives you ample time to work on your project and finish in time. Bosch tools feature high power and are lightweight, though, to a varying degree, you can choose the best you need for your work.

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