7 Best Manual Hand Planer Reviews in 2022

Best Manual Hand Planer

Woodwork is incomplete without a magical touch of finishing, and a carpenter still prefers hand planers over any new automatic tool because of its precise working and finish. The hand planer tool is the Craftsman’s best friend and works on muscle power, not electricity. They are mostly of the same shape but differ in size and type,  and different types perform different tasks. 

It might be a bit of a struggle to find the best manual hand planer that suits your needs, as it depends on the type of woodwork you do. So we have shortlisted 7 Best Manual Hand Planer tools with some FAQs that most of you have in mind. But make sure you go through our buying guide to know which type and size are best for you. 

FAQs about Hand Planers

How do you use a manual hand planer?

Using the best manual hand planer has 3 major rules, i.e., Sharpen, Resemble, and start Shredding. First, you need to sharpen the blade, attach the chip breaker to the iron frame, and slide it forward. After attaching the chip breaker, the blade is installed facing the mouth opening. Then the planer is moved forward and backward on the wood plane aiming for wide, lacey-thin shavings.

What is the most versatile hand plane?

The Jack planers are the most versatile hand planes; they are 12’’ to 15’’ long and perfect for smoothing and shaving the corners and faces of boards and fixed doors.

What hand planes should I start with?

If you are a new user and want to start with a perfect hand plane, then you should go for a shoulder plane and a low-angle block plane. These planes are best for beginners, giving a great finish even if the power tool cuts are imperfect.

Are Stanley hand planes good?

The Stanley hand plane doesn’t disappoint for daily block plane use and smoothing rough lumber. It feels good in the hand and also provides good and precise work.

Should I get a planer or jointer?

If you are a woodworker, you must know that both Planner and a jointer are needed to make the best surface out of rough lumber. But it would help if you started with a hand plane as it gives a better finish without much struggle. If we compare jointer vs. planer, there will be no winner as they are built for different tasks.

What Is a Number 4 plane used for?

A number 4 plane is a 9’’ hand plane, and it is used for general purposes like shredding and cutting timber to the perfect size for gluing and jointing.

Can we use a hand planer as a jointer?

Yes, you can use a hand planer as a joiner. If you don’t have a jointer or the wood piece is too large for the jointer, you can use the best manual to round up the edges of the wood.

What is the rarest Stanley plane?

The rarest and the toughest Stanley plane are known as the #164 low-angle plane. They were introduced in the early 1920s and are still the toughest plane among all other planes.

Why are hand planes so expensive?

The hand plane tools are a bit expensive because they are manufactured in Asia, and the manufacturing air quality is lower in Asia than in the U.S. As well as the machinery prices also have the same price hike, so the hand planers are still a better option.

What are hand planers good for?

The hand planers are of great use to the Craftsman who wants to give their work a great finish. They are good for smoothing the wood’s surface and making the rough edges of the wood smooth.

7 Best Manual Hand Planers – Reviews

1PCS Metal Woodworking...image 1PCS Metal Woodworking Blade Spoke Shave Manual Planer Plane Deburring Hand Tools 9" SAK $6.99
Amazon Basics No.4...image Amazon Basics No.4 Adjustable Universal Bench Hand Plane with 2-Inch Blade for Precision Woodworking, Grey/Black $27.71
STANLEY Hand Planer,...image STANLEY Hand Planer, No.4, Adjustable, 2-Inch Cutter (12-404) $32.00
Grizzly H7566 14-Inch...image Grizzly H7566 14-Inch Smoothing Plane $61.50
GreatNeck C2 6...image GreatNeck C2 6 1/2" Inch Block Plane $9.50
Woodstock D3831 Adjustable...image Woodstock D3831 Adjustable Block Plane, 1-3/8-Inch Blade $95.75
KAKURI Japanese Hand...image KAKURI Japanese Hand Plane 42mm for Woodworking, KANNA Small Block Plane Mini Hand Planer for Wood Chamfering and Smoothing, 5.9 x 2.1 x 1.6 inches, ECO Oak Body, Made in JAPAN $21.80

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated on this page and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the purchase time will apply to this product.

 Drhob manual hand planer

Drhob offers a fairly competitive manual hand planer compatible with most domestic requirements. If you are looking for one of the cheapest options for rare use at home or in your workshop, go for this.

High-quality construction

The hand planer is made of high-grade metal and is suitable for most surfaces. It is also adequately sharp, and the steel blade has a hardness grade of 58-60HRC. It will serve most of your purposes on a cheap budget.


You can easily use this hand planer to shape chair legs & seats, even if you are a newbie. It is easy to use, and a guide manual is included in the package. Further, it is also perfectly suitable for all shaping works and curving different things on a domestic level.


The price range of this product is rather cheap for its construction and performance. It may not last as long as high-end options, but it is perfect for any newbie or if you rarely need to use them.

What customers say

This is a fairly competitive option if you are looking for a one-time investment to satisfactorily serve you in common works at your home. The price range is quite affordable, and the construction is fantastic. You cannot expect more at this range, although it may not last long if you handle it improperly.

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Amazon No. 4 bench hand planer

Although a reliable and long-lasting option, this would not be the first recommendation for its average performance. If you require one for rare, easy-going shaping work, this can be considered for its longevity and price range.


The construction is satisfactory and will serve most purposes satisfactorily. It has a durable steel alloy blade that is resistant to rusting, most acids, and alkalis. The blade is sharp enough to make quality cuts for shaping chairs, seats, etc.

Sturdy grip

It is important to have a sturdy grip while you are working on any surface. This has a convenient impact-resistant plastic handle that provides a sturdy grip and makes the shaping process smooth.

Strong construction

Besides alloy blades, its body is engineered with cast iron, a top choice when stability and strength are the priority.


Lastly, as an added advantage, you get a year-round limited warranty by Amazon Basics, which is a great relief.

What customers say

This is a fairly average product as it balances the pros and cons scale. You get a year of warranty topped with great construction. Its features are satisfactory at this price, although the leveling might not be perfect or precise.

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Stanley No. 4 – the best manual hand planer

Stanley No. 4 hand planer

High-impact polymer handles, durable steel built, lifetime warranty – this wraps in all useful features in its 2-inch long cutter. Choose this for a smooth experience if you often need a hand planer for your home, office, or workshop.


This is one of those convenient options in the market that comes with a 9-3/4-inch adjustable mechanism. Its 2-inch cutter is sufficiently strong to provide satisfactory performance.

Sturdy build

Sturdiness can never be a problem with this because you get hardened, tempered steel construction. This ensures extra longevity and durability of the blade edge. A gray cast-iron base and a durable epoxy coating further strengthen its quality.

Lifetime warranty

Lastly, this comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which is a great feature if you want a long-term investment.

Stanley No. 4 hand planer

What customers say

This is a super convenient option, especially because of its inbuilt adjustable mechanisms. But this is not a bad choice, even if you are looking for a long-term investment.

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Grizzly industrial hand planer

 Grizzly industrial hand planer

This is a value-for-money hand planer from all aspects. Since it is an industrial planer, this has all top-notch and useful features to fit perfectly for any work.

High precision

Mostly used to impart a final touch, this planer ensures a highly precise performance on any surface. As it boasts a perfectly flat sole, it is apt for smoothening any wood surface at your home, workshop, or office.

Sturdy build

Build quality is worth mentioning, as it has high-grade rosewood handles and knobs for proper grip. The rest of its construction comprises steel, brass, and metal, which is standard for any industrial-grade planer.

Reduces friction

Lastly, its sole is engineered in a special way to eliminate friction while working. All of these features jointly give a professional finish to any work.

What customers say

Despite all its great features, it might not be very pleasant for new users as it might require some getting used to it. However, it is a wise choice for beginners if you are ready to devote some time to get habituated because this is an affordable option with great construction. 

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Great Neck Saw hand planer

It is a high-quality and value-for-money product and is manufactured in China. It is extremely easy to use, with a front handle for extra control and a strong grip.

High-quality construction

It is a high-quality product with hardened and tempered alloy steel cutters of 1-9/16’’. It has a precisely machined and polished body made with cast iron. 

Great Neck Saw hand planer

Easy handling

It is easy to control and use as it has no friction because of its smooth 6-½’’ base. It also has a front handle for extra control and can be controlled with one hand. It doesn’t need frequent blade adjustments too.


It has a body of strong cast iron and a razor of alloy steel, making it an extremely durable product. Its smooth base also makes it long-lasting as there is no friction for wearing the body.

What Customers say

Great product in an affordable range, especially due to its cast-iron body and sharp alloy razor. It is a good product for a new start as it has a front handle that can help a new user get a strong grip and comfort.

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Woodstock Adjustable hand planer

It is a 6-inch fully adjustable block plane with a low blade angle for both ends and faces grains. It is a quality product made with cast iron and bronze and comes in an affordable range. If it is used for polishing and finishing, this gem will shine.

Sturdy build quality

The build quality is worth praising as the body of the 6-inch block plane is made with strong cast iron and bronze. It has a comfortable shape that gives sturdy work output and reduces the workforce. 

Woodstock Adjustable hand planer


With its adjustable throat opening, you can adjust it as per your need and convenience. It has a 1-⅜’’ wide razor blade with a low angle for both ends and face grain and works fine.  


It also comes with a whole year warranty by the brand, so you do not need to worry about any wear and tear that happens.

What customers say

It is highly precise with its fully adjustable throat opening and 1-⅜’’ razor blade, which can be adjusted according to the user’s needs. It has a great build quality because of the cast iron and bronze body. But its bottom needs some amount of smoothening as it has a great dip at the lower part.

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KAKURI japanese hand planer

KAKURI japanese hand planer

A mini-size product with an oak wood body that is very easy to handle due to its compact size. It requires very little workforce due to its smooth and accurate bottom. It is a made in japan product, so there is no doubt about the build and durability quality.

High Accuracy

With its sharp razor blade and compact body, it works precisely and gives a smooth finish. It has an adjustable blade that can be adjusted according to your need and work purpose.

High build quality 

Being a Japanese product, its build quality is excellent, without a doubt. It has an Oakwood body with steel razor blades. The wood body gives a sturdy grip and comfortable space for working longer.

KAKURI japanese hand planer


It also gets a year around official warranty, which makes it superior, and you can avail of the warranty from the comfort of your home.

What customers say

A traditionally designed tool with manually adjustable razor blades. A small hammer is needed to adjust the blade. Overall it’s a great product for those who want a small compact tool that works precisely and provides a smooth finish with lesser effort.

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Buying Guide for the Best Manual Hand planer

A hand planer is a tool that needs to be bought according to the needs of the user. It requires thorough research and brainstorming to get the perfect hand plane according to your need. Everyone has their requirements, and they need different sizes and types for their different requirements. We have already given a brief review about the 7 best Manual Hand planers, but that alone is not enough to choose the best option for you. To help you choose the best option, we have listed several points which should be kept in mind while buying a hand planer. So hold back and check out the best features of a hand planer.

Body material and quality of the planer

The durability of your hand plane depends a bit on its usability. The more roughly and frequently you use it, the more wear and tear it will have. So you should always look for the quality of the material of the blade, knob, and other parts of the planer. If you use the tool heavily and the building material of the tool is not up to the mark, then there’s a chance that the planer will not run for a long time.

The finish of the planer is also as important as the building material as it provides better usability to the hand planer and gives a comfortable grip.

The Usage purpose 

If you are here looking for the quality and durability of a hand planer, then you must know the different purposes for which a planer is used. The hand planer is used for plenty of woodwork and finishing the woodblocks. The first and foremost use of the hand planer is smoothing the wood boards, doors, etc. Secondly, it helps in giving a magical finish to a wavy wood surface to give it a good look.

So while buying a hand planer, you must look at the blade’s type and quality and the hand planer’s body according to your need and purpose. A wood body may be on the lighter side but can need some extra power in some areas, and a metal body can help in some areas by letting us put in less energy. 

Precise Tuning of the tool

The Tuning of your tool should be according to your work level; you should always look for the tool with the perfect tuning range according to your work needs. Sometimes you will have to do some macro-level finishing or more fine working with the Planner, so you should always choose a tool that can be tuned according to your work needs. Most metal planers come with an adjustable blade with a knob feature, but the wooden planers don’t come with a knob-adjustable blade, so it’s a bit of a struggle to adjust them as a small hammer adjusts it. Hence, opt out wisely if you need a classic masterpiece with a manually adjustable feature or a modern metal tool with an adjustable knob feature.

Type of the hand plane

If you are a woodworker, you must know about a range of hand planes. But there are mainly 4 types that are widely used and known; here is the list of them :

  • Bench plane:  It is the basic type that further subdivides into four categories, and those are jointer, fore, jack, and smoothing plane.
  • Shoulder plane: These types are used to cut and shape the planks when combining two pieces.
  • Block plane: These types are mainly used for smoothie purposes and are more like scrubbing units.
  • Scrub plane: These types are the most common ones and are used for peeling layers of wood.

Metal or wooden

  • Metal: The metal planes are heavier because of their metal body. But most of the craftsmen use that weight for ease of their work. They don’t have to push harder on the wood plane for shaving them as its weight does the work in a slight push. The depth adjustment of the razor blades is also easier on metal planes. They are sometimes made of cast iron bodies which makes them durable.
  • Wooden: The wooden planes are lighter as they are light wood. They can help work with a wood plank upright, as a metal plane can be difficult to use in such conditions. One who loves the wooden plane’s classic feel and the wood’s smoothness can have this type, and those who have a 100-year-old wooden plane should mark themselves as winners. But blade adjustments in a wooden plane can sometimes be a pain in the back as it requires a hammer to adjust the blades, which usually takes time.

Low- Angle

The Low-Angle planes are usually made of metals and are best for new users. They come with heavier blades that are easy to adjust and are a bit shallow in depth. Its easy setup and comfortable control are perfect for a newcomer to the woodwork industry. They also provide perfect adjustable levels, as sometimes you need to work in macro-level conditions, so a high-accuracy adjustable tool can greatly benefit you.    

Garage Tool Advisor

Comfortable Grip

Usually, a small block plane has a small single knob with a block of wood to grasp while using. A perfect hand plane should have a large knob with a curved back handle to provide a good grip and comfort while moving frontward and backward. A polished wooden handle is superior to a polished metal handle as it absorbs all the jerks and vibrations while moving. In contrast, the metal handle doesn’t provide such a smooth experience.


For getting a seamless woodworking experience, try out the seamless hand planes. From smoothing the wood surface to shaving a wood layer, you got it all covered with the Hand planer range. It works all over the workforce and does not need any other energy source, giving you a pure raw experience of classical woodworking. The top picks among these  7 Best Manual Hand Planers will provide you with all the necessary features like an adjustable knob, a precise razor blade, an adjustable blade, a comfortable grip, etc. But before you choose the best one out of the listed 7, you must go through our buying guide for the Best Manual Hand Planer. We have thoroughly checked out and mentioned all the necessary points to consider while purchasing a perfect hand planer for different purposes. You can get the best manual hand planer that suits your needs and work purposes.

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