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If your woodworking and crafting projects need intricate cuts, there’s a carpentry tool that you must have – the scroll saw. It’s a specialty saw that can help you craft a fashion-elaborated jewelry box. Gingerbread trim, birdhouse, wood sign, and a lot more. So when it comes to adding finer details, artisan woodworkers & craftsmen find the scroll saw to be an indispensable machine to have. This particular tool leaves your project with details and smooth edges as well. Also, you’ll require minimal sanding to gain perfect finishes. We are here to help you find the best scroll saw with some of our top recommendations and take you through some tips and guides you should follow before buying one.

Factors to Consider Before Buying


Scroll saw prices vary from $100 to $1000, based on the quality and features. For a decent scroll saw suited to any DIY enthusiast, it should cost around $150. But in the case of professional fabricators, you may need to get something more expensive.

Throat Capacity

A scroll saw’s throat capacity refers to the distance between the saw blade and its back frame. You need a saw with a deeper capacity to cut the material wider. It can range between 12 to 30 inches; however, a 16-18 inches throat capacity should be sufficient as a homeworker.

Tension Setting

Setting up the blade’s right tension level is important for any of your crafting tasks. So always look for scroll saws having the tension control knob that’s preferably located on the front. That’ll provide you absolute ease of operation.

Blade Types

There are two types of blades accepted by the scroll saws. They are Pinned and Pinless blades. You would need different blades based on the type of tasks you’re up for. Pinned blades are great for taking heavy loads and cutting thick workpieces. On the other hand, pinless flat blades are used to make difficult cuts on wood pieces. So it’s important to choose a scroll saw that accepts the blade type you require.

Blade Changing System

To make different kinds of cuts, you’ll have to use different blades on your scroll saw. Thus, it’s important to find out a scroll saw that has the ease of blade changing.

Variable Speed Option

Different materials and different cuts require different speeds to be applied. Most scroll saws today include the variable speed adjustability option that ranges from 400 Strokes Per Minute to as high as 1800 SPM.

Bevel Cutting

Bevel cutting is an important issue as you might’ve to cut materials at an angle. This makes you look for scroll saws having tilting tables that can tilt up to 45 degrees.

Dust Collection

Dust collection is always an important feature to keep the workspace clean. The scroll saws generally have the dust blower and dust port included in the tool to collect dust and keep them away from the workplace.

Other Features

There are some other factors that you can look for. Some of these include hold-down foot and on-board storage to ensure maximum safety. You can also check out the built-in light option in the scroll saw to help you with the task lighting.

List of The Best Scroll Saw 2020

WEN 3921 16-inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw

How about a scroll saw that can cut in two different directions and also offers variability in speed? Sounds great, right? Here we have such one from one of the most prominent brands in the business – WEN Products. It’s the WEN 3921 16-Inch Scroll Saw that covers both of these features and a lot more to impress you as an artisan. Let’s see more of its details below.

Variable Speed

The WEN 3921 provides a 9/16-inch stroke that saws through the hardwoods up to 2-inches thickness. Moreover, it allows you to adjust the speed anywhere in the range of 550 to 1600 strokes per minute by simply turning the dedicated knob.

Beveling Table

It has a 16-inch throat depth in the regular position and can cut wood up to 2 inches thickness. The 16-by-11-inch spacious table allows large workpieces to cut and can also bevel up to 45 degrees to the left for making perfectly angled cuts.

Keeps The Work Environment Clean

WEN scroll saw comes with some excellent features that ensure a perfect environment to work on. It has an adjustable air pump that clears sawdust from the working area to provide you with a clear line of vision to make the cuts. Moreover, there’s the 1-1/2-inch dust port that also helps to keep the workplace clean.

Organized Solutions

There are some more features to provide organized solutions to all your crafting problems. The machine comes with a flexible worm work light that can be bent and adjusted to the desired position to illuminate any workpieces. Its cast-iron base keeps the machine firm for vibration-less performance.

There’s also a hold-down foot clamp that secures the project in place. This Wen scroll saw has onboard blade & holder storage creating easy organization solutions between tasks.

Blade Variety & Rapid Replacement

The WEN 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw can handle both the pinned or pinless blades. Also, it allows the user to change the cut’s direction to help accommodate the particular workpiece. You can pop the pins out of its front holder and turn them 90 degrees to make the machine do more than just the 16-inch throat of the saw.

Its removable pinless blade holder comes in a solid design to tightly grip the blades to prevent them from losing during operation.

What Customers Say

People find WEN 3921 to be a great value product. It includes almost every feature you can expect in a good scroll saw and that too at a reasonable price. So it shouldn’t be a problem to choose this highly featured product for your crafting tasks.

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Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

DELTA Power Equipment Corp. is an experienced campaigner in the manufacturing of woodworking tools. They provide artisans and craftsmen with some innovative tools to create masterpieces easily and with utmost precision. Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is one such tool that definitely needs your attention. Let’s learn more about this product below.

Excellent Control, Low Vibration, More Precision

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Features electronic variable speed that allows having ultimate control by adjusting it from 400-1750 SPM.

It also comes in the Dual Parallel-link Arm design that reduces vibration & noise. So the blade remains perpendicular to the surface, helping to reduce under or overcutting. You also get improved sensitivity and accuracy to make more precision cuts.

Ease of Operation

This machine offers excellent ease of operation. Its upper arm lifts & locks in the elevated position while changing the blade or adjusting its fretwork position. Moreover, the machine is designed in such a way that makes it easier to access its components. Its Electronic Variable Speed Dial, On/Off Switch, Flexible Dust Blower, and Blade-Tensioning Lever is conveniently placed upfront on the arm.

Great Capacity

The Delta Scroll Saw is a beast when it comes to crafting your woodworking projects. It has a huge 20-inch x 2-1/8 inch capacity with a 24-inch x 16-inch cast table, allowing you to handle professional, large projects. It includes two straight blades, and a stroke capacity of 3/4 inch allows it to cut aggressively for nicer and cleaner cuts.

More Features

It also features tool-free blade tensioning that maximizes the blade’s life, accuracy, and efficiency by allowing the blade’s rapid adjustment to the proper tension. Its on-tool blade storage ensures a neat and excellent protection for the scroll saw blades. There’s an adjustable light attached to the machine that allows more convenience for the users.

What Customers Say

When you come across the reviews, you find this Delta Scroll Saw to be a well-deserved entry into our list. The reviews are mostly positive for this woodworking tool, especially from the pro artisans. Users like its minimal vibration and whisper-quiet performance that can make much accurate, precision cuts.

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DEWALT Scroll Saw, Variable-Speed, 1.3 Amp, 20-Inch (DW788)

dewalt best scroll saw

DEWALT Scroll Saw, the pro addition to our top-chart. It’s an exclusive tool that professional artisans would love to have in their collection. So check out this amazing machine for quiet, smooth, and accurate intricate cuts in your woodworking project.

Superior Accuracy In Cuts

DEWALT scroll saw is both a reliable and accurate machine to craft customized jigsaw puzzles or design unique trim wood pieces. It comes in Double Parallel-Link Arm Design, helping it to deliver on both fronts by lessening vibration. The arm pivots are designed to shorten the distance, allowing for a quieter and smoother saw operation. It also keeps the blade perpendicular to the workpiece. So you can avoid under or overcutting and make accurate cuts easily.

Excellent Control

DEWALT scroll saw comes with an intuitive design ensuring convenient controls to keep the workflow smooth. The operation becomes easy as its On/Off Switch, Blade Tensioning Lever, Speed Control Knob are placed within easy-to-access upper arm on the front. Similarly, the Flexible Dust Blower is also located in a suitable position allowing you to use it the way you want to get rid of any unwanted dirt and debris.

Variable-Speed Control For Desired Cuts

The scroll saw comes with an electronic variable-speed control feature. So you can make quick cuts and make accurate adjustments by utilizing the speeds ranging from 400 to 1750 SPM. It has a powerful and reliable 1.3 Amp motor that can deliver a variable stroke length ranging between 3/4 and up to 2-inch depth. So you can enjoy the application-specific performance translating to much cleaner results and improved control.

Change Blade In Seconds

This exclusive saw features tool-free blade clamps allowing you to change the blades in seconds. You can easily lift the arms to thread the blade through materials while making internal cuts. It’s the right choice to make if you’re up for any aggressive cut or working with different specialty materials.

More Convenience

The DEWALT is a heavy-duty machine that weighs 56 pounds. However, the size is compact enough to provide easy maneuverability around the shop. It comes with an oversized, cast-iron table offering great support during the work. The table can bevel 45 degrees to either side to add versatility to your tasks.

For more convenience, there’s a flexible dust blower that helps to keep the work area pristine. Along with the DEWALT 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw, the box also includes a hex wrench and blades.

What Customers Say

The DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw seems to be an artisan’s favorite machine. They find it very efficient in creating detailed, accurate workpieces easily. The configurations are also user-friendly, including less-vibration design, easy-to-access controls, and variable-speed, helping the user make incredible precision cuts.

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WEN 3922 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Easy-Access Blade Changes

If you’ve already come up with the review of WEN 3921, you can guess what’s coming your way. The WEN 3922 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is a decent upgrade to its previous version. And you can expect a similar cutting performance from it, if not something better. We’ll check out more about this version here.

Accurate & Sharp

The precision scroll saw by WEN can perfectly cut through your work material, including wood. And you can experience the top performance with sheer accuracy. Its blades are one of the sharpest & fastest ones to ensure more precision cuts.

Ideal for Intricated Cuts

The WEN 3922 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw can be ideal for DIY applications that require cutting through hardwoods. There’s an adjustable air pump to clear sawdust from the work area to provide you with a clear line of vision. Its unique side panel flips open to allow easy access for changing blades.

wen 3922 best scroll saw

Deep Cut W/ Variable Speed

This variable-speed scroll saw allows you to adjust the speed in the range of 550 to 1600 SPM. Its 9/16-inch stroke can saw through hardwoods up to 2-inch thickness. So you can make versatile artful cuts for your projects.

Excellent Work Space

For ease of use, this WEN scroll saw comes with a cast iron base preventing vibration and slipping during operation. For angled cuts, you get a spacious 16.25/10-inch table that can bevel up to 45 degrees.

Its adjustable air pump clears sawdust from the work area to provide a clear line of vision. It’s combined with a dust port measuring 1-1/2-inch to keep the work area clean. So you can focus more on the woodworking.

Variety of Blades & Easy Replacement

Now no more fretting about blade changes. It includes a blade holder that accepts spiral, pinned, and pinless blades while its unique side panel swings open, allowing easy access to its bottom blade holder. It also includes a 15 TPI Pinned Blade, an 18 TPI Pinned Blade, and an 18 TPI Pinless blade.

What Customers Say

Beginners and DIY artisans find this to be a great saw. It provides the versatility, ease of blade change, and superior performance that the users mostly praise. It’s also a reasonably priced scroll saw full of features, so it can be worth considering as the best scroll saw for beginners.

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BUCKTOOL 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Pin or Pinless Blade with Pedal Switch Cast Iron Work Tablebucktool best scroll saw

When it comes to the best scroll saw, we can’t miss out on mentioning something from a trusted brand like BUCKTOOL. They’re known for the professional and genuine tools, and BUCKTOOL 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is one such demonstration of that. Let’s find out more.

Powerful & Smooth Performance

BUCKTOOL Variable Speed Scroll Saw is a powerful tool featuring a 1.2-Amp DC Motor. So you can experience a Quiet and Smooth Performance for your artful cuts. This high-quality tool also provides the versatility to work with a wide variety of materials.

Quick-Change Blade System

Its new side panel with a quick open door allows for easy hand access to rapidly change the blades. The well-designed, user-friendly blade holders also help the cause while ensuring a long life of the blades. It’s attached with 2 pinned and 1 pinless blade for versatile applications.

Vibration-Free LED light

The BUCKTOOL Scroll Saw comes with a fixed LED upfront ensuring vibration-free lighting with zero light bounce to provide a clear vision when cutting.

Adjustable Beveling Table

There’s also a 9/16-Inch Cast Iron Table that tilts 0-45 degrees to the left for perfectly angled cuts with sheer stability and less vibration. It cuts with a 2-inch depth and has a 16-Inch throat depth.

Pedal Switch Design

The Pedal Switch design of the BUCKTOOL Scroll Saw provides you with hands-free convenience. So you can easily start and stop it with a simple tap of the foot when there’s a new hole to drill, change blades, or deal with an emergency.

What Customers Say

Craftsmen mostly find this to be a well-built one. And its performance also lives up to the expectations. This is a versatile tool that provides smooth, quiet, and accurate performance. So it shouldn’t let you down anyway.

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Rockwell ShopSeries RK7315 16″ Scroll Saw with Variable Speed Control

shop series best scroll saw

If you’re looking for a decent scroll saw for all crafting tasks, Rockwell ShopSeries RK7315 16″ Scroll Saw can be a good option to check out. This variable-speed control saw is a reliable tool that includes superior engineering and some innovative features that demand your consideration. Let’s check out more about this product here.

Powerful Tool W/ Superior Performance

The ShopSeries 16-inch Scroll Saw comes with a 1.2-amp motor, an ideal specs to power through a wide variety of materials and woodworking jobs that include making intricate cuts, joints, and curves.

Its variable speed control and 3/4-inch stroke ensure to create cleaner and more accurate cuts. Moreover, a Die-Cast Aluminum table can be bevelled from 0 to 45 degrees to ensure more precision and accurate cuts.

Excellent Blades: Variety, Capacity, & Storage

This scroll saw comes with two durable 5-inch Tungsten Carbide Blades. It has a throat depth of 16-inch with a cutting capacity of 2-inch at 90 degrees & 1-3/16-inch at 45 degrees. The on-board storage of this tool can prevent the blades from getting damaged or lost.

shopseries best scroll saw

Reliable Brand, Reliable Performance

The Rockwell ShopSeries is a reliable brand that manufactures power tools with superior engineering built to last. Rockwell ensures reliable performance in woodworking jobs from homeowners to DIYers in terms of ease of use, more precision, and durability. And you’ll find the company backing their product with sheer confidence.

What Customers Say

The Rockwell ShopSeries has become a good choice for the homeowners who look to make some arts and crafts with the wood pieces. And DIYers seem to rely on it regarding durability, comfortability of use, and making more precision cuts. However, if you’re involved in large scale tasks, you might be choosing a more professional-grade scroll saw.

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Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is another well-deserved mention to the list of the best scroll saw. It’s a durable scroll saw that comes with excellent specs and versatile cutting performance for all woodworking jobs. Check out some of its features to find out more.

Reliable Performance

The W1713 from ShopFox is a reliable tool for craftsmen out there. It’s been specially designed to provide long-lasting, trouble-free service to the users. It undergoes close Attention to Detail, a Rigid Quality Control Program, and Ruggedly Built Parts that ensure reliable and safe operation.

Full of Features 

There’s a lot to speak about the features of this Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Scroll Saw. From its variable speed control, the extra cutting capacity to the cast iron construction, these features are the most sought-after ones to look for in a scroll saw. The Shop Fox Scroll Saw also provides a Nooseneck Work Light, Dust Blower & Dust Port for more convenience alongside its regular features.

Powerful Motor, Variable Speed & Table Tilt Mechanism

This ShopFox scroll saw comes with a powerful 1/8 HP, 1.2 Amp motor. It offers a no-load, variable speed that’s adjustable in the range of 550-1650 SPM.  Its 3/4 inch blade stroker provides a maximum cutting thickness of 2 inches and 16 inches.

It also offers the table tilt mechanism to cut at precise angles from 0-45-degrees. There are table lock knob & tilt scales that help tilt the table to make horizontal angle cuts.

Blade Variety & Safety

The W1713 is compatible with Standard Plain, or Pin-End saw blades. It also includes adapters to make the blade changing process easier. An adjustable hold-down shoe prevents the wood piece from rising with the moving blade’s force. Simultaneously, its air nozzle blows air at its cutting location to keep debris away from the cutting vision.

Clean Work Space

This scroll saw keeps the saw running smooth and also helps to keep the workspace clean. For that, there’s a 1.25-inch dust port that’s connected to the scroll saw. So you can vacuum your workspace to keep the debris from getting underneath the working table.

What Customers Say

People are mostly happy with this scroll saw, especially the beginners, and DIYers find this to be a fantastic tool to start their craftmanship. It provides good cutting performance, and there’s no real issue people seem to be complaining about.

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Genesis GSS160 1.2 Amp 16″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Quick-Change System, Dust Blower, and Die-Cast Table for Left/Right Tilting

genesis best scroll saw

Genesis GSS160 makes a good addition to the list of the best scroll saw. This variable-speed scroll saw comes with innovative features to ensure quiet, smooth, and more accurate cutting performance. Let’s find out more about these features below.

Excellent Specs

This variable-speed scroll saw features a 1.2 amp induction motor for a much quieter and smoother performance. The variable speed ranges from 400-1600 SPM. It can also cut through a variety of materials, including wood. There’s also a cast aluminum table measuring 14-1/8 X 10 inches. It tilts on either side from 15-45 degrees for angled cuts.

Versatile & Quick Change Blade

The Genesis Scroll Saw comes with a Quick-Change Blade System for easier and more rapid blade changes. It can accommodate all 5 inches and 5-1/4 inches Pin-end scroll saw blades. The product includes wrenches and 2 blades (5-1/4 inches X 1/10 inches, 18 TPI).

Dust-Free Workspace

To keep your workspace dust-free, there’s a flexible dust blower. It keeps the cut line vision clear and free of debris. There’s also a built-in dust port that keeps the workspace completely free of dust and debris.

What Customers Say

We don’t say it has the best customer reviews, but not the worst ones either. It should do all the cutting tasks and tricks properly as it’s been reported for most of the users. Its affordable price is also a plus for consideration.

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Shop Fox W1872 16″ VS Scroll Saw with Foot Switch, LED, Miter Gauge, Rotary Shaft

shop fox best scroll saw

Shop Fox W1872 16″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw makes a great addition to our list as another budget option for the DIY artisans. It comes with all the features you expect in the best scroll saw for homeowners. Below we’ll check out more of these features.

Performance-Oriented Specs

Shop Fox W1872 Scroll Saw comes with some amazing performance-oriented specs. It features a decent 1/8 HP, 120V, 0.6 Amp motor. This variable speed is adjustable in the range of 550-1600 SPM. Its 9/16-inch blade stroke provides a max cutting thickness of 2.25 inches and a cutting width of 16 inches.

Bevelling Table W/ Flex-Shaft Rotary Tool Attachment

This scroll saw comes with a cast-aluminum table that works in the table-tilt mechanism. It can tilt from -5 to +45 degrees range to create some beautifully beveled cuts. There’s also a Flex-Shaft Tool Attachment connected to the tool that allows you to utilize rotary bit without requiring to purchase a separate one.

More Features

The Shop Fox W1872 16″ scroll saw is an amazing tool to make intricate cuts into the wood and make dovetail joints. It features a 1.25-inch dust port connected with the scroll saw to vacuum and keep debris away from the workspace. Other features include a LED work light, dust blower, foot pedal, miter gauge, and more to ensure the utmost convenience in operation.

Blade Compatibility & Guard

The Shop Fox Scroll Saw accepts both the pin-end and pin-less saw blades. Its design includes an adapter to make blade changes super easy. There’s also a blade guard, and a hold-down shoe mounted on one rod and combined together. The hold-down shoe help to keep the workpiece from getting raise from the moving blade’s force. And this is also a craftsman scroll saw as its blade guard helps to inhibit debris from flying at him. It also acts as a barrier between the hands and the blade to provide maximum safety.

What Customers Say

The W1872 does what the users want it to do. So there’s a little to complain about. This provides outstanding cutting performance and includes a list of features with a reasonable price tag. So there are enough reasons why people seem to be liking it.

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SKIL 3335-07 16″, Scroll Saw With Light,Red

skil best scroll saw

With a current Amazon Rating of 4.5 out of 5, you can’t really miss out on the SKIL 3335-07 16″ Scroll Saw in the list for the best scroll saw. And when we check out its features and performance details, we are happy to put this budget solution on the list. Let’s learn more about this item below.

Reliable Performance

The Skil 16” Scroll Saw W/ Light comes with an Electronic Variable Speed Control that can easily cut through various materials. It has a 16-inch throat allowing to cut thicker pieces. It also has a 16/10-inch work table that tilts 0-45 degrees for more precise cutting results.

Provides Excellent Working Environment

This scroll saw features an Integrated Dust Removal System for a debris-free cutline. It also has a 1-1/2”-inch Dust Port that allows the work area to remain clear of debris. Moreover, it features an articulating LED Work Light to ensure the workpiece is clearly seen.

Convenient On-Tool Storage

The Skil Scroll Saw comes with a convenient On-Tool Blade Storage that keeps blades useful when required. For hassle-free blade change, there’s a keyless blade change option. The product comes with 2 blades included in the package.

What Customers Say

There seem to be good customer reviews when people use it for light works and smaller crafting tasks. But for bigger and heavier tasks, there are some better scroll saws to check out.

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Answering The FAQs

How to use a scroll saw?

To use a scroll saw, there are some general steps to follow. The procedure starts with cutting the board into an optimal size that you can use on the scroll saw. Then comes covering the wood surface with blue painter’s tape. Next, you have to use the fingernail to check the tension of the blade. Now, make sure the blade is squared to the working table. And then comes the time to turn the scroll saw on. Aftward, place the wood on the table and follow along with the board’s outline pattern to cut through. Finally, you can finish the workpiece as required.

How much do scroll saw costs?

Scroll saw comes in a variety of prices. It starts at $100 and can cost up to $1000 or more based on the quality and features.

What is a scroll saw used for? Or, What does a scroll saw do?

The scroll saw is used to make intricate cuts and curves in wood, metal, etc. Its common uses include creating wood carvings and artworks such as intarsia, letter signs, marquetry, and templates. It also helps to make jigsaw puzzles, wooden toys, and cut dovetail joints for manufacturing jewelry boxes, small furniture, and so on.

How to change a scroll saw blade?

To change a scroll saw blade, make sure the tool is unplugged. Then start by loosening the bolts or screws. Next, remove the old scroll saw blade by pulling up or downwards as per the design. Now choose the new blade and examine it properly before installing it. After examination, insert the new blade in the compartment. Afterward, tighten the screws that hold the blade until it’s no longer loose. Finally, test it out by turning on the saw.

Top Picks By Category

Here we have some of the top picks by category from the list above to make your selection process much easier. If you’ve gone through our reviews, you’d know the reasons why we’ve picked these. The list only includes the ones that are available on Amazon and deserve to be recommended. The ones not available but comprise good reviews are not included in the list, such as Ryobi Scroll Saw.

Best Overall: DeWalt DW788

Best For Budget: WEN 16-inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Best for Beginners: BUCKTOOL 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Best Value: Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw


If you’re excited to implement scroll saw patterns on your woodworking project, you should make it a hurry to get one from the list that you feel as the best scroll saw. This review guide covers all possible topics required to help you make an informed decision. So you should be all good to go to start producing the woodcarvings, artful cuts, and all sort of design works in your woodworking project.

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All Other Image Source: Amazon.com

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