10 Best WEN Power Tools: Buying Guide and Reviews

WEN Power Tools

When looking out for a Power tool or woodworking hand tools, you must always choose the best ones. There are several brands out there in the market, but you should go for the ones which are durable and fit your budget. If you know about power tools or other woodworking tools then you must have come through the Brand WEN. The WEN Tools is a well-known brand. They make high-quality woodworking and Power tools. Here in this article, we have sorted out the 10 Best WEN Power Tools that will help you to choose out the perfect power tool for your work needs. The product reviews come with a detailed Buyer’s guide that can give you the idea of which type and size are best for you. So just hold back and go through our Review and Buying guide for the 10 Best WEN Power Tools.

FAQs about WEN Power Tools

<strong>Are WEN power tools any good?</strong>

The WEN power Tools are the best in making great quality products. If you are a homeowner or make DIY works, then this can be the best option to invest your hard-earned money. They are extremely easy to use and are best for beginners as well as intermediates. They are not so great for professionals who use power tools every day for a long time.

<strong>Is WEN a good drill press?</strong>

When it comes to drilling small holes, one always counts on a drilling press for easier operation and it consumes much lesser time too. They are portable and are very light in weight. The WEN Drill presses are great quality products and are best for beginners and DIY workers. You can count on the WEN Drill presses if you want a value-for-money product with all the necessary features.

<strong>Who makes WEN?</strong>

The WEN tools are made by the WEN company situated in Elgin, Illinois. They are made in China but have a great quality. The Brand has been making and distributing several types of power and woodworking tools for years. They provide you with every type of power tool like a drill press, hand tools, bench press, etc.

<strong>How do I change the speed on my WEN drill press?</strong>

Changing the speed of The WEN Drill press is one complicated task, as it has several steps included. First of all, the upper panel is removed by flipping, and the two locking screws are opened to move the motor. The second step includes the pulling of the motor lever to bring the pulleys close to each other and the motor. Then the belts are adjusted according to your speed level choice. You can read the detailed explanation in the user manual provided with the product.

<strong>What is the best power drill for home use?</strong>

If you are a DIY worker or a Homeowner, then you must have the WEN Cordless Power drill with you. As it is extremely light in weight and portable. It works very well with small boreholes, driving screws, stirring motors, etc. They run with a chargeable battery with a long runtime that helps you to use it conveniently without the hassle of wires. They are also hardy and strong with great power, so you can sometimes use them professionally too.

<strong>Is WEN a Home Depot brand?</strong>

Yes, the WEN is a Home Depot Brand that makes different power tools and woodworking tools for those who love making DIYs and small household works. The tools made by the WEN are not suitable for professional daily use as they are smaller in size and are portable mostly, so if it is used for longer times then it may have wear and tears,

<strong>Why are WEN tools so cheap?</strong>

The WEN Power tools come at less prices because they are made in China, and are rebadged to WEN Tools in Elgin, Illinois. They are not so big machines so they consume fewer transportation charges and are distributed at reasonable rates.

<strong>Is Wen and Triton the same?</strong>

The WEN and Triton are two different brands with the same niche. Both of them manufacture woodworking and power tools of great quality. The WEN tools have been in this business since the year of 1951s. And the Tritons are the brand of Australia with 25 years lesser experience in the tooling business.

<strong>What power tools are made in the USA?</strong>

The WEN power tools are made in China and are transported to the USA. But the Parts and small belongings are made in the USA. So it can be said that the WEN power tools are partially made in the USA. The Bench press. Drill press, Hand planers, etc. are some of the Power tools made in the USA.

<strong>What does WEN mean?</strong>

WEN is the pinyin romanization Chinese surname and the meaning of WEN is Literary or Culture. It is commonly used for the word ‘’Man’’ in the areas of Hong Kong. As we can see, the name has occurred from China and the WEN tools are also made in China.

<strong>What is the best drill press for the money?</strong>

Everyone should get a Drill press that is a value-for-money product and has a great build quality. Some qualities that make a drill press best for certain purposes. The Drill size is one of the main factors when it comes to a Drill press, the drill size from 12 inches to 18 inches is the best. The chuck size is the space in which the drill pins are fitted; they should be a maximum of  ½ inch to ¾ inch. The good Drill presses should have a motor power of ¾ or 2 HP. The best Drill press comes with all these mentioned features.

<strong>What is the best drill press for metal?</strong>

The Best Drill Press for metals is the one that is compatible to make holes in hard metals as well as wood. Many factors influence the making of a drill press best for metal. The size of the Drill points matters a lot as it decides how deep the hole is going to be. Motor power is also an important factor when it comes to metal, high power is needed to go through the hard metal, so the power rating should be kept in mind.

10 Best WEN Power Tools – Reviews

WEN Bench Grinder with Flexible Work Light

The WEN Bench Grinders are a great product with movable work light which allows us to work even in low light with precise and perfect results. It is a 6 inch Bench Grinder which is suitable for almost all the workshops. It converts all your rusty and blunt blades, screwdrivers, scissors, etc. into shining surfaces. Let’s look into some important factors and features of the WEN Bench Grinder. 

Compact Size

The WEN Bench Grinder is a 6-inch portable tool and is extremely handy. Due to its little size, it can be operated in small compact areas too. Despite being small in size, it is a very powerful tool with a high-power motor. 

Steady and powerful operation

It comes with two 6 inch by ¾ inch wheels, one is a 60 grit wheel for removal of material and other general purposes, and the other is for faster removal of materials. It has a 2.1-ampere powerful motor which performs very well and operates quickly. It starts quickly and performs very smoothly at a speed of 3450 RPM without any vibration and lags.

Perfect Mechanism

The removal of the Wheel guard is made simple and straightforward to make the changing of wheels hassle-free. The Eye guard can also be adjusted according to your need so that it doesn’t interfere with your work and it also comes with a flexible work light that helps in making your grinding work more precise and accurate. 


When buying any product, the most important factor to check is the warranty of that item. The power tools are mechanical items and they may have some wear and tear or some manufacturing defects, so a warranty is necessary to cover it all. The WEN Bench Grinder comes with a two-year company warranty and they have a renowned customer service record. 

What Customers Say

The WEN bench grinding tool is a good product overall. The assembly of the tools is quite easy and is done in minutes without any hassle. It runs smoothly and starts at its full speed in seconds. The flexible light turns out to be a great feature as it helps a lot. But sometimes it feels a little underpowered when more pressure is applied.

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WEN Belt Sander with Sanding Disc 

The WEN Belt sander is a reliable and versatile sander with various features making it a superior product. It comes with 5-inch sanding discs which smoothen, sand, and removes the uneven edges and rough surfaces of the wood. Let’s check out the different features and facts of the WEN Belt Sander. 

Powerful Motor

It comes with a powerful 2.3 Amp motor, and it gives a speed of 3160 ft/min on the belt and 3450 RPM on the disc. Despite having a powerful motor, it runs efficiently without vibrations and lags. It starts quickly and runs for longer times without any problem.

Easy Mechanism

The Sandpaper grits can be easily switched in no time as the 1 inch by 30-inch belt can be changed easily because of its spacious area. It also has a 5-inch side blade in which you can easily sand any object of your wish in no time. It has a 100 grit sanding belt and an 80 grit sanding disc with a miter gauge for angled pieces along with two separate dust ports.

Compact and Sturdy Build

The WEN Belt sander has a compact design that fits in almost all small areas of the workshop and is extremely easy to handle and use because of its lightweight. It also has a heavy base so that it doesn’t bumble or vibrate during the operation. Its big and beveling work table lets the sand belt and disc provide great support to the workpiece you are working on.


When it comes to buying a tool or machine, most individuals think about this fact. It is very important to have a proper warranty so that if you face any defect or wear and tear then you can contact the company and get it done. The WEN Belt Sander comes with a Two-year worldwide warranty, so you can easily avail of its warranty from every corner of the world.

What Customers say?

The WEN belt sander is overall a great product in an affordable range with a two-year worldwide warranty. It is compact and sturdy, so it gives a smooth operation without any hassle. It has a heavy base so it gives a sturdy grip to the workpieces making it easy to hold them. The one and the only problem with this tool is that it has a powerful motor so it starts being a little noisy sometimes.

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WEN Benchtop Band Saw 

The WEN Benchtop Band Saw is an excellent product if you want your hard-earned money to be expended in the right place. It is a 9-inch Benchtop Band Saw with a compact design that suits every corner of the workshop. Being a power tool it comes with a powerful motor that runs smoothly without any lags and vibration. Let’s look into the details of this beautiful compact tool.

Powerful Motor

The WEN Benchtop Band saw comes with a 2.5 Amp power motor which moves the ¼ inch blade at a speed of 2500 feet per minute. Despite having a powerful motor it doesn’t produce any major vibration or noise, it works smoothly and gives a sharp and edgy cut to the boards.

Sharp Blades

It has a 59-½ inch blade with ⅛ to ⅜ inches of width and this blade is very good at its work. It slices the board into pieces smoothly. It charges on the boards with a deep cut of 3-½ inches and 9 inches wide. Its blade makes it a superior product as they carry out a smooth operation without any hassle of roughness.

Sturdy and spacious build

The work table is one of the main highlights of this product. It comes with a 12-¼ * 11-⅞ inches work table that can also be beveled up to 45 degrees. Its base is hard-built so it doesn’t move during the operation and provides a smooth output. 


A product is incomplete without a warranty. If it gets plenty of features but doesn’t have a proper warranty then its worth get much lesser, And when a product has got lesser features but has a certain warranty then its value automatically gets upgraded. The WEN Benchtop Band Saw comes with a two-year nationwide warranty which can be availed from every corner of the nation with the service experts of the WEN.

What Customers Say

The WEN Benchtop Band saw is overall a good product. It doesn’t take much time for installations and starts quickly. It mostly runs smoothly for longer times without any lags. But sometimes when using flooring laminates, it drifts off and bogs down when more pressure is applied. 

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WEN Belt and Disc Sander 

The WEN Power belt sander is a powerful and reliable sander with a powerful motor. It has a 6-inch Disc sander that can easily sand, smooth, and remove all the rustiness and dust from the layer of any item you want. Let’s look into the details of the facts and features of the WEN Belt Sander.

Spacious Belt space

The tool comes with a  4 inch by 36-inch sander belt which is placed in a wide area and can be changed easily anytime. Hence, making the replacement of the sandpaper grits become very easy and take no time. It also tilts from all over 0 to 90 degrees making the workpiece easier to fit in and making good space.

Powerful Motor

It comes with a 4.3 Amp ½ HP motor which runs at a faster speed. Despite having powerful rotations, it doesn’t vibrate or make such noises. Being a high-power motor it provides great performance and doesn’t cause any bog down or lag.

Hardy Build quality

The build quality of the WEN Belt Sander is one of the remarkable points of it. It comes with a heavy cast iron base which doesn’t let any vibrations happen and keeps it still while the operation. Its work table is made of Cast-aluminium which gives the area to the workpiece and the disc sander to operate hassle-free.


Almost every product in the market comes with a warranty and customers love the products having a specific warranty. As they can get support when they face any wear and tear. The WEN Belt Sander also comes with a two-year nationwide warranty, which is assisted by skilled and experienced technicians of WEN.

What customers say

The WEN Belt Sander is a product with great quality and is a complete value for money. Its cast-iron base does a pretty good job and doesn’t let any vibrations and movement happen at all. But sometimes it causes some bog down when it is overloaded and ran for longer times, it becomes overheated and hence causing a shutdown. Anyways, it’s not that big a problem, overall it performs very well.   

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WEN Electric Hand Planer 

The WEN Electric hand planer is something that every DIY worker or homeowner wants. It is a pretty common tool that every workshop has, and it is very compact Hand planers are very useful as they do 3 to 4 types of woodworks on the go and are very less time-consuming. Let’s look into some facts and features of the WEN Electric Hand planer.

Powerful Motor

It has a high-speed motor of 6 Amp which delivers great power and smooth operations without any lags and issues. It charges a speed of 3400 cuts per minute on the workpiece you are working on. It is great for fixing the bad bumps and uneven surfaces and edges of doors and other wood boards. It has such a powerful motor, still it doesn’t cause any major vibration or noise.

Perfect Blade Size

It is a 3-1/4 Inch Power hand planer that comes with a blade with a cutting width of 3-1/4 inches and a cutting depth of a maximum of 1/8 inch. The bigger sizes of the blade make it easier to work with the wood pieces and provide a deep and desired cut of your choice. The sharp blades let you mold the wood into the design and shape of your choice.

Compact size

It is extremely easy to handle and use, it feels no weight while using it and you can easily use it along fixed doors and windows to make them perfect. Its base plate also comes with a V-shaped groove for making the sharp corners flatten. Due to its small size, it gets fitted in almost every small spot and corner of the workshop, hence making it easy to use and store.


Warranty is one of the most important factors in the case of tools. You must look into this point before getting any tool. The WEN electric hand planer comes with a two-year nationwide warranty which covers all the manufacturing and other defects. You can avail of the warranty with WEN’s skilled and experienced technicians.

What Customers Say

The WEN Electric hand planer is an overall good product with a lightweight and compact design. Its high-speed motor gives terrific output and runs smoothly during the operation. Its strong base makes it sturdy to use and lets us use it along with the fixed doors too. But it has a drawback that when using it, sometimes the depth size is increased mistakenly causing some problems.

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WEN Variable Speed Plunge Woodworking Router Kit  

The WEN Plunge woodworking router kit is a powerful tool with versatile use. It has a high-power motor of 15 Amp which makes it run smoother and lag-free. If you want a tool that is valuable for money and is good for both professional and household uses, then you can easily rely on the WEN Speed plunge Router kit. Let’s look into some features and facts of the power plunge.

Powerful motor 

With a powerful motor, it acquires its full speed in seconds and gives a smooth and lag-free experience while working. It has a large 15 Amp capacity of motor power which gives an output speed from 8, 000 to 23, 000 rotations per minute. Being a powerful motor it doesn’t make loud noises and vibrations and remains quite silent during the operation.

Great mechanism

It comes with a ½ inch collect along with a ¼ inch adapter that makes it easier to be compatible with a wide range of bits. It has a soft start-off feature that helps in setting up the workpiece accordingly during the startup. It also has a depth adjustment knob that lets you adjust the depth according to your work needs and it also comes with a fine-tune adjustment dial that makes the depth more accurate.


It comes with a two-year nationwide warranty from the company and can be availed from any corner of the nation. The warranty covers wear and tears that happened due to the manufacturing of usual defects. They have skilled and experienced technicians so you can count on them for good service.


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WEN Rotary Tool Kit with Flex Shaft

The WEN Rotary tool kit is a great tool range with pretty many features that make your life easier. It comes with over 80 accessories which can deal with almost all of your needs such as cutting, drilling, hole, etc. It doesn’t have a motor with great power but it does the work fine. Let’s look into some of the features of the  WEN Rotary tool kit.


It comes with a wide range of equipment and accessories that can be used in different woodworks like polishing, cutting, drilling, making small holes, etc. It has over 80 accessories and a variety of discs and bits that are needed for any project of your choice. Now you can smooth, remove rust, and mold your favorite wood board into your desired shape and size with one tool. 

Excellent design and mechanism

It comes with a motor of 1 Amp with double insulation and it gives out the speed of 8000 to 30,000 RPM. You can easily polish, grind, smooth, or drill with the WEN Power Tool single-handedly as it is very lightweight and small in size. There is no issue of storage and heaviness and it can be used in any desired positions. 


Despite being manufactured in China, it does provide a company warranty of one long year. It has a nationwide warranty so you can easily avail of it from any corner of the nation hassle-free. You get great service from the skilled staff and technicians.

What customers say

The WEN Rotary tool kit is an overall great product with great features and versatility. Despite being small in size, it is quite a powerful tool and provides smooth operations with minimal noise. Its Flex shaft is the main highlight and it helps a lot during use. But sometimes it causes some power delay and bogs down when run for longer times and overloaded. 

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WEN Benchtop Corded Thickness Planer 

Thickness planers are one of those tools which have a special place in the hearts of craftsmen. They are very useful and are a must-have tool in the workshop, as it gives your wood piece an extraordinary finish. Woodwork is incomplete without a good finish so the Thickness planer does the work right. Let’s look into some of the features of the WEN thickness planer here.

Powerful motor

It comes with an exceptionally powerful motor of 15 Amp which works very well with minimal vibrations. It gives the output speed of 25,500 cuts per minute at a 26 ft./min feed rate. Despite being a powerful motor and having a high speed, it doesn’t make such movements during operations.

Great Blade size and positions

It comes with 3 blade sets that can fit up to the plane board of maximum 13-inch width and 6-inch depth. The depth adjustment tool helps a lot with the movement of 0 to 3/32 inches in an inch. 

Sturdy build quality

It has a heavy-duty cast iron base that holds the planer still while operations. It also minimizes the vibrations caused during work. It also comes with a planning gauge that tells about the depth ratio.


It comes with a warranty too and this fact makes it a superior product. It has a two-year nationwide warranty that can be availed for any wear and tear that happens.  You get great service from the skilled and experienced technicians of WEN.

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WEN Oscillating Spindle Sander

Sanders has a special place in a woodworkers workshop. It is quite useful because woodwork is incomplete without a proper shape and smooth finish. The WEN oscillating Spindle sander is a power-packed tool with a compact design and great power. Let’s check the features of the tool in depth.

Powerful motor

It comes with a powerful motor of 3.5 Amp or ½ HP that provides a great speed and oscillation. It gives an output speed of 58 OPM and 2000 RPM without any lag or bag down.

Easy mechanism and lightweight design

Its drums and plates can be easily swapped in and out when needed. It has a total weight of 30 pounds and can be moved here and there easily. Despite being light in weight, it doesn’t compromise in power. It also has separate dust collectors for the betterment of yours. 


It backs up with a two-year manufacturer nationwide warranty. It is made in china then also it provides a warranty and also has a great service staff and technicians. 

What Customers say

The WEN oscillating sander is a great product overall and provides a great performance. It works well after a longer runtime and provides a lag-free experience. You can count on this product if you want your hard-earned money to be spent on good things.

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WEN Corded Belt Sander 

The WEN Belt Sander is a must-have product in one’s work area. It comes with a dust bag which makes it suitable for working in any area without the tension of littering. Let’s look into some of the exciting features of the WEN tool.

Compact design

It is a 3* 21-inch heavy-duty belt sander with a compact design. It can easily fit into corners of a work area and is extremely easy to use. Due to its smaller size, you will not feel the load and can work for longer hours.

Powerful motor

It comes with a powerful 7 Amp motor which rotates the belt at a speed of 820 ft/min for faster removal of substances and layers. Despite being a powerful motor, it doesn’t make loud vibrations and carry out the operations smoothly without any bog down.


It backs up with a two-year nationwide warranty which covers all wear and tear in the machine. You can get great service from experienced technicians with all ranges of services

What Customers Say

Overall The WEN Belt sander has great build quality with excellent motor speed. It gets the work done so well and doesn’t let any litter garbage your place. Its only drawback is that sometimes the passage to the dust collector clogs due to overuse.

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Buying Guide for the Best WEN Power Tools

Wen is undoubtedly a reliable brand with a long list of convenient features that makes it a popular choice for power tools. However, it has so many different tools that one may find it challenging to choose the best according to their needs. This buying guide includes all the necessary features that you should look for in any model of the WEN power tool to ensure the best experience no matter how you use it.


No matter what kind of power tool you choose, WEN ensures it offers the best performance. Nonetheless, you must check all product descriptions, wattage, power consumption, performance rating, and review by real-time users to make sure you are satisfied with what the product claims. Most of the time, newer models offer a better price-performance ratio and also have better features. Ideally, go through the average reviews about the product and have won any performance awards lately. Lastly, you can look for efficient power consumption to save much in the long run if you use it often.


The tool’s weight is a vital feature to look into as it will influence the convenience of using it. If it has a lower weight, it will be easy for beginners to use it as well. Moreover, a lightweight tool is easier to carry wherever you go out on extended vacations, and you need to bring tools with you. Usually, tools can range anywhere between 2lbs to 6lbs, depending on their function and number of embedded components. Always look for lightweight tools to be easier for you to use, mainly if you use them for long, continuous hours. 

The same thing goes for the space occupied by the tool in storage. If you buy a very large-sized tool, you might not have enough room in your workshop to store it or in your car to carry it. The weight of the product also increases significantly with the size.


Most WEN tools accompany a standard range of pressure that they can handle. This pressure standard is crucial as it will influence the performance and the longevity of the product. No matter the pressure range, you must ensure that you don’t exceed the pressure ranges. This precaution will ensure excessive pressure is not being handled by the tool, which will help maintain a longer lifespan of the product. 


For some tools, the magazine space also plays a significant role. For example, in a pneumatic brad nailer, the magazine space controls how many nails it can hold in one magazine. The more area in the magazine, the better it is to use it for a longer duration without refilling. With a larger magazine space, the cost of the equipment is likely to increase significantly. Hence, look for a satisfactory one with a magazine space sufficient for your needs and within your budget.


WEN power tools have an excellent price-performance ratio in comparison to other top brands. Like any other product, the budget matters a lot as you will use it often and for a long time. Generally, most WEN products come in a very affordable price tag, but there are some things to know that may increase the price of specific WEN power tools. You can get a few more years of warranty or even a larger capacity for a higher price. Most of the time, you also get better performance, updated technologies, ergonomic grip, rubber padding, energy efficiency, and so on.

For a DIY mechanic, investing in a power tool is worthy because they want to save on mechanic fees in the long run. A power tool comes in handy when you want to perform rare repairs, constructions, etc., at home, which would have otherwise cost you a fortune. Hence, always look at the price-performance ratio rather than going for the cheapest option. The better the performance and the features are, the more likely it to be cost-effective in the long run. The fact is true not only for a DIY repairer but also for a professional mechanic who regularly uses the tool.

WEN Power Tools

Ease of use

If you are a newbie or not a professional mechanic, it is best to look for an easy-to-use tool that is not rocket science to operate. The complex operation also leads to much time consumption in understanding how to use the tool or repair it. Most devices come with a user guide, but a complex tool will always be challenging to follow. Secondly, you can also share your instrument with other individuals if it is easy to use. 


The longevity of any power tool matters a lot, especially if you are paying a hefty fee as a long-term investment. Whether you are a mechanic or a DIY repairer, the longevity of a power tool is a must thing for everybody. Since hardware tools tend to undergo much rough use and wear and tear with time, you cannot compromise on the device’s reliability. A high-standard tool that has passed rigorous performance and reliability tests and meets industry standards like ISO, OEM, etc., is preferable. The better the reliability, the fewer costs you incur in the long-term, even if you choose an expensive tool. 

Especially for DIY workers, having a power tool means you can save a lot on mechanic fees for minor repairs and constructions in your workshop. Hence, look for a long-lasting product that will be beneficial for you. The best option is to read real-time product reviews, checking standard test results (if any) and awards won (If any). 


It is always good if you get a warranty on tools or any other product. It is especially true for hardware tools like power tools as they often tend to have manufacturing defects and get damaged quite quickly due to rough use. Hence, a manufacturer warranty is most likely to help you save a lot on repairs of tools and buying a new one if any mishap occurs suddenly. Typically, there are different durations of the warranty on various WEN power tools, and it all depends on the purpose and price of the device you are looking for. However, you can quickly get a warranty of 1 year to 5 years on familiar tools.


Power tools make your life easier by minimizing the workload on you and doing the most part by themselves with the help of motors and discs. It would be best if you always looked for the features and facts of the power tool you will buy to match your needs. The WEN Power tools are a great range of power tools for your household work or workshop. We have listed out the 10 Best WEN Power Tools, which will help you choose the best tool that matches your work needs. We have also given a brief Buying guide about the Best WEN power Tools so that you can get the knowledge of the best tool that matches your needs. 

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