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best wood chopping axe

Wood splitting or chopping is a great part of the woodworking job. Especially if you are a homeowner who wants to avoid buying wood from the supermarket yet want to enjoy the fire’s look in the evening. Or you could be a camper, survivalist, or outdoorsman requiring to cut down wood. One thing you’ll agree to the fact that it takes a lot of effort to chop ample wood to fulfill your purpose. So how do you actually make the task much easier? It’s about having the right tool, or you can say getting the best wood chopping axe to split the wood you need.

Let’s get deeper into the discussion and know more about wood chopping axes. Here we’ll try to clarify some common questions regarding this topic and also check out a brief buying guide. And then we’ll move on to our top-chart for the best chopping wood to make the experience a more amazing one.

FAQs On Wood Chopping Axe

<strong>What to Look for When Choosing an Axe for Wood Splitting? Or, What To Consider When Buying An Axe?</strong>

There are several factors to look for when choosing the best Wood Splitting Axe. Some of which are:

Finding a specific axe from a wide variety of small, medium, and large axes for activities like bushcraft, splitting firewood, felling trees, and so on.
The construction material, especially in the handle. Some of the regular axe haft materials are Metal, wood, and reinforced plastic.
The axe head weight is an important factor to look for. The more the head weight, the more force you get while swinging.
The length of the axe handle can be crucial. The standard range of the axe handle length is around 27”-36”, which gives the user the right comfort to use.

<strong>What Are the Best Axes for Chopping Wood?</strong>

There are some excellent names to check out as the best chopping wood axes. However, we’d put some particular axe models that you can consider as best axe for splitting wood in the review article. Some of these are from the prominent brands Fiskars, Estwing, Cold-Steel, and so on. They’re selected based on the customer reviews they received.

<strong>How To Cut Wood Perfectly With An Axe?</strong>

To cut wood perfectly using an axe, there are a few steps that you need to follow. First, you’ve to position yourself, then be calm and aim to start slowly. Next, follow through the start with a smooth and even swing. Finally, work the way through the log to finish the task.

<strong>How To Find The Perfect Axe For Splitting?</strong>

To find the perfect wood splitting axe, you need to determine the size of the wood piece you will split. Remember that splitting axe blades have to be heavier, and the shafts have to be longer for enhanced speed & power.

<strong>How To Find the Perfect Axe for Smaller Logs and Kindling?</strong>

For smaller logs, check out the top quality axes that have low-friction blade coating. So it can help prevent the axe head from getting stuck. This kind of application is found in camping and hiking trips, so make sure to get a compact and easy-to-carry option in the backpack.

<strong>How To Maintain Your Axe?</strong>

There are some maintaining tasks that you need to follow for your axe. First of all, you need to clean it after every use and store it properly. Then, some routine tasks are carried out, such as cleaning the axe head using acetone and steel wool. Similarly, clean the axe handle with extra-fine steel wool & turpentine or sand it if it’s too dirty. These cleaning tasks will help your axe parts to get rid of dirt, sap, and tannins. Afterward, make sure to oil the head and handle with the Boiled Linseed Oil. Moreover, the core task for axe maintenance will require you to sharpen the blade regularly.

<strong>How To Split Firewood?</strong>

The firewood that’s cut can be too large to be seasoned well or fit the fireplace. So what you need to do is – properly split the firewood wearing all protective gear. At first, get the right splitting maul that’s thicker and more of a wedge shaped hand tool that also has a Blunt Sledge-Hammer Edge on its blade. Then use your maul to cut the wood to a specific length so that their ends are square & flat. Then, make a chopping block that should be an optimal size of a tree’s trunk and get it split using the axe.

Wood Chopping Axe Buying Guide

While talking about a buying guide for a wood chopping axe, we feel a few important topics should be covered. Check out the discussion below to get an in-depth idea about the wood chopping axe.

Range of Axes

Axe Range actually talks about the weight of the blade, length of the axe handle, and its application scope. Wood chopping axe blades tend to be heavier and works best for medium to large size logs. They also generally have longer shafts, generating more power and speed.

However, camping axe blades tend to be slightly lighter & smaller. They work best with small to medium-sized logs.

Types of Axe Heads – Different Axe Models

There are several types of axe heads, which is the main factor determining different axe models. Axe heads come in different shapes and sizes based on the purpose for which they are made, such as timber harvesting, wood splitting, throwing competition, using as a weapon, etc. These functions determine different axe models: Felling Axe, Hatchet, Splitting Maul, Double Bit Axe, Tomahawk Tactical/Battle Axe, Viking Axe, and so on.

Splitting Axe vs. Maul

We see people getting confused between a splitting axe and maul. So we look to clarify this with a comparative discussion here. So that they can choose the best splitting axe or maul they want.

Splitting Axe generally have features such as sharp, tapered head, 3 to 6 pounds weight, sharp chopping-edge, wooden or composite handle construction, longer service period, and so on.

On the other hand, the Maul features a fat-blunt and pointed axe head, 6 to 8 pounds weight, comparatively dull edge, longer handle, and more brute force for application.

Length of the Handle

The length of the axe handle is another important thing to consider while buying a wood chopping axe. Generally, the axe with a longer handle allows for striking with more force. But it has to be an optimal length for better control so that it helps to find the perfect spot between force & accuracy. The axe handle is measured from its top edge down to its knob at the bottom. The typical handle length of a felling axe is 36”. However, the 31” length seems to be the perfect one for most males. On the other hand, a ”boy’s axe handle” measures 28” in length. And you can find this for a lot of camping axes.

The World’s Best Axes – In-Dept Review

Eletorot Wood Chopping Axe, 14in Camping Hatchet Splitting Small Axe Hatchet Wooden Handle Camping Hand Tools (Black)

eletorot wood chopping axe

Looking for a versatile axe that’s stylish and practical? Check out this Eletorot Wood Chopping Axe to enjoy your outdoor activities in a better way. Learn more about this wood chopping axe below.

Perfect Specifications

It comes with some great specs that include a full-length of 14.5”, blade length of 3.3”, handle length of 11.8”, the head weight of 560g,  and an overall weight of 800g. Its build materials include steel and hickory. This axe is comfortable enough to lift with one hand. The hatch’s head is attached to the axe handle with a wooden & steel wedge for ensuring fastening.

Durable Construction

The Forged Carbon Steel Heat Treated Blade comes with an improved density, making the axe more durable. This especially drop forged axe head produces sharp, smooth, and rapid splits while staying sharper for a longer period. Its head’s flat back can be used for hammering. The hardwood handle is extra strong and long, giving you leverage to handle strenuous applications.

Excellent Balance & Control

The head’s perfect weight distribution and blade’s sharpness help cut deeper with each strike, maximizing the cutting performance and efficiency. The handle is well-balanced, non-slip, and soft to touch, helping to reduce the hand’s strain for long-lasting use.

One Tool, Multiple Applications

Eletorot Wood Chopping Axe can be an essential part of your gardening toolset. It covers a wide range of applications, including cutting, chopping, splitting, pruning, and shaping logs, timber, firewood, and kindling. This is a must-have for landscaping, gardening, camping, other outdoor activities that require clearing trail, bushcraft, or preparing the wood for campfires.

Convenient Storage & Maintenance

There’s a Rubber Protective Sheath included with the axe that helps store and transport the blade safely. Just apply the Rubber Protective Cover after every use and hang it from the hole.

For proper maintenance, sharpen the axe slightly before/after every use. And also put it in a dry condition to avoid rusting. This will help the axe to be in the best condition.

What Customers Say

Eletorot Wood Chopping Axe seems to be an amazing hatchet. People are mostly happy with the durable construction and maximum efficiency for splitting, chopping, and cutting jobs. The sharpness of the blade is the most impressive factor.

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Fiskars IsoCore Maul, 36-Inch (751110-1003)

Here we have something from the prominent brand Fiskars. It’s the Fiskars 36-Inch IsoCore Maul, an easy-to-use wood chopping tool that can make the gardening and crafting tasks more enjoyable. This rugged and powerful maul can take on intense woodcutting jobs to reduce your joint pain and muscle fatigue. Here we’ll take a deeper look at this product.

Comfortable Construction

The Fiskars Maul includes premium steel forged into the concave blade, making it perfect for splitting. Its inseparable riveted head won’t slide down or snap off even if it’s swang with maximum force for an entire lifetime. This forged, heat-treated steel finish includes a rust-resistant coating. It’s a super comfortable maul that comes with a soft-grip handle and sculpted profile, allowing it to fit the hands’ natural shape.

Patented IsoCore Shock Control System

This Maul features a patented IsoCore Shock Control System. You get superior shock control as it limits the toll of tough work on the body. And that helps you to get the work done faster. Moreover, this technology absorbs and transfers twice less strike shock & vibration than wood handles.

fiskars wood chopping axe

High-Performance Handles

The Fiskars Maul includes high-performance handles as well. This comfortable handle includes strategic texturing, an extended grip, and an anti-slip flare that keeps the swings controlled & uninterrupted. It’s an ideal option to split wood and drive wedges & stakes. The optimized geometry of the blade provides excellent penetration and blast difficult logs apart.

Long-lasting Durability

As a wood/log cutter, what you want from your axe is to provide long-lasting performance. Although it includes a simple construction, it can take on heavy-duty tasks to offer reliable service under all circumstances.

What Customers Say

Woodcutters find this Fiskars Pro tool to be one of the best wood splitting tools. It includes outstanding engineering, shock absorption system, excellent design, and great quality to impress many outdoorsmen out there.

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WilFiks Chopping Axe, 15” Camping Outdoor Hatchet for Wood Splitting and Kindling, Forged Carbon Steel Heat Treated Hand Maul Tool, Fiberglass Shock Reduction Handle with Anti-Slip Grip

You can’t miss out on the WilFiks Chopping Axe while looking for a perfect camping Axe. Now make the most of your outdoor activities that require cutting and splitting some damn logs. Check out more about this wood chopping axe with us.

Designed For Convenience

The WilFiks Chopping Axe is an ultimate tool for any professional, hiker, or gardener. It features durable construction and ergonomic design to ensure the ultimate convenience for its users. This hatched is designed with Cold Resistant Ergonomic Shaped Fiberglass Handle and Shock Absorbing Anti Slip Grip. So that it resists slipping, and there’s less strain on the hands to add more comfort.

Versatile Applications

Whether you’re up for making a bonfire or cut the overgrown branches in the garden, the WilFiks Maul gets everything covered. It makes it easy to chop logs, firewood, kindling, and branches. The optimized geometry of the blade ensures maximum efficiency with one-strike splits. It makes an ideal option for hikers, campers, and activists preparing wood for other outdoor activists.

Durable Construction

This is an innovative tool that includes durable construction. It offers a Forged Carbon Steel Heat Treated blade to maximize on every strike splits. The durability of this Kindling Tool ensures to resist damage and dents to any challenging application. So you can relax about the tool getting worn out any sooner. Also, it stays sharper for a longer period, ensuring a superior and long-lasting performance.

wilfiks wood chopping axe

Resharpenable Blade

The Blade of this chopping axe features a completely Polished Finished Edge that can simply be resharpened with a file. Its Weighted Wedge design makes the chopping task for materials like logs & firewood a breeze. It makes a good balance between head & shaft, creating a superior Camping Axe for a safer, more efficient, and more comfortable performance.

Easy Storage

The blade comes with a Rubber Protective Sheath for safe storage and transport. After use, simply apply the rubber protective cover and hang the Hatchet from the hole featured for easy and convenient storage.

What Customers Say

There’s a lot to like about this wood chopping axe from WilFiks. However, people mostly like its ergonomic design, resharpenable blade, and comfortable grip. The only thing the company needs to improve with their axe is the handle attachment. Apart from that, it’s an amazing tool for all the wood splitting jobs.

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Cold Steel All-Purpose Axe with Hickory Handle, Great for Camping, Survival, Outdoors, Wood Cutting and Splitting

Cold Steel is a reliable brand when it comes to knives and axes. Here we have the Cold Steel All-Purpose Axe that can be an excellent option for camping and outdoor activities that require wood cutting. Let’s find out more details about this wood cutting axe here.

Excellent Specs

The Cold Steel Axe features a European style axe head with a blade measuring 4″ and the cutting edge measuring 4 1/2″. It has a head length of 6 1/2” and an overall length of 27”. It uses 1055 Carbon steel construction, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Great Performance

You can get a big bite with the Cold Steel Trail Boss for every swing it makes. Its heat-treated, drop-forged hard edge can provide razor-sharp performance. Also, it comes with a durable and sturdy straight-grained American Hickory Handle. So you can make the most of your wood splitting applications.

cold steel wood chopping axe

Compact Yet Efficient

The Trail Boss has undergone extensive field-tests in Australia’s outback, where it showed the amazing performance to chop kindling, build blinds, clear roads, and even chop down a fair-sized tree. It’s compact yet tough enough to be carried all day in the hand or strapped to the pack. And do chores that might make other hatchet or tomahawk scream for mercy.

What Customers Say

The backpackers who love camping find this Trail Boss to be a fantastic choice to avail of. The blade is well sharpened, and the handle is comfortable & durable enough to impress its customers.

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LEXIVON V28 Chopping Axe, 28-Inch Lightweight Fiber-glass Composite Handle & Ergonomic TPR Grip | Protective Carrying Sheath Included (LX-V28)

When style combines with performance, what you get is the Lexivon Wood Chopping Axe. It comes with innovative design, durable construction, and maximum efficiency for your wood chopping tasks. We’ll check out more of its features below.

Innovative Design

This Lexivon wood chopping axe is an enfolded over-molded blade. It features a Hi-Tech Fiberglass Composite Injected Handle. There’s also a Non-Slip TPR Grip and Reinforced Back Spine.

Durable Construction

It features a durable construction comprising Drop Forged and Heat-Treated Grade-A High-Carbon Steel. The diligently hardened and aggressive cutting edges of this axe offer a cleaner and deeper contact providing perfect bite with every swing. This can be an ideal tool to fell trees and chop medium to large-sized logs.

lexivon wood chopping axe

Highly Efficient

It’s sturdier than the wooden shaft so that it won’t bend like the traditional steel ones due to the HiTech Structure Technique. The Axe head offers a balanced weight distribution for enhancing swing speed and multiplying strike power.

What Customers Say

People seem to be loving the design of this Lexivon Wood Chopping Axe. It’s compact size and durability are other impressive factors. But make sure you don’t use it for too heavy applications.

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SOG Camp Axe – Camping Axe with Sheath, Survival Axe Camping Hatchet, Wood Splitting Axe w/ Hatchet Hammer Head, 3.1 Inch Bushcraft Axe Edge (CH1001-CP)

Looking for a premium camping axe? Check out the SOG Camp Axe With Sheath. SOG is a trusted brand, and with this tool, they make sure that it does everything an axe is supposed to do. Let’s find out more about this product here.

Excellent Design & Specs

You can call this a compact modern axe the forest wants. It’s also a backpacking hatchet or a camping hatchet. It includes a satin-polished stainless steel design that can withstand rough applications in all-weather exposures.

It comes with a 3.1” blade and total length measuring only 11.5”. So you get an efficient performance with a compact size.

Lightweight & Comfortable

It comes in a lightweight design while promising a heavy-duty service. This survival hatchet features a textured GRN handle for a more comfortable application.

sog wood chopping axe

Wood Hatchet & Hammer Axe In One

You can’t ask for more when you get a wood hatchet and hammer in one camping axe. The SOG camp axe is one such kind that can be used for different outdoor activities like wood splitting, tinder breakdown, and pounding tent stakes. It comes with a wider hammer-head for an improved force application.

Protective Sheath

This compact axe is a real hiking hatchet that comes with a protective sheath as well. The sheath is made of Glass-Reinforced Nylon that safely protects the blade. It’s also easy to maintain, and its durable construction can ensure lifetime use.

What Customers Say

Customers find the SOG Camp Axe to be a very stylish and efficient hatchet to have. It’s lightweight yet sturdy, and the sharpness of the axe seems to be very impressive for the campers, survivors, and backpackers.

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iunio Camping Axe, Hatchet with Sheath, Multi-Tool, Camp Ax, Survival Gear, Folding Portable Tools, for Hiking, Backpacking, Emergency, Hunting, Outdoor (Black)

iunio Camping Axe makes an excellent addition to the list of best wood chopping axe. Especially if you are a camper, hiker, or survivor, this should be an interesting tool check out. Learn more about its features below.

Perfect Survival Multi-Tool

This Survival Multi-Tool allows for several applications in one survival axe. You can use it to split small logs, prepare to kindle, navigate the wilderness, build shelters, start a fire and engrave, scout, practice survival training, and more. From beginner to expert, anyone can benefit from this fantastic tool.

Smooth Setup

This iunio Hatchet includes an Ingenious Tubular Engineering. This survival axe can be smoothly assembled or disassembled. You can use it in different sizes and for different trips. Its tube sections can provide available space for a fishing gear & tackle, compact first aid kits, or anything else. So you can use this as an excellent backup hatchet.

Camping Axe W/ Protective Sheath

This Camping Axe comes with a Protective Sheath Wrap. So the axe blade gets extra safety. It allows an easy way to attach a belt to wrap like a cool bushcraft warrior. Camo wrap not only does the visual enhancement but also offers the user both cushioning for the hands and a better grip.

Durable & Versatile

Iunio camping hatchet is a fantastic tool that’s built to last. It can be an excellent gift for people involved in fishing, camping, or hunting. The ones need practical and tactical tool will find it perfect for their backpack. So if you are a hiker, camper, hunter, survivalist, prepper, boy scout, outdoor enthusiast, or backpacker, you must check this out.

What Customers Say

People find this camping axe to be a dependable one from an even more dependable seller. They seem to like this well-built wood chopping axe for its quality and performance. Especially, its adjustable length handle that comes out as a big plus to many.

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Estwing Camper’s Axe – 14″ Hatchet with Forged Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip – EO-25A

estwing wood chopping axe

Estwing Camper’s Axe is one of the best choices for outdoorsmen. This wood chopping axe for campers is an excellent demonstration of American-made outdoor tools from Estwing.

Premium Construction

The Estwing Camper’s Axe features premium construction. It includes hand sharpened & polished blades for maximum performance. It’s Forged with the Finest Tool Grade Steel, making it the more durable and long-lasting striking tool to avail of.

Patented Shock Reduction Grip

Now it’s time to strike with a better grip with this Estwing camper’s Axe. It features a patented Rugged Shock Reduction Grip to ensure that the handle never slips.

Unique Head Design

The Estwing camper axe comes with a unique head design. It features a triangular divot, making it ideal for pulling up hard-to-get tent stakes.

Heavy-Duty Sheath

This axe features a precisely designed heavy-duty sheath so that the head-sharpened cutting edge is protected with the Ballistic Nylon Sheath. And you can have it in service for years.

What Customers Say

Estwing is always a top choice for the customers when it comes to wood chopping axe. The one we have here’s no exception. This hatchet is well made and includes an amazing shock absorbing handle. People also like its versatility and sharpness for their outdoor activities.

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Sheffield Sparrow Hammer Axe or Sparrow Double Tactical Axe | Versatile Tomahawks, Good for Camping, Hunting, Chopping Wood, a Variety of Urban & Rural Tasks

Sheffield Sparrow Hammer Axe keeps you ready for combats that can happen anytime, anywhere. It’s a double axe that allows you to experience two at one. This wood chopping axe is also good for hunting, camping, and other urban and rural activities. We’ll check out more of this product below.

Super Efficient

The Sheffield Sparrow Double Axe is twice the Tactical Hatchet. It comes with a Double-Edged 420 SS Blade W/ Black Oxide Finish. The dual blades measure 3.5” with black oxide-bond. So the blade deflects light, resists rust, and cleans easy. It also prevents slippage and offers comfort even in intense use.

Excellent Construction

It features a bolt reinforced handle comprising of 14.5” Nylon Fiberglass. There are also finger grooves for maximum comfort. Other specs include an overall length of 22/5” and a heft of 1.85 lbs.

Military Grade Sheath

Its 1680D, above military-grade sheath and lanyard hole, both allows a variety of carrying options. And also allows the SideWinder Axe to stay secured when not in service.

What Customers Say

Sheffield Axe is a much-loved axe by its users. It has proved to be an excellent tool for activities like cutting, splitting, chopping, and more.

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REAPR 11000 Tac Hawk Survival Axe, Camping or Outdoor Tactical Gear, Sharp Dual-Sided Spike & Hatchet Head, Black

For campers and survivalists, the REAPR 11000 Tac Hawk Survival Axe could be an excellent option to check out. This tactical tomahawk is designed for your everyday carry. So never be caught in the activity in the field without it. Learn more about this product below.

Versatile Axe Head

It’s actually a dual-sided head that features a spike head on one side to transgress tough spots & a normal axe head on the other side for general use.

Standard Specs

REAPR features a 2Cr13 Stainless Steel Precision Cast Head. It includes a 7″ Black Oxide Coated Blade that can cut through virtually everything. Reapr wood chopping axe has an overall length of 15.75” and a handle length of 14.5”.

Super Comfortable Handle

Reapr 11000 Tac Hawk comes with a Nylon-Reinforced Fiberglass handle. It’s bolt-bolstered and comes with comfort grooves to ensure maximum comfort with every strike.

Easy To Carry

The Reapr Tac Hawk offers ease of transport to take care of you. There are both a 1680D Ballistic Belt Sheath and a lanyard handle hole to make it easy to carry when getting a tactical response call.

What Customers Say

People living on a farm or involved in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting love this wood chopping axe to have in their backpack. But be careful to use it for too heavy-applications as it suits as a simple camping/outdoor tactical gear.

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If you can call yourself an outdoorsman in any way, this article has a lot for you. Especially, because it speaks about one of the most important tools that you can’t miss for your outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting, bonfire, fishing, or anything that requires some wood to be cut. Nonetheless, that tool is the wood chopping axe. In this article, we’ve tried to cover most of the topics that you should be aware of before buying the right axe. We also reviewed some of the highly recommended ones that demand your consideration. We hope it has helped you so far in terms of making an informed decision.

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