7 Best wood stain colors – Review and Buying Guide

Best wood stain colors

Wood staining is the best option when you are bored with your wood color and style. There are many color shades and types of wood stains that give you the freedom to choose according to your choice. Wood stain colors are not the same as standard colors, they are unique oil-based colors that soak into the wood with the help of pigment, and eventually, it dries and sticks to the wood permanently as a layer of wood. There are a lot of shades and types of wood stains specifically for the interior and exterior. Due to this many choices, it becomes hard to choose the best one for you. So we have come up with the list of the 7 Best wood stain colors with a detailed review and a buying guide that will help you choose the best one for you. 

7 Best wood stain colors – Review 

Minwax Interior Wood Gel Stain, Coffee

Minmax is among the most popular brands in the US. They are making different types of stains and colors from ages and have the best quality products. This Minmax interior wood gel stain is a great product from their house as they have many properties that make it superior. 


Unique Composition

It has a perfect combination that gives a formula that doesn’t allow it to drip from the wood surface even when placed vertically. So it becomes easy to work in all positions without worrying about any dropping and spilling. 

Natural shine

This Minmax oil-based wood stain has a composition that makes it suitable for giving a natural look to the wood surface without changing its initial glace. It provides a shiny and polished look to the wood surface and its authentic wood glace with the help of its dark wood stain texture. 

Minwax Interior Wood Gel Stain, Coffee

Safe application

It doesn’t consist of any harmful chemicals, so it is safe to use around children too. In addition, it doesn’t exert any harmful smell that harms your lungs and penetrates the wood surface seamlessly. 

Minwax Coffee


  • Unique non-dripping formula
  • Safe application
  • Fast-drying technology


  • Sometimes it becomes sticky.



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DecoArt Americana Gel Stains, Walnut

The DecoArt is a brand that has been producing stains for woods for years and delivers some great products. One such product is the DecoArt Americana Gel stain; it comes with a unique formula and natural compounds. This gel stain of fine form gives a shiny and natural touch to your dull-colored wood or any other hard surface.  

Unique formula

The DecoArt wood stain has a gel formula that provides a stronghold and faster curing. So now you can stain your wood surface in less time, and it will last longer than any other stain. Stronghold technology helps in keeping the stain intact for years along with the same shine as new because of its thick and creamy nature.  

DecoArt Americana Gel Stains

Safe and easy application

Its non-drip formula helps in applications even when the wood surface is vertical, such as doors and windows. It is non-toxic, so you can use it without any worries about skin disease and lung problems. It dries quickly and saves a lot of time because waiting for the 2nd coat can sometimes be quite hard.

Dirt Elimination technology

This gel stain has a technology that helps eliminate the dirt and oil-based fumes and stains that form a layer on the wood surface. It can be used with the colors or alone itself, in both the ways it works well. 


  • Non-toxic in nature
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Dirt-elimination technology


  • Light color nature  


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Varathane Premium Fast Stain

The Varathane is a trusted and several-year-old wood-stain brand that provides a great finish with premium shine and durability. This Varathane wood stain comes with a fast-dry technology that is faster than most other wood stains. In addition, this wood stain color is oil-based and is perfect for interior-based woodworks. 

Varathane Premium Fast Stain

Fast dry technology

This oil-based wood stain is very light and dries in just an hour. It also covers the whole surface in just one coat, so it saves a great deal of time. It certainly dries three times faster than the other ordinary stains. 

A large variety of colors

The Varathane wood stain comes in a large number of color options. You can choose one according to your wish and need. It is certainly available in 26 different shades of wood stain color charts with ultimate performance and durability. 

Great quality

This oil-based wood stain color range comes with a one-coat covering formula, so it covers the whole surface in a single coat. It also dries faster than any other wood stain color because it penetrates through the wood surface with the help of its nano pigment formula, providing its natural wood grain touch and finish.



  • It dries 3x faster than other stains
  • Available in 26 different shades
  • No need for wood conditioners


  • Not water soluble

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Ready Seal Natural Cedar Exterior Stain 

Readyseal is a brand that specializes in wood stain and sealer products. They provide a long range of stains for wood with different color options. This Ready Seal natural cedar exterior wood stain is a great product from the house; it is easy to apply and is best for beginners. 

Ready Seal Natural Cedar Exterior Stain

Easy application

It is extremely easy to use and can be applied by every beginner and intermediate user. It doesn’t require any primer before its application, and it can be easily applied using any brush, spray, or roller. In addition, brushing it back is not required as it doesn’t leave any run marks. 

Great quality

It is very deep and penetrating. At first, it appears in a pure dark shade, and after 14 days, it comes to its original color shade. It penetrates the wood surface in a single coat and works as a sealer for wood pores. 

Unique combination

This wood stain has a combination of stain color and sealer that helps seal the wood pores and enhance the shade of the wood surface. It also looks like a natural wood stain color. 

Ready Seal


  • Hassle-free application
  • 100% great quality
  • No-cost maintenance


  • High temperature exerts oil

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Minwax Express Wiping stain (Crimson)

As mentioned above, the Minmax is one of the best brands for wood stain colors and sealers. This Minmax stain color is the fastest applicable product from the house of the Minmax. It is completely effortless and provides ultimate results with stunning colors and durability.

Minwax Express

Very easy application

It is easily applied just by wiping on the wood surface with the help of a cloth. You can wipe the whole thing and spread it evenly through the surface of the wood, then just wipe off the excess amount of the stain. 


Safe to use and easy maintenance

It is non-toxic, so it doesn’t harm our skin at all, and its smell doesn’t feel so nauseous. So it can be used around children too. It is easily cleaned with the help of a mixture of soap and water.


  • Easily applicable
  • Fast curing and odor-free
  • Ultimate color and shine results


  • Slightly thick   

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THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Stain, Woodland Cedar

The Thompsons water seal is a well-known and trusted brand that provides only quality products from the early 1920s. Its waterproofing stain is an excellent product that helps in giving a new look to the dull-looking wood surfaces and protects them from any damage by waterproofing them. 

THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Semi Transparent Waterproofing Stain

Ultimate protection

It provides great protection to the wood surface against any type of water damage. It waterproofs the wood surface and penetrates it, providing a layer of protection to the wood surface. It also prevents the strong UV rays from penetrating the wood and damage it. 

THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Semi Transparent Waterproofing Stain 1

Great performance

It is made with a polymer composition. Hence it provides a bright and shiny color coat. Moreover, its polymer coating has unique properties that help provide color that is not faded easily.


Safe and Easy application

The Thompson waterproofing stain is one of the easiest applicable stain colors. It is polymer-based, so it is easily spread on the wood surface. It can be applied on damp or dry wood surfaces that are cleaned freshly.



  • Water damage protection
  • Easily applicable
  • Shiny and bright color 


  • It peels off after few months or a year

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SEAL-ONCE Nano Penetrating Wood Sealer & Stain (Clear) 

The SealOnce has been working and providing the best nanotechnology wood sealer and color stain. This SealOnce nano penetrating wood stain and sealer is an example of the remarkable benchmark introduced by the brand. This is a water-based wood stain that acts like an oil-based product, and it doesn’t have any toxic effect.

SEAL ONCE Wood Sealer Stain Clear

Premium quality

This wood stainer cum sealer by the SealOnce is a water-based product made with ultimate penetrating nanotechnology. It acts as an oil-based grey wood stain that holds and penetrates the wood surface easily. It gives a shiny and natural look to your dull-looking wood surfaces. It doesn’t peel off like other local stainers and holds within the wood surface for years. 

Ultra protection

This wood stain has a nanotechnology formula that acts as an oil-based stain, protects against water damages, and provides UV protection for years. It enhances the color, texture, and life of the wood. Its UV reflecting formula protects it from fading its color.

SEAL ONCE Nano Penetrating Wood Sealer Stain Clear 1 1

Safe and easy to use

It is completely safe and non-toxic, and it also doesn’t have any nauseous solvent present there. It doesn’t harm pets, marine life, people, and children due to its harmful composition. It is very easy to apply as it can be used on damp wood surfaces too. It is also very easy to clean just by using a solution of soap and water.



  • Nano penetrating technology
  • Ultra protection
  • Great longevity


  • It feels a bit thin

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Our Recommendation

There are many options out there in the market, so choosing the best stainer for your wood project according to your need and choice can be hard sometimes. We have reviewed the seven best wood stainers above from a beginners range to a professional range. In case you are a beginner, and you don’t know how to stain wood, and want to start your backyard project on a small scale, then you can go for the Minwax Express Wiping stain (Crimson), as it is extremely easy to use and results in the best in minimal effort. On the other hand, if you are professional and want a perfect stainer for your wood projects, you must choose the Ready-Seal Exterior wood stain. It is the perfect product that provides ultimate protection and consumes less time due to its fast-drying technology. 

Best wood stain colors

Buying Guide for the best wood stain colors

A wood stainer is a product that will protect your wood equipment and give it a shiny look by keeping its authentic natural look intact. Choosing the best wood stain color depends on many factors, and the main is the shade you love. We have developed a detailed buying guide that will help you choose your favorite wood stain color. This buying guide will help you make your mind by looking into the important facts necessary for a good wood stain color.


This is the most important point when it comes to a wood stain color. The function of a wood stain is to provide protection to your wood surface and give it a shiny and authentic look. So if it doesn’t last long, then it would be a waste of money and effort. So always look into the life of the wood stain you are choosing. Whether it is dependable or not. The best wood stain colors often last for more than three years, and the worst once start fading, cracking, and damping within a year. 


The environment is a big concern to think about before using any product nowadays. Wood stains must meet the rules that avoid affecting the environment. High Volatile organic compounds are the main reason for respiratory problems, pollution, smog and can also cause dizziness and headaches. Therefore, you must look into the stains that are environment friendly and meet the standard environment rule and look intact after three years. 


Buying a wood stain color according to your need and wood necessity is as important as the quality of the wood stain. Mainly, there are three types of wood stain and sealer: Clear sealer, Semi-transparent, and solid. If you want waterproofing to be your priority, you should go for the clear sealer, and if you want a normal shiny color look and longevity, you must go for the other two.


The Wood stains make your wooden products more strong and good looking, so it is a necessity for a protected and nice-looking wood surface. There is a lot of color option and types of wood stain and sealers, so you need to choose it according to your need and choice. This is the reason we have mentioned the seven best wood stain colors above with a detailed review and buying guide that will help you choose the perfect stain for your wooden products. 

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