9 Best Woodworking Dust Collector – Review and Buying guide

Woodworking Dust Collector

If you are a woodwork specialist or pursue it as a hobby, you will know how handy a woodworking dust collector is. Whether it is a professional shop or a workshop about hobby activities only, dust collector woodworking is indispensable as it ensures the residents of the place live in a safe environment. Wood dust is extremely damaging to the respiratory tract and causes chronic diseases if not checked beforehand. They cause permanent damage to alveoli, chronic asthma conditions, and a lot of other painful conditions. Hence, anyone pursuing woodworking for whatever reason must compulsorily ensure that they are cleaning their environment regularly and ensuring all wood dust is disposed of safely. To do this, a powerful woodworking dust collector is the ideal way to go for it. In this article, we have thoroughly researched and reviewed the 9 best woodworking dust collector systems along with an easy buying guide for anyone to follow.

Dust Deputy

9 Best Woodworking Dust Collector – Review

Dewalt Separator with 10 Gal Stainless Steel Tank

Dewalt Separator comes with a 10 Gal stainless steel tank which is almost 99.5% efficient, gives high-performance, and has a cyclic powder filter, dust cyclone collector. This product is generally available in white color.

Dewalt Separator with 10 Gal Stainless Steel Tank


The dust collection separator is available with high efficiency which helps to prevent suction loss and clogging in the air filters. This dust collector separates and captures up to 99.5% of dust and debris in the air and also protects them from the collector’s fan blower which creates harmful debris in the air.


The wet and dry vacuum has a modern cyclone technology dust separator that can easily remove all the dust and debris in the air. Before using, you have to clean all the airflow particles which will protect the filter cartridge and expand the lifespan of the machine. 


This is usually for secure fittings. There are a variety of dust collections available in the market with hose sizes, portable designs which can be inserted directly into the vacuum. 

Dewalt Separator


The Dewalt Separator comes with a 10gal stainless steel tank. This dust collector helps to prevent almost all the fine dust and large debris and dust particles from reaching the dust filter. It reduces all the need for cleanings and increases the lifespan of the filter. This dust separator is a great time and money saver.

10 Gal Stainless Steel Tank


  • Comes with wind locking technology 
  • Has got a longer lifespan 


  • Doesn’t come with a warranty 

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Oneida Molded Deluxe Dust Deputy Kit with Two 5-Gallon Plastic Buckets

Oneida Molded Deluxe Dust Deputy Kit is available with two 5-gallon plastic buckets. This is almost translucent and has an anti-static polypropylene which helps to capture the dust and debris from the air.

Oneida Molded Deluxe Dust Deputy Kit


The Oneida molded vacuum comes with 20% more CFM and efficiency which has neutral vane technology. Oneida Air Systems provided a dust deputy cyclone which captures almost 99% of dust and debris from the air-stream before it reaches the vacuum filter. After capturing it removes and eliminates the clogged filters and suction loss from the system to make it work properly.


The branded product comes with fine dust and large debris suction which tries to reach the dust filter. This can make its work with very minimal and countless timing and saves the money from getting expensive replacements for these vacuum filters and dust bags. Not only this, but it also works for a longer duration and is also safe for use. 

Oneida Molded


The brand provides the vacuum cleaner with a very simple and efficient design that can be utilized for any kind of work. This is also available in many sizes depending on your need. The portable design makes it safe for mounting directly to the vacuum. It works in almost all materials. For example, Wood dust, drywall dust, concrete dust, clay/silica dust, blasting soda, cooled ash & soot, and also pharmaceutical waste. 

Oneida Molded Deluxe Dust


  • Got both wet and dry technology 
  • Got long lifespan 


  • Doesn’t comes with a warranty 

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POWERTECpp Wall Mounted Dust Collector with 2.5 Micron Filter Bag

The POWERTEC DC5370 Wall Mounted Dust Collector is available along with a 2.5-micron filter bag. This dust collector comes in a whole package that helps in getting the best out of it, they include a 5-micron and a wall hanging dust collector along with a filter bag and mounting bracket, the filter bag collects all the dust after capturing the debris and dust from the air.

POWERTECpp Wall Mounted Dust Collector with 2.5 Micron Filter Bag


The POWERTEC DC5370 not only ensures the optimal air quality of your house but also keeps the home free from harmful pollutants and fine dust particles which come along with the air. The built-in window technology helps to view the dust level and an easy-dust disposal zipper.


The compact and fixed size of the product is very helpful and ideal for small shops to keep in stock. 


The most important feature of this product is it comes with 1 HP electric motor with dual voltages i.e, 120V and 240V which is available in 7 amp at 120V, 3. 5 amp at 240V. 

Dust Collector with 2.5 Micron Filter Bag


The motor speed increases to 3450 RPM when it is in use. The product has an airflow capacity of 537 CFM” which makes the work more easy and fast by capturing the air particles easily. 


It is also clear that the brand doesn’t compromise with the design and tools of the product and thus it also possesses a 4-inch inlet port that allows it to attach the dust-collector hose which is directly linked to the machine.


  • It has got a Reusable micron bag 
  • A motor that can increase the speed 


  • No warranty available 

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WEN Rolling Dust Collector with Induction Motor

WEN DC3402 7.4-Amp rolling dust collector comes with a powerful 7.4-amp induction motor which combines with a 9-inch impeller to help them moves faster at about 600 cubic feet of air per minute. 


This 4-inch dust port not only allows for collecting dust from the air but is also connected with any of the household woodworking tools  

WEN Rolling Dust Collector with Induction Motor


To use this product, one can mount the unit to the wall on the shop which is also accessible. This dust collection can be used whenever you need it.


The product also provides an onboard carrying handle, swivel casters, and a 15-gallon zippered collection bag which makes the product more user-friendly. 

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JET Dust Collector with 30-Micron Bag Filter Kit

JET DC-650BK Dust Collector provides a 30-micron bag filter kit which is equally needed for the product tk collect and store the dust. It is available in almost one color and at a reasonable price. 

JET Dust Collector with 30 Micron Bag Filter Kit

QUICK-INSTALL COLLECTION BAG: The product comes with a quick-install collection bag which can be emptied whenever it will get filled. Apart from that, it has got a re-attaching store along with the product.


The product comes with a 1-hp motor which produces noises of about just 65 to 70 dB. 


The product has four casters which include one rolling and one fixed caster.


The dust collector comes with a permanent lubricator which is totally enclosed and rated for continuous use.

JET Dust Collector


The dust collector captures almost 96% of dust and micron particles present in the air.


The product comes with no warranty.


  • Got fan cooled motor 
  • Portable
  • Comes with warranty 


  • The bag is not attached to the machine.

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Grizzly Industrial Portable Dust Collector

Grizzly Industrial G1028Z2-1-1/2 HP Portable Dust Collector comes with a motor of 1-1/2 HP and 120V/240V single-phase. It has got about 3450 RPM and pre-wired 120V.

Grizzly Dust Collector


The motor has got 12A at 120V and 6A at 240V which can run swiftly with any breakage. 

Grizzly Industrial Portable Dust Collector


It comes with a 1300 CFM. And also consists of static pressure with 9″ to 6″ with two 4″ openings.


  • It has got 2.5 Micron Filtration
  • A 12-3/4″ cast aluminum impeller
  • One steel base with casters also gives mobility

Dust Collector


  • It has got a motor ramp draw
  • Air suction capacity 


  • No warranty available 

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DEWALT Dust Separator with 6 Gallon Poly Tank

DEWALT Dust Separator comes with a 6-gallon poly tank. This is 99.5% efficient and comes with a cyclone dust collector. The high-performing cycle powder collects all the dust from the air and filters them.

DEWALT Dust Separator with 6 Gallon Poly Tank


Dewalt dust collector almost separates and captures up to 99.5% of the debris and dust in the airstream. It also protects the fan from getting jammed with harmful debris. It also prevents the vacuum cleaners from suction loss and filters the clogging inside the collector.


The product is made with high-quality poly material with a clogging-free design. It helps to extend the service life and comes with modern cyclone technology which will eliminate the dust and debris from the air and replaces cartridge filters inside it.


The product comes with both 2 in 1 designs along with a wet and dry technology. The product has some unique features like a 48 or 64mm port and can work up to 4 hours with most vacuum cleaners.

DEWALT Dust Separator


The brand provides about 1 x Dewalt dust separator along with a 6-gallon poly tank. The vacuum cleaner is not included along with the item.


The product comes with 3 years of limited warranty in a 2in1 design.



  • Comes with 3 years of warranty 
  • Captures 99.5% of dust and debris.


  • Vacuum cleaners not attached 

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SHOP FOX  CFM Dust Collector 

SHOP FOX W1685 dust collector with 1.5-Horsepower and 1,280 CFM. It is available in White powder. 

SHOP FOX CFM Dust Collector


The product is made of powder-coated paint which keeps the color in point.


The bag provided by the company contains 5.4 cubic feet of material which helps to run the machine. 

CFM Dust Collector


The 10.1-Inch tube along with interior hose diameter. It has also got air suction capacity of about approximately 1,280 CFM. The standard bag filtration can consist of 2.5 Microns of waste.


  • Bag volume is big
  • Has got a longer lifespan 


  • Doesn’t come with a warranty 

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Grizzly Industrial Portable Cyclone Dust Collector

Grizzly Industrial G0860-1-1/2 HP Portable Cyclone Dust Collector comes with a motor of about 1.5 HP and 110V. It has got a 6″ intake hole size. It also comes with an Impeller of about q2.75″ welded steel and 1-micron filtration. 

Grizzly Portable Cyclone Dust Collector


The collection drum has 20 gallons of its capacity which can hold  1-1/2 horsepower cyclone wood dust in the collector.

Grizzly Industrial Dust Collector


  • The product comes with a wireless remote control switch to control it.
  • A dust collection drum which has got a quick-release handle for easy disposal of the waste. 
  • Also comes with pleated filters along with paddle brushes and a crank handle which can hold a maximum airflow efficiency.

Grizzly Industrial Portable Cyclone Dust Collector


  • Comes with wind locking technology 
  • Has got a longer lifespan 


  • Doesn’t come with a warranty 

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Our Recommendation

The basic guidelines for choosing an ideal dust collector for your shop or workshop is given below however, the main thumb rule to remember here is the bigger the space, the better should be the suction power. Having said that, you must also look for some years of warranty accompanying the product no matter how big or small the machine is. From our detailed research, we found the DEWALT Dust Separator with 6 Gallon Poly Tank to be ideal for most purposes as it has a 99.5% dust removing guarantee and also accompanies a lucrative warranty. 

However, if you are looking for a more portable option, it’s best to choose a collector like the JET Dust Collector with 30-Micron Bag Filter Kit which has rolling casters making it easily movable within your space. Lastly, if you can spare some extra bucks, the Dewalt Separator with 10 Gal Stainless Steel Tank will serve you best from all aspects – efficiency, dust holding capacity, lifespan, and so on. This is ideal for those who generate large volumes of dust and want a highly efficient suction to pull out everything from the air and grounds.

Buying Guide for the Best Woodworking Dust Collector

A dust collector is an indispensable machine that any space should have if they work with wood and frequently dust wood for whatsoever reason. Because high levels of wood dust in the respiratory tract are a major cause of asthma, permanent alveoli damage, and a lot of other chronic conditions for laborers who work with wood every day. Hence, it is of utmost importance that they get a healthy atmosphere to work in. A Woodworking dust collector is the most preferred method of ensuring this and this buying guide will help you identify an ideal dust collector according to your needs.


For obvious reasons, longevity is a prime factor in choosing any particular woodworking dust collector for your workshop. The longevity depends on a lot of factors apart from the intrinsic qualities of the machine. If the machine is made to last for more than average, it is always beneficial to choose such a machine by looking at the reviews. Reviews are sometimes a true indicator of the true quality of the machine and how long it has lasted for other consumers. You can form an idea about its longevity. Apart from that, how you care for or maintain the machine after each individual use is gonna matter a lot. Most machines come along with a detailed manual that includes everything from how to clean its parts and how to store them properly. If you follow the guidelines properly, the lifespan of the product is gonna increase. 

Single Stage or Double Stage

There are majorly two types of dust collectors – single stage and double stage. Single-stage dust collectors are ideal for small spaces or workshops that deal with low volumes of woodworks and generate only a small pile of dust each day. As the name suggests, these are easily transportable and lightweight compared to double-stage dust collectors. One of the main differences is that you have to empty the dust collecting bag manually with the majority of single-stage dust collectors. Whereas, with double-stage ones, everything is automatic most of the time. The double-stage ones are more efficient and with a powerful suction but if you only generate a small amount of dust, the single-stage collector will be profitable and adequate for you. 

Suction Power

Every wood dust collector works with suction force to take up dust and collect them in a bag. If you generate small volumes of dust each day, the suction power of a basic, small, single-stage collector is more than sufficient. But, if you generate a large volume, you will need a machine with a powerful suction pressure to clean everything down to the last bit. At that time, check the suction pressure to make sure you are choosing the right one. However, the collectors with 1.5HP are preferred by most irrespective of the dust volume.

Dust Deputy Kit


A woodshop dust collector should be ideally portable and lightweight with easy maintenance and should not require professional installation. The small single-stage ones are generally portable dust collectors that can be easily moved from one part of the workshop to another and come with manually installable parts. The larger machines are always heavier and usually confined to single space as they require professional installation. 


Large-sized dust collectors or double-stage ones are always costlier than smaller machines because they come with more sophisticated and diverse machine parts. They are inevitably more powerful in collecting dust and also operate more power since they have a strong suction motor. But this is not the only cost you will incur. They also draw significant costs in regular maintenance and installation that are not present with single-stage or smaller dust collectors. Ideally, you should only put your hands on a larger dust collector if it’s of utmost importance and the volume of dust generated by your shop cannot be handled by a smaller machine. In such situations, a bigger machine is always profitable.


Many brands provide warranty on the machine parts and free of cost replacement which is a lucrative offer. Many others provide free installation as well. These are super helpful in the long run, especially if an exclusive part wears off and is nowhere to be found. 


This is not a primary parameter in choosing a woodworking dust collector but may hold a heavy weightage for some. There are generally two kinds of options when it comes to cleaning the dust collector bag – manual or automated (machine-operated). Small single-stage collectors generally have a dust collector bag that is supposed to be cleaned manually. However, the bigger machines come with an automated system that collects larger-sized particles separately and dust separately and dispose of them without any manual intervention. If you are fine with a manual cleaning apparatus and feel more comfortable with it, a smaller machine is better. However, you can even make provision for a manually cleanable dust bag collector on a larger machine separately.  


After going through the review, buying guide, and recommendations, we hope that you will be able to identify your needs and budget and decide which machine is best suited for you. We have listed the 9 best woodworking dust collector systems that have high ratings and reviews and also work satisfactorily in the practical world. In our article, we have picked only the best ones that have powerful suction, an affordable budget, innovative features, and greater longevity. Although you might get many other options in the market, these are the top 9 products that any experienced woodshop vouches for.  

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