The Best Workbench Toolbox to Buy Before the Year Ends  

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When looking for an affordable tool storage solution, it is time to invest in one of the top quality workbench toolboxes. It would help if you had a toolbox and workbench expertly designed to meet your high-quality specifications and standards to be confident in long years of product service. The workbench toolbox is the last thing to equip your messy workshop. Apart from making your workplace much organized, it optimizes your working area for higher productivity.

There is numerous workbench toolbox to choose from. Selecting the correct workbench toolbox depends on your need. You must consider the use of your tool. Do you intend to use it for woodworking, gardening, metalworking or something else? If you have a plan of using electricity, consider buying an electronic workbench. In this product review, you will find different types of workbench tools boxes with their descriptions, pros, specs and cons, which will help you identify the best that suits your need.

Seville Classics Rolling Cabinet Workbench

Seville Classics Rolling Cabinet Workbench

If you need workbenches with tool storage to upgrade your workspace, choose Seville Classics Rolling Cabinet Workbench. It is constructed from heavy-duty steel, ideal for a centrepiece in workshop, classroom, garage, and warehouse. The 1.5 inches’ solid wood top is thick, smooth and durable for comfortable working. Use it to store your tools and workshop accessories in 12 gliding ball-bearing drawers.8 of the drawers are small, three mediums and one large. Use the space to store your accessories according to their sizes. Cabinets feature more extensive compliments with ample storage space and single height adjustments for storing bulky items. This commercial-grade steel workbench tool storage box with drawers & pegboard stores up to 30lbs in each drawer, and you can distribute a sum of 500 Lbs through the unit.

Seville Classics Rolling Cabinet

Product features 

It is constructed with a solid headword top for sturdiness.

It features three mediums, one large and eight smaller drawers for storing various items in your workshop.

It is designed with a four height-adjustable shelf. 

It is constructed with commercial-grade steel and the sliding pegboard back wall for sturdiness.

The hard rubber 5 inches’ heavy duty metal casters ensure easy movement.

The door is with doors with UltraGuard fingerprint-resistant coating, while the drawers have a key lock stainless steel drawers.

Classics Rolling Cabinet Workbench

Product pros 

  • Easy to assemble and use 
  • Sturdy structure 
  • Hard rubber casters 

Product cons 

  • It is heavy duty and may need care while transporting. 

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CRAFTSMAN Tool Cabinet

CRAFTSMAN Tool Cabinet

All the CRAFTSMAN drawers are wide and with a cabinet that can support up to 100 lbs. It has a heavy-duty door slide drawer that closes gently without slamming. This rolling craftsman tool chest has steel construction for durability. Its heavy-duty casters measure 5 inches by 2 inches with the ability to support up to 1500 Lbs. With the casters, you can move anywhere on the ground within your garage. The keyed locking system secures the contents of the rolling tool chest as you move it within your shop. If you need an ultimate toolbox organizer, combine this metal tool and matching tool chest.


Product features 

It is constructed with an 18-20-gauge double-wall I-frame for durability 

It features 100 lb ball bearing drawers that latches softly without slumming 

Made with 5 inches’ x 2 inches 1500 lb. rating Caster wheels with a reinforced caster mounting for easy movement within the workshop.

The CRAFTSMAN embossed mats offer protection to the top of the cabinet and the lid surfaces.

It comes with a ten-year limited warranty. 

It includes the drawer liners and the socket organizers.

Tool Cabinet

Product pros 

  • Easy to assemble and sturdy structure 
  • Strong casters for movement 
  • Ball-bearing drawers 

Product cons 

  • Heavy duty and needs extra care when transporting 

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WEN WB4723T 48-Inch Workbench

WEN WB4723T 48 Inch Workbench

When did you have an attractive and reliable storage solution in your garage? WEN WB4723T 48-Inch Workbench is the best solution for your workshop. It provides organized storage, light and power for efficient operations in your garage.

The workbench is spacious, measuring 62 inches and 25 inches x 48 inches’ footprint. The 20 x 18 inches’ drawers combined with the pegboard allows you to store and organize your tool. Its tabletop has 47 x 23 inches and has a sturdy construction that supports up to 220 pounds. The workbench surface offers a reliable working surface connected with a fluorescent lightbulb which illuminates the workbench top. Its 120V 13-amp outlets on the three sides of the workbench offer accessible power points that you may use wherever you need. You can store up to 200 pounds of weight at the bottom, offering additional storage space in your workshop.

48 Inch Workbench

Product features 

The workbench has a perfect design for the mechanics, woodworkers on anybody who needs organization.

It is featured with two drawers, the lower and upper storage shelves, and pegboards, making organization easy.

The tabletop has Enamel-coating and a larger non-marring working surface, and a capacity of 220 pounds. 

It is designed with overhead fluorescent light and three built-in 3-amp power outlets.

It measures 62 inches tall and with a 25 “x 48 “footprint.

WEN 48 Inch Workbench

Product pros 

  • Easy to assemble and stable structure 
  • Sturdy structure and easy to fold 
  • Good quality user instruction 

Product con 

  • It needs extra care and skills in fixing damaged drawers 

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CRAFTSMAN Mobile Workbench Toolbox

CRAFTSMAN Workbench rolling tool box workbench

This 41-inch-wide red toolbox workbench combines both the rolling tool cabinet and Butcher block work surface. You will never hear the slamming of the drawers as you close after use. Its six drawers feature a ball bearing slide which offers a gentle opening and closing even when you load them with 100 lbs of mechanical tools. The top design features a removable solid wood work surface that is sealed for easy cleaning. You can easily remove the rolling chest combo on the 5-inch x 2-inch casters with its modern design. Its key locking system secures the inner contents of the rolling chest from sliding off.


Product features 

Its 18- 20-gauge double-wall I-frame has a long-lasting construction 

Its ball-bearing drawers have a carrying capacity of 100 lb and offer soft latching without slamming.

The workbenches with tool storage are designed with a 2/3-inch-thick solid wooden surface.

It is designed with deep drawers which can store tool cases and power tools.

Its design includes a drawer tray set and drawer liner.

Workbench rolling tool box workbench

Product pros 

  • Designed with bearing drawers
  • Sturdy top surface 
  • Deep drawers for more storage room 
  • Easy to assemble and use 

Product cons 

  • This rolling workbench toolbox packaging may not resist rough handling while shipping.

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TANKSTORM Tool Steel Rolling Tool Box

TANKSTORM Steel Rolling Tool Box

TANKSTORM Tool Steel Rolling Tool Box is your reliable solution for tool storage. The tool cart is designed with an internal locking mechanism for top security of the drawers. All the drawers have a ball bearing slide which offers a comfortable and smooth pull-out. The handles made from heavy-duty steel are fitted on the carts right side, while the side trays are on the left side. The two drawers dimension are spacious enough for storing more extensive tools.

Product features 

Designed from high-quality materials and finish

This toolbox on wheels is designed with a cold-rolled steel material that is sturdy and durable. The powder coating offers extra protection against chemical and superior scratches.

TANKSTORM Tool Steel Rolling Tool Box

Enough storage space 

It is featured with seven drawers that can store different tools.

Locking mechanism 

All seven drawers are lockable to offer the extra security of your tools. 

Easy movement 

The rolling toolbox is designed with two 4-inch swivel caster wheels and two swivel casters without brakes that allow easy and smooth movement of the casters.

Weight and dimension 

This rolling tool box weighs 62.5 lb. with a dimension of 24-1/4″ (L) x13″ (W) x 34-1/3″ (H) that is ideal for your workshop space.

Steel Rolling Tool Box

Product pros 

  • Adequate loading capacity 
  • Extra security 
  • Enough loading space 
  • Ball-bearing slide 
  • Sturdy structure 

Product cons 

  • The rolling toolbox cannot handle mechanical abuse of weight that exceeds its capacity. 

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Keter Rolling Chest With Tools

Rolling Tool Box

You all know how a good quality toolbox makes work easy and efficient. This toolbox in your workshop makes construction and a wide range of repair work more organized and faster. You get rid of the hassle of running up and down looking for tools in rusty boxes and kitchen drawers. The Keter 5 drawer chest system offers convenient perk than the old fashioned toolbox while ensuring safe and organized keeping your workshop tools. The drawers tool chest is designed with a durable polypropylene resin which is stable. The drawers central locking system keeps it secure before, during and after use.

Lower drawers offer deep storage space for more comprehensive tools. The rolling tool chest also features 16 removable dividers and bins that you can organize to fit your needs. With the swivel casters, mobility of this storage tool becomes super easy.

Product features 


It measures 23.5 inches. H. W x 11.3 inches. Dx 22.1 inches 

Strong and durable 

It Is designed with polypropylene which is resistant to Weather, peeling, denting and rust. 


The rolling tool chest features a central lock system that ensures all the drawers are secure before and after use.


Its assembly is easy to use. The caster wheels make it convenient to move around the garage when executing multiple tasks.

Larger tools storage 

The bottom drawer is deep for storing more extensive tools such as power drills, wrench organizers and socket sets.


Included accessories 

It comes with 16 removable bins that you can use for organizing a screwdriver set, small parts, bolt and nuts.


The tool storage chest is perfect for multiple projects. Use it for mechanics, home improvement projects and more.

Product pros 

  • Integrated carry handles for easy portability
  • Durable construction material 
  • Deep bottom drawer for larger storage space 
  • Easy to assemble and sturdy structure 

Product cons 

  • It may not offer to allow overloading with weights that exceed its capacity.

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x4basics 90164 Custom Work Bench

x4basics 90164 Custom Work Bench

x4basics 90164 Custom Work Bench features easy to fix custom shelving. It includes all the hardware you need except the lumber, which you may include. Assembling this workbench with storage shelves is super easy. You can fix it with the saw and a powered screwdriver without necessarily going for mitre and angle cuts. Its shelf links are sturdy and durable, allowing you to organize your tools and other items on the storage shelves. The workbench is suitable for sheds and garages.

Product features 

Easy to assemble 

The work beach is easy to assemble. With the do it yourself system, you can create the size you desire. 

You also get access to easy to follow instruction that makes the assembly work easy.

Custom Work Bench

Sturdy construction and advanced engineering.

The advanced engineering and the study 4×2 framing makes this tool stage kit stronger as a more stable workbench solution to have in your workshop. Each of the shelves can hold a maximum of 400 kg. It is also constructed with a heavy gauge resin material that is resistant to solvent and impact, contributing to overall durability.


You can make this unit as short as two feet’s or make it longer. It is not a narrow standard-sized potting bench. You can also utilize the included 4x2basics ShelfLinks Kit bonus to increase the shelving on the top. Customize your storage using this workbench in your basement, garage, home, among others.

x4basics 90164 Custom Work Bench

Product pros 

  • Constructed with stability 
  • High versatility 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy construction

Product cons 

  • Not designed with caster

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ROAD DAWG ATBT1204D-RB Torin Tool Box Organizer

Torin Tool Box Organizer 1


This rolling tool chest offers a perfect solution to organizing your store tools, and equipment’s in garages and stores. It is durable with the construction of high-quality cold-rolled material that makes it sturdy. Its surfaces have a red painting to protect against corrosion. Its tool chest is detachable, though when combined, it measures 11″ W x 20.3″ L x 40.4″ H. its top compartment is designed with four pull out drawers that have a side rail fitting to offer smooth operation. Bottom storage cabinets are designed with adjustable shelves and pull out drawers that are lockable for tools protection. Its two swivel casters and two-directional wheel allow easy movement within the workshop.

ROAD DAWG Torin Tool Box Organizer

Product features 

It is lockable to secure your tools, making it an ideal solution for organizing and storing equipment in the garage.

It is constructed with durable materials (high-quality cold-rolled steel) and a red painting to prevent corrosion.

The toolbox organizer measures 11″ W x20.3″ L x 40.4″ H and with a detachable portable toolbox.

The tool chest I designed with four pull out drawers has side rails fitting that allows smooth operation.

It is equipped with two directional wheels and two swivel casters for easy handling.

ROAD DAWG ATBT1204D RB Torin Tool Box Organizer

Product cons 

  • Designed with caster wheels and swivel casters 
  • Durable materials 
  • Secure drawer locking 

Product cons 

  • It can never exceed its weight capacity.

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