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Why a Variable Speed Wood Lathe is Your Go To Option

best wood lathe

As woodworkers, the tool that wows us the most is Wood Lathe. We believe it’s the same with you Mr. Xylophile! You must’ve come across its most versatile version— the Variable Speed Wood Lathe. Whether you have or haven’t, this article has a lot to offer you. The better you know the tool the better […]

What You Should Really Know About A Wood Carving Axe

What You Should Really Know About A Wood Carving Axe

Losing in the serenity of woods is one way to discover yourself and your creativity. If you’re one such Green Panther, you know what it means to have a good wood carving axe. But buying the wood carving axe is a bit tricky. We’ve seen our mates getting the wrong one and messing up with […]


best honing guide

Nowadays, sculptures and showpieces became the most attractive way for marketing and expanding business. But we never look to the workers how they are making it happen. The tools they used needed to get sharpened to continue the work smoothly and effortlessly. This is one of the most fundamental skills of every woodworker working behind […]

10 Best WEN Power Tools: Buying Guide and Reviews

WEN Power Tools

When looking out for a Power tool or woodworking hand tools, you must always choose the best ones. There are several brands out there in the market, but you should go for the ones which are durable and fit your budget. If you know about power tools or other woodworking tools then you must have […]

Best Bare Tool & Combo Kit to Find for Milwaukee Hackzall & Sawzall

Milwaukee Hackzall

If you want to be aggressive with your demolition tasks, there’s a particular tool that every woodworker must include in the toolkit—the Reciprocating Saw. This is a power tool that can cut through almost everything short of a rock. We’re here to discuss a brand that has redefined the Reciprocating Saw, or the Recip Saw, […]

Improve table saw blade performance by proper use

Table Saw Blade

Here you may be looking for a good all-purpose table saw blade or one that can improve the quality of your cuts over a broader range of materials. We are pretty much sure that you would be able to find something from the list that can help to upgrade the overall table saw blade performance. The […]

Finding Best Pneumatic Palm Sander for Swirl-Free Finish

best pneumatic palm sander

We’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of avid woodworkers. So we get to test all the latest woodworking tools related to different categories. Our latest tool of interest has been the Pneumatic Palm Sander. After coming across this tool, we feel a dire need to share our experience with you through […]

Choosing The Best Router For Woodworking Jobs

Best Router For Woodworking Jobs

If you are fascinated by the lovely wooden decors then you probably realize the importance of woodworking as an art of making furniture, cabinets and different wooden materials for decorating your home and workplace. If your hobby relates to this art then you may already have some DIY experience in woodworking. To get these wood […]

16 Best Wood-Burning Kit To Check Out For The Avid Pyrographers

best wood burning kit

Are you looking to take on Pyrography more seriously? And take your wood crafting to the next level? It’s great news if you look to include this wood burning art form into your woodworking! This particular genre of woodworking will help you to create intricate designs and make striking surface enhancements. Whether you’re a beginner […]