Table Saw Blade

Choosing the best table saw blade largely depends upon the types of cuts you’ll be making and also the material which you’ll be cutting. To clarify things a bit better, we would like to let you know about some of the cuts that you usually need to make with the table saw blade, they are ripping, crosscutting, joinery, and sawing. These cuts performed on different materials, such as plywood, hardwood, metal, plastic, and different kinds of boards like melamine, MDF, etc.

The next thing you need to know about the blade is its types. In general, four types of knives used on table saws, such as:

FTG​ Blades

The Flat-Top Grind blades are usually the low tooth count (22 – 24 teeth) blades that mostly used for making out some quick work of long rip cuts. These blades can get through the materials quickly while you have a long piece of lumber or plywood to feed into the saw. But the cuts are not as smooth as you would want them to be; however, they subjected to further sawing, which makes them pretty alright even if they are not stable.

ATB & ATBR Blades​

The ATB (Alternate-Top Bevel) & ATBR (Alternate-Top Bevel Raker) combination blades are two different types of blades that also work well for ripping and crosscutting by producing much cleaner cuts. But these 40, 50, or the 80-tooth ATB or combination blades are much more slow-going, especially for hardwoods. They will be prone to binding if you do not use the right quality blade. For the crosscuts and the miters, you generally face the problems with tear-outs, in that case, you need to use a comparatively high tooth count (more than 50) ATB blade, or one premium quality (ATBR) combination blade. Despite being great shearers that produce cleaner cuts, the ATB’s main setback is the slow feeding, which makes them impractical for longer rips.

TCG Blades

When you look to get a clean cut on particleboard or plywood, you will have to use a 50 or higher tooth count ATB blade. However, getting a tear-out is very much likely if your blade is not imperative. In such a case, you should use a TCG (Triple Chip Grind) blade that can withstand to the dense and rugged materials like the non-ferrous metals (metals except iron and steel) and plastic. The TCG blade can also call as a metal saw blade.

In this buyers’ guide, we’ve taken a thorough look at some of the best tables saw table blades out there. This guide helped us to come up with a shortlist of the best-reviewed ones, which are also the top-rated picks by customers.

Here you may be looking for an excellent all-purpose saw blade or one that can improve the quality of your cuts over a broader range of materials. We are pretty much sure that you would be able to find something from the list that can help to upgrade the overall performance of your table saw.

The best type of blades for Rip-Cutting

When you are up for a rough-ripping to break down a board into little-oversized parts, you will love to have a 24-tooth FTG table saw blade as it quickly rips down even through the thick hardwoods. It doesn’t provide smoother cuts, but that should not be a problem as they are supposed to be sawn for the final dimensions later. If you want cleaner cuts and almost finished surface, then the 40 to 50-tooth ATB and combination blades will do the trick for you. However, it won’t rip as quickly as a 24-tooth blade, and feeding the thick hardwoods will be much slower going.

The best type of blades for Cross-Cutting

The more teeth your blades have, the cleaner the cut will; this is the reason why most of the crosscutting blades have around 60 to 100 ATB teeth. This kind of blades excels at getting the cleanest miters and crosscuts.

The slicing with the 40-tooth ATB or 50-tooth combination blade will not be as clean as the 80- or 100-tooth blade, but they are good enough for regular crosscutting jobs. An excellent quality 40-tooth ATB blade can match the performance of an average 80-tooth blade. But again, it is better to have these all-purpose combination blades if your job includes the crosscutting, mitering, or cutting delicate sheet-like plywood.

The best type of blades for cutting joinery

Sawing joints require you to have a premium quality table saw blade that can cut across or with the grains to create the glue-ready joins. If you’re sawing joints, you have no getting around the fact that a high-quality blade is needed. In that case, you may need to spend more money on something like the Woodworker II to get halfway decent results.

The best type of blades for sheet goods

Sheet goods include particleboard, MDF, melamine, and Corian board. Here, the best table saw blade performance mostly depends on the type of materials. These types of boards are all reasonably dense materials that can be hard on saw teeth. To cut these kinds of stuff, you need an ATB blade that can wear down the pointy tips swiftly than most of the solid woods will. The shearing action of the blades provides cleaner cuts in this type of chip-prone materials, making it a fair trade-off, however, they will get worn out quickly if cut with the standard ATB blades. So investing in this TCG blade for this kind of purpose is instead worth spending money. Otherwise, your ATB blades would be taking trips to the sharpeners sooner than you would expect.

Blades for the non-ferrous metals, plastic laminates, and other composites

When it comes to any non-wooden materials like non-ferrous metals or plastic laminates, or other similar composites, you should not leave with any alternative option except using an excellent Triple Chip Grind (TCG) blade.

Reviews of the Best Table Saw Blades

Freud Thin Kerf Rip Blade (LU87R010)

Best Table Saw Blade for Rip Cuts

You can get frustrated while making rip cuts unless you have two critical things one is the right table saw, and another one is the right table saw blade. It’s generally tricky to make a good quality rip cut than it is to make a good quality crosscut. When folks rip the boards to width, most of the time, you will see they’re creating many long passes on the bigger sheet of materials; this is the reason why you want to have a blade that has fewer teeth to be able to go through any content quickly.

The 24-tooth Freud FTG blades are the unique option you have for the long and trickier rips. You have the option of using the all-purpose ATB blades or the combination blades, but you will find a slower in-feed that will make you run into binding much more often.


  • 10 Inch Blade Diameter
  • 24-Tooth
  • Flat Grind
  • .625 inch Arbor
  • .094 inch Kerf
  • 20-degree Hook Angle
  • Premium Quality TiCo HI-Density Carbide Ripping Blend that allows maximum performance
  • Thin Kerf provides quicker feed rate and reduced waste
  • Blades’ ideal thickness ranges from .75 inch to 2.75 inch that allows you to use it on the plywoods and also on the normal lumbers.


  • Top-rated ripping blade (perfect 5-star Amazon rating)
  • Thin Kerf provides a quicker feed-rate and least amount of waste
  • The blade comes in many different sizes starting from 8 inches to 12 inches and miter saws


  • Not purposed nor even works well on the chipboards or laminates

Our Opinion

24-tooth Freud Thin Kerf Rip is the single top pick for the best FTG table saw blade when it comes to making quicker quality rips on the rough stocks. This particular blade has great customer feedback, and that can realize by its perfect 5-star Amazon rating with more than 400 reviews. This blade is the top-rated pick, and hands-down the best selling saw blade for the trickier rips where you see, the higher tooth count blades intends to bind up.

Freud D1060X Diablo

Best Table Saw Blade for Plywood

We have seen above the 22-24-tooth table saw blade Freud Thin Kerf review, which can produce somewhat alright results on 0.75-inch plywood, but unfortunately, you’ll get tear-out at a point of time. So, it’s time for ATB blades with a higher tooth count that can produce much smoother results on the plywoods that are thinner than 0.75 inches.

The best in the business is the Diablo 1060X ATB blade with 60-tooth that has proven its high-performance capabilities for time and time again. So it has been the top choice for a wide range of plywoods belong to different materials.

Even though this is the #1 choice we have for cutting through the plywoods, the blade can also prove as a perfect all-purpose blade that can produce excellent results on a wide range of woods. It can even show good performance on different stubborn type species like mahogany, oak, walnut, and maple (and it is even harder than people using it on bamboo and getting good results).


  • 10 inch saw blade diameter
  • 60 Tooth ATB Fine Finish Saw Blade
  • .625 inch Arbor and PermaShield Coating
  • It is a 10x60T Diablo Blade
  • Easy to use on hard things
  • Manufactured in Italy


  • It provides a great finish-quality cut on plywoods as thin as .25 inch
  • It provides good cuts on tough hardwoods as well
  • Available in a pack of 5 for larger projects
  • Works pretty well on any kind of thin veneer sheet goods


  • Available in only one size (10 inches for the table or miter saws)

Our Opinion

The Diablo 1060X is one of the best all-purpose tables saw blades we have along with the Diablo 1050X combination blade. Any of these choices can be a great option if you want a perfect blade to get you through almost any woodworking job at the table saw. For this reason, it’s one of the best tables saw blades to considered for the hardwoods in the whole observation. This top-rated table saw blade is an awesome and super reliable choice that can produce the best possible results without even investing a lot of money on a premium quality blade.

Diablo d1050X Combination Blade

Best ‘All-Purpose’ Table Saw Blade

If you have a multi-purpose woodworking shop, then you’re probably looking for the do-everything kind of saw blade, then the Diablo d1050X is our pick in the category of the best all-purpose blade.

However, sometimes the “do it all” kind of recommendations and claims can consider as a negative complement, and we prefer not to come up with anything like this. Yet, the reason we are recommending it because we know that a lot of DIYers try operating on a minimum basis in terms of woodworking jobs and not interested in spending a lot of money on anything too premium.

We would like to inform you that if we were to pick any single blade for the remaining table-sawing jobs in our lives, it would have to be this particular blade. This blade can produce rip cuts, crosscuts, and overall satisfactory results on almost every material starting from the plywoods to laminates measuring 2 x 4 inches.

This blade is called the (ATBR) combination blade. These 50-tooth blades pack in 10 different sets of 5  that includes 4 ATB teeth and one FTG blade. They feature little gaps to minimize the vibration.


  • Arbor and PermaShield Coating
  • 10-inch table saw blade diameter
  • 50-tooth ATB Combination Saw Blade
  • .625 inch Arbor and PermaShield Coating
  • 10x50T Diablo Blade
  • Easy to use ATBR blade
  • Manufactured in Italy


  • Great value for the price
  • Stabilized gaps between the sets of 5-tooth disallow any real vibration
  • Unique engineering that helps to expand when the blade is hot and maintain a perfect cut by reducing warp on the longer rips


  • Available in only one size (10 inches for miter or table saw)

Our Opinion

About this product, the bottom line of the discussion would be – if you are in search of a workhorse to do everything for you, then you won’t find anything better than the Diablo d1050X Combination blade. Diablo is an amazing blade regardless of criterial you want from it. This blade is our top recommendation that we have described in the respective section.

Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II

Best Pro-Quality Woodworking Table Saw Blade

Are you more than a rookie in your DIY woodworking career, or have you taken it as a profession where you feel you have reached the pro level and needs a transition to pro equipment? If you have, then this Woodworker II ATB table saw blade is the one with the best general-purpose blades ever made for woodworking.

You should have come up to see this blade has used in numerous professional carpenter shops. This blade is probably the best choice of blades for furniture makers and professional carpenters. It is also one of the top-rated tables saw blades for hands down and joinery.

Why is it unique?

To put it simply, we would say that this blade built with fantastic craftsmanship and materials of the blade. This blade is hand-made one by one, using the C-4 carbide teeth. This hand brazed to the plate, and also, each unit is hand tensioned to perfect specifications before striking the shelf.

It provides a sanded finish for the long and tricky rip cuts, and the crosscuts are also guaranteed to appear as the splinter-free one. Also, the performance of the blades is exceptional on the plywoods and other similar thin-veneer sheets, which can be notorious for getting tear-out.

We do not say, getting this blade is enough for you to be a master carpenter, but one thing it truly deserves is the appraisal for its guaranteed and safe performance.


  • 10 inch 40 Tooth ATB blade
  • .125 inch Kerf Saw Blade with .625 inch Arbor
  • Thin kerf saw can save up to .25” on the wood loss for each cut.
  • Tooth style:15-degree ATB, 20-degree face hook


  • This woodworker II is an ‘all-purpose’ blade which can use to make rip-cuts or also make crosscuts or trim plywoods or any other boards with a thickness of up to 2 inches
  • Made in the USA
  • It is possible to send the blade back into the Forest
  • Minimum Kerf can save .125 inch of material on each cut
  • From the least to no – jump, burning, splintering, or tear-out saw


  • Very expensive
  • Available in only one 10 inch size

Our Opinion

The Forrest Woodworker II has to be our nod for the best professional quality; high-performance table saw blade if you’re okay to invest a little more money and look for a premium quality finish on those cuts and joineries. This premium product is capable of delivering best finish with the least Kerf and is something generally found on the table saws of many professional carpenters. The avid DIYers should consider this blade if they’re determined to produce some great possible quality work.

IRWIN Tools 1807381 Marples Triple Chip Grind (TCG Blade)

Best Table Saw Blade for Sheet Goods: MDF, Particle Board, and Non-Ferrous Metal

The average DIYers do not usually come up with materials such as metals, plastics, or other different composite materials and spend some good time with them on the table saw. It is also essential to inform you that inevitably there will be a point when you need to cut a piece of some kind of chipboard like aluminum, copper, melamine, Corian, or similarly different ones. When you do, you know you are up against a strong enemy, and you certainly not want to use the excellent woodworking blades on them and go for some harsher treatments. These materials provide wear down of teeth a lot faster than the jackrabbit does on the ice skates.

After such a long preface, we would like to inform you that these ‘non-wood’ conditions require using a TCG blade to get them through. These blades are specially engineered and designed to smoothly tear through the plastic laminates, particle boards, dense composites, and non-ferrous metals. To cut through steel and iron, you will need to use a ferrous blade like this or the grating cut-off disc.

The IRWIN Marples comparatively prices a bit high. Still, at the same time, you should realize that the price more than justified for its exceptional performance, and this has to be your top choice when it is about going through sturdy materials like this.

This IRWIN is a premium blade that is made and finely crafted in Italy, and it is also one of the top-selling tables saw blades on the Amazon website, that has more than 600, 4/5-star customer reviews.

In the main, if you’re in search of the best cutting table saw blade for metal, plastic/PVC, or particleboard, then this is the perfect one for you.


  • Laser Cut blade
  • 10-inch table saw blade diameter
  • 84-Tooth Triple Chip Grind (TCG) Circular Saw Blade
  • Designed for cutting Non-Ferrous Metals, Laminates, and Melamine on a Table Saw or Miter Saw
  • Triple Chip Grind Tooth that alternates between the flat raking tooth and the Trapezoid shaped tooth


  • Available in a lot of different sizes to fit the table, miter, and circular saw blade
  • Provides amazing results on the veneer plywoods and the fragile composite moldings
  • Made in Italy


  • Hard to find one but you may say the price although it isn’t even too bad for such a quality blade

Our Opinion

The 84-tooth IRWIN Marples is the last but not the least we will be talking about in this review. For some obvious reasons, when it is about using the TCG, non-wood blade, this is our top pick for the best TCG blades suitable for non-wood jobs. This IRWIN is a premium quality blade crafted in Italy. This blade can deliver the cleanest possible performance on different tough materials such as the MDF, plastic laminates, particleboard, copper, aluminum, or any other non-ferrous metals.

#1 Top Pick for the Best Table Saw Blade

These are our hand-picked top table saw blades applicable for a variety of different materials and cuts. Making a list this way should help you to choose the right one for your job. But again, if you want the best, best means the overall best, or we can say the #1 pick regardless of criteria, then you should go to the below section to find out which is our winner for this competition.

Among all of the listed above, we do have one recommendation for you as the #1 top pick. Generally, we don’t like to recommend any specific product or tool as an end-all, be-all solution to any kind of obstacle or situation you are supposed to come across. However, people want to see one clear winner that they can go without really bothering about the whole research. In this case, the clear winner as the single blade that we would love to pick for our table saw to use over the broadest range of materials and different cutting scenarios; we will go with the Diablo 1050X Combination Blade. As we have mentioned earlier that, this is a fantastic, high-rated blade that can produce great results on just about anything. It has to be the go-to workhorse nine out of ten times when you headed to the garage for busting out the table saw.


The blades can consider as the life of any saw. Without having a proper saw blade, the cutting tasks will not be enjoyable, and they will be rather frustrating. Our article intended to save you from such frustration by helping you to choose the best table saw blade for your woodworking job. There are several blades for the table saw, but here we have mentioned the top picks for you to make things much convenient. Besides, discussing the types of blade, material, and some top picks, we also recommended our #1 pick for the overall table saw blades. We hope this has been a complete guide to help you choose the best blade for your table saw and hence make you a better carpenter.

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