Comparison of Wood Tools: Band Saw vs. Jigsaw 

Comparison of Wood Tools Band Saw vs. Jigsaw

A band saw slices materials for the woodworking, metalworking, and lumbering industries. They can, however, be used to cut a variety of materials. One of the benefits is the uniform cutting activity offered by a similar allotted tooth load. On the other hand, a jigsaw is a saw with a reciprocating blade that can cut different curves in wood, metal, or other materials. It is a tool that operates on electricity. When a user becomes confused between these two saws, he can compare band saw vs. jigsaw to choose the right one. 

Jigsaw VS Bandsaw
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These two saws may look the same, but they have differences. A user can compare them based on differences. After comparing them, a user can choose the right tool. This article will compare these two wood tools, which you can call jigsaw vs. band saw. 

Comparison of Wood Tools: Band Saw vs. Jig Saw 

The Size and The Weight of Band Saw vs. Jig Saw 

When it comes to comparison, the first thing or the quality that needs to compare is the size and weight, as this is the first thing that one will check. So, the jigsaw size is small compared to the band saw. This saw is very lightweight and portable. You can carry it easily. On the other hand, the size of the band saw is massive. The weight of very heavy and you can not move it quickly.

Band saw work
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If you compare band saw vs. jigsaw in terms of the weight and height or length, then a jigsaw will get the vote.  

The Design of Blade of These Two Saws

A band saw differs from a jigsaw in that it has a continuous blade that moves in a circular motion, whereas a jigsaw’s blade moves in and out. The longer bandsaw blade generates less heat among the two drums and lasts longer. It can be small and flexible, but it can also chop whirled, precise, and complicated shapes that a jigsaw can’t. Because the sawing space is so visible, you may dominate the chop route in the same manner as a roll spotted.

Band saw best tool
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Any other method of cutting inner profiles necessitates using an equipment blade welder and takes time.

Versatility Of Band Saw vs. Jig Saw 

The bandsaw has some adaptability; on the other hand, the Jigsaw reigns the highest rank in this area. The Jigsaw is convenient because it allows you to make a more extensive range of cuts and is handy. This thing suggests you can utilize it on a diversity of too enormous materials for a bandsaw. For example, if you’re working on an existing piece that’s too enormous to lift or carry to the bandsaw, you can always utilize the Jigsaw.

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Many woodworkers use a jigsaw instead of a bandsaw because of its versatility. On the other hand, the bandsaw has its functions, making it ideal for use in a woodshop.

The Functionality of These Two Saws

Both saws serve the same purpose. The Jigsaw and band saw are used to make straight cuts and curves on various materials. The key distinctions are the quality of the amounts they can make and the adaptability of the power saw. 

Band saw tools
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Jigsaws are used for cutting thin wood pieces. The power saw can make close cuts because of the Jigsaw’s light and tiny blade. The band saw is excellent for creating a significant amount. Because a band saw’s blade is more extensive and longer than a jigsaw blade, it can make fine cuts.

The Rate of Accuracy 

Though you may formulate more cuts, especially angles and curves, the bandsaw is perfect due to its use. Using guides rather than cutting by hand permits you to attain higher levels of precision because the material is forced through the saw. Because you have to move the Jigsaw into the material, it is less exact. The bandsaw is needed for straight cuts because of the higher level of exactness and strength.

On the other hand, curved cuts are nicely worked out to the Jigsaw, even though accuracy is more difficult to achieve.

Based on The Quality of Cutting of These Two Saws

Cutting quality is a term used to describe the quality of a piece of wood that has been cut. If you want to compare these two saws, you must check the cutting quality. A jigsaw can quickly cut through the material; a band saw can do it considerably more rapidly. You can cut through the material by just putting it through the saw. Jigsaws can make in-depth cuts as well, but the size of the blade prohibits how far the edge can reach. In addition, the Jigsaw’s cutting depth is limited because of its reciprocating construction.

The best band saw
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However, the depth variation in most materials employed in constructing items may not be substantial. But, a bandsaw is incredible for working with heavy wood. Both saws work well, but the band saw’s cutting quality is better than the jigsaw

The Level of Safety of Using These Saws 

Jigsaws and bandsaws are both extremely safe when used correctly. When making a comparison, you have to think about the safety of using these saws. It is critical to analyze how each procedure is applied and what precautions are taken. It appears to be more dangerous because the material must be forced through a bandsaw.

Jig saw best wood tool
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Because of the possibility of error, handing it over puts your fingers in danger. With suitable practices and protective clothing, you can reduce the threat of an accident when woodworking. That is why it is critical to learn proper woodworking techniques from a professional carpenter before attempting them on your own.

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As a jigsaw is more compact and easy to use, it is easier and safer to use a jigsaw than a band saw if you have proper training. A band saw is not as safe as a jigsaw, but both saws are safe to use if you use them carefully.


In the end, it is clear that jigsaw and band saw are both very important for woodworking. By using these saws, one can get the perfect results in woodwork. But, still, if you, as a woodworker, have to choose one and have any kind of confusion, then you can make a comparison between them.

You can call it also a comparison between a band saw vs. a jigsaw. This comparison will clear all the confusion, and we will get to know more features about the saws. So, in this article, some of the comparisons of jug saw vs. band saw have been discussed, which will help a user get to know about it. Lastly, you can go through this article to learn more about the band saw vs. jigsaw comparison.

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