Comparison of Wood Tools: Miter Saw vs. Jigsaw

Comparison of Wood Tools Miter Saw vs. Jigsaw 2

Miter Saw vs. Jigsaw has always been a burning topic of debate among woodworkers. There are several types of woodworking tools to work with. To begin with the most convenient tool, you need to know about the unavoidable features of these tools. A miter saw and a jigsaw is essential for a better woodworking experience. Still, this article might assist you in concluding this very topic, ” Miter Saw vs. Jigsaw.”

miter saw vs jigsaw
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Comparison of Wood Tools: Miter Saw vs. Jigsaw

What is a Mitre Saw?

Power miter saws are generally designed to make angled cuts for molding, trim work, rafters, and other general carpentry applications on woods. A miter saw is a stationary blade pulled down onto the wood. If you are a professional woodworker, you must know the most common usage of a miter saw. And all the beginners out there, remember that a miter saw is commonly used for trimming and molding. The professionals use a miter saw to make miters and crosscuts on a workpiece. 

The blade of a miter saw is between eight and twelve inches, and It is usually portable and handy. The blades are made of carbon steel. Sometimes, manufacturers add a coating around the blades to make cutting trouble-free for the woodworkers. 

There are 24 to 100 teeth in the blades. It is better to have more teeth, resulting in more delicate cutting.

Mitre Saw tool
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 Also, the teeth have several designs depending on edge treatment and the type of material. The most notable ones are Triple Chip Grind, Flat-Top Grind, and Alternating Top Bevel. You can use a thin ⅛ inch kerf for working with superior wood.

Benefits to consider as Miter Saw vs. Jigsaw

Unlike other kinds of saws that you can manage to find, the miter saw lets you make several types of angle cuts on your workpiece.

Mitre Saw working
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A miter saw helps to have a precise and accurate cut on your material. Also, you can get smooth, precise, and flawless finishing with this. The most considerable flex about a miter saw is it doesn’t let you compromise with the quality of work. You can complete your tasks as early as possible with more beautiful and efficient cuts than ever before. 

different types of miter saws
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If you have been wondering about finding a tool that is versatile, efficient, and easy to use at the same time, you haven’t got to use a miter saw again. You can master the usage of a miter saw within a short period, and it won’t create a big deal, even if you are using it for the first time. Verily, a miter saw avails more benefits than are enough to put an end to the “Miter Saw vs. Jigsaw” debate alone. 

Types of Miter Saws

compound miter xl
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There is a range of professional and beginner miter saws online and on the market. But if you don’t acknowledge their types first, you won’t be able to encounter the right one for you.


A basic miter saw is comparatively more limited than the other ones as it does not include the bevel option for you. However, it can easily do simple tasks as it is much lighter. Therefore, if you want to make more superficial cuts on your material, then this can be helpful to you. 


A compound miter saw comes with two added options-single and dual bevel options. This type of miter saw is suitable for almost all types of cuts you prefer, for example, bevel cut, crosscut, pound cuts, etc. But remember that a compound miter saw requires professional handling. 

Sliding Compound

best sliding compound miter saw 1
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The sliding compound has an additional component, which is a sliding arm. The best thing about a sliding compound miter saw is that you can use it to cut larger pieces, and this is the multifaceted miter saw you can ever find till now. 


A cordless miter saw is unique and highly portable. However, this one also needs professional handling with care. 

The Best jigsaw Option
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What is a Jigsaw?

The original meaning comes from the word jig, which means “up and down motion,” describing how a jigsaw moves as it cuts. Jigsaws are best for cutting shapes and curves in wood with its narrow blade, which is attached to the tool’s body by a spring-loaded clamp at the front. A Jigsaw is one of the essential tools a DIYer will require. It is the second power tool that comes after the drill. 

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This one is highly versatile and comes in handy. It is best for cutting softwood that’s no more than 1-½ inch thick and hardwood up to ¾ inch thick. 

Types of Jigsaw

There are 3 types of Jigsaws to be found, and each has its unique functions to get started with. However, these are the jigsaws you cannot do without. 

Corded Jigsaw

jig saw tools
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Corded jigsaws are incredibly consistent in performance, come with a powerful motor, and are convenient to use as they are lightweight and portable. You need to plug it into an electric outlet for work. 

Cordless Jigsaw

Cordless jigsaws are portable and come with rechargeable batteries.

You can work with a cordless jigsaw in confined spaces as they are suitable. Though they are not as powerful as corded jigsaw, you can get your work out from them if you are a beginner. However, a cordless jigsaw might make it difficult for you to decide on the “Miter Saw vs. Jigsaw” result. 

Pneumatic Jigsaw

Why your jigsaw doesnt cut straight
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Pneumatic jigsaws are suitable for heavy-duty cutting. They have a self-cooling mechanism, and they are unbelievably powerful power tools for extremely thick woods. These are essential tools for the seniors and expensive as well.

Benefits to consider as Miter Saw vs. Jigsaw

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If you want effectively cut curves on your wood piece, then a Jigsaw is a “must-have” tool for you. A Jigsaw is the only portable tool to give you effective cut curves. Jigsaw can also cut more than just wood. If fitted with the correct blade, they can also cut steel, fiberglass, and drywall and give you versatility. Most Jigsaws can be angled up to 45 degrees for bevel cuts. Isn’t that amazing?

 For a professional woodworker, cordless jigsaws are a dream to come true to use. If you are a professional, you can twist and turn the jigsaw as much as you need for your expected cuts. Most beginner woodworkers find it challenging to use power tools first, but a jigsaw is not like the others. Whether a professional or a newbie, a jigsaw is always accessible and fun for the right wood curves. 

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In Conclusion of Miter Saw vs. Jigsaw

Some pros and cons have been described in this article, both miter saw, and jigsaw. Each one is beneficial and irreplaceable in its place, yet, ” Miter Saw vs. Jigsaw ” has always been an interesting topic of debate. This debate might conclude, but woodworkers always bring it on while purchasing the best woodworking power tools for better working output like Miter Saw vs. Jig Saw.

So, it is time for you to decide which winner of the ” Mitre Saw vs. Jig Saw” competition. What do you think?


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