How to choose the best woodworking honing guides for your workshop?

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Honing is kind of a manufacturing process or in other words a grinding or abrasive process, through which the material is given finishing. Once the tool component is made either from casting or any other manufacturing process, the surface is needed to be given a well finishing. This process is used primarily to remove the grinding of tool marks left on the surface by previous actions. In it, a very slight material is removed from the surface.

Honing guide for well furnishing

Honing guides help achieve an exact angle of a tool.

It also tells how far the blades are needed to be positioned or to be extended to obtain the accurate strived curve to the sharpening stone. The biggest flex of most of the honing guides is that they are quite easy to adjust,which makes it easier to dial in a precise beveled angle.

honing guide
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There are various kinds of honing guides available for woodworking. Table saw, Jigsaw, Chisel set, Wood carving knife, Sander, Drill, Workbench, Miter saw and so many more can be added to the list. Still, in order to do the whole work properly, one must make wise choices while choosing honing guides. By analyzing the anatomy and the functions of the tool, it would make it much easier to get the best honing tools for one’s workshop.

How to choose a honing guide?

The simplest means to get consistent outcomes and a definite sharpening workflow that is surprisingly quick and effortlessly repeatable is how one can use a guide.

A good honing tool is supposed to fasten the blade at the appropriate angle and make quick work of sharpening the perimeter.

Some vastly used honing guides are named below –

Image Source: Fine Tools
  1.   Veritas MK || honing guide
  2.  Accessories jaws for the Lie – Neilsen honing guide.
  3.  Side clamping honing guide
  4. Kell honing guide
  5.  Narrow blade head for Veritas MK || honing guide
  6. Veritas honing guide
  7.  Skew registration jig
  8. Camber Roller Assembly
  9.  Standard Roller Assembly
  10.  Large wheel retrofit kit
  11. Blade registration jig
  12.  Small blade holder
  13. Mortise chisel adapter
  14.  3mm polycarbonate risers

Chisel honing guide 

There are several honing guides to sharpen a tool. But in order to make wise choices, we are here to analyse the functions of different chisel honing guides. Top 4 chisel honing guides are described below –

ATLIN honing guide –

  • It comes with comprehensive teaching manual
  • It avails tiniest honing jigs for effective practice
  • Numerous smoothing angles for versatile purposes
  • It is made of  steel in order to avoid wearing out
ATLIN honing guide
Image Source: Amazon


Robert Larson 800-1800 honing guide –

  • It is consistent with rigid chisels
  • It attains chisels for working on oil gravel
  • It can work on both oil stones and water stones
  • It has full 3-inch breadth to adjust plane irons
Robert Larson 800 1800 honing guide

Cartlife honing guide jig for Wood Chisel Edge sharpening

  • It comes with flexible pins for a wide range of capability 
  • It is made of carbon steel so that  the lifespan of roller jigs can be lengthen
  • It provides informative instructions manual 
Cartlife honing guide jig for Wood Chisel Edge sharpening
Image Source: Amazon

Self – centering side clamping sharpening honing jig –

  • It accommodates 1/6” to 3” width range for more tools
  • It provides hardened steel wheel for better and faster rotation
  •  It is available on wide chisel manufacturing equipments
  • Its center wheel helps to put cambers on plane blades through the process
Self centering side clamping sharpening honing jig
Image Source: Amazon

Chisel sharpening guide 

If someone is  really into woodworking then, the best thing for him would be  to get his chisel sharpened up and for that he can  use a whetstone as it is a simple yet practical technique to keep his machine in check.

A chisel is a vital equipment for woodworking, and possessing a razor-sharp chisel is undoubtedly substantial to do the sharpening work effortlessly.

And also for the beginners, it would be best for them to get a honing guide as they are not professionals.

Chisel sharpening guide
Image Source: YouTube

The best chisel sharpener 

Many chisel sharpeners are used for woodworking purposes. But while enlisting them a few are always on the top of the list. They are described below and that might help you if you want to own your own chisel sharpening tool for efficient finishing.

RAM-PRO honing guide for chisel sharpening

It helps to keep chisel and plane blades razor-sharp all together. It comes with  a very unique design and settings that it also  maintains the correct cutting angle on the plane blade. It offers adjustable size screws and twin chrome slides also. This feature helps to get the best outcome as well. The screw can be moved up and down to increase or decrease the angle for convenient practice.

RAM PRO honing guide for chisel sharpening
Image Source: Amazon.

Ha No Kuromaku Ceramic Whetstone medium grit #1000 

This ceramic whetstone is the exact tool to sharpen the chisel. This can bring enthusiasm for those who want to do it in the most ancient manner  The medium grit (#1000) can also be used for coarse grit along with fine grit (#5000) and it brings out the exact wanted outcome. The colored stone has a matching ventilated plastic box that also serves as a stone holder and it gives more space. The working surface of this tool measures 8-1/4 x 2-3/4 x 1/2 in. or 210 × 70 × 15mm.

Ha No Kuromaku Ceramic Whetstone medium grit 1000
Image Source:

Work Sharp guided sharpening system

This very equipment utilizes a pivot-response technology which encourages the users  to use the same procedure for curved & straight blades at once. It also comes with accuracy switchable angle guides in order to secure maximum sharpening angles for better handling purpose. The guides can be easily flipped from 17° to 20° to fit a wide range of knives. Some magnets are provided to secure the guides during sharpening process of the material and can be alternated.

Work Sharp guided sharpening system
Image Source: Amazon

Stanley 16-050 sharpening system

It is consistent with chisel blades and plane irons measuring 1/4-to-2-3/4-inches. It is furthermore included in the kit like – oil stone, a honing guide, non-flammable and non-toxic white oil, and user instructions. It shows angle setting gauge with preset markings at 25, 30, and 35 for easy setup of the tool. It is an extreme abrasive stone for sharpening the chisel honing and the planing blade which make the honing guide longer lasting.

Stanley 16 050 sharpening system
Image Source: YouTube

The Shapton Glass stone set w/Field holder

 The Shapton Glass Stone set also includes a fieldstone holder with the main stone. It emphasizes on the highest quality abrasives that are accessible and usable. This glass stone is also more durable than other water stones which are available in the market. It includes 500, 2000, and 16000 grit, and measures 8.25 x 2.75 in.

The Shapton Glass stone set
Image Source: Amazon

Best knife honing guide

Honing Steels

One time the blade is sharpened, it will be in need to hone it.  Sharpening will remove tiny fibers so that it can create a signature edge and also honing the material ensures the perimeter is straight and even. Honing and sharpening are equally needed for a strong and stable knife while woodworking.

Electric sharpener

Vastly these types of sharpeners tend to strip off too much metal from blades. On top of that they are costly and require professionals to use them properly. Yet because of the angle options of the tool, it can be used on all sorts of blades, including ax heads, mower blades, and pocket knives.

Electric knife sharpener
Image Source:

Angle guide

This is a very fragile and unbelievably accessible appliance that makes it much more manageable that it can be maintained in a consistent angle when it is sharpened with a whetstone. Without an Angle guide, it’s more like  depending entirely on muscle memory which can be tiresome, tough, even for experienced and proficient workers.

Besides, this honing tool comes with a variety of angle options for easy handling. By simply attaching one or two to the whetstone with a rubber band, they’ll function as a guide more frequently.

Angle guide
Image Source: Knife Sharpener Reviews


Whetstones, also known as waterstones come in a variation of gravel levels, but picking up a medium grit stone and a fine grit stone, is more than sufficient for keeping the knife’s property sharp. But learning the process of  how to use them takes a little time and some practice. The beginners might face some difficulties here.

Image Source: The Spruce Eats

Wood sharpening tools

Wood sharpening is truly an art. This art has been practised for ages till now and people have created different varieties of tools to give it a complete new dimension. For this they have made different tools and some of them are enlisted down here so that those who are looking for it can find a better idea while purchasing them for their workshops- 

  1. Carving knife or a slide knife.
  2. Deflective flexicuts knife or skewers knife.
  3. Chip carving knives.
  4. Hook knife – a complex tool to sharpen.
  5. Stretch gouches.
  6. Short chisel or Japanese chisel.
  7. Bent gouches – spoon shaped gouge, a backbend gouge, a bend gouge with the bend or svdl 86r to sharpen.
  8. V tools – one of the hardest tools to sharpen.
  9. Draw knives.
Wood sharpening tools
Image Source: Handyman tips

Nevertheless, woodworking needs professional care and for that choosing the right honing tools is a must. The beginners also can have a minimum idea of using the tools in the right way so they can adapt the work in an extraordinary form.

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