Improve table saw blade performance by proper use

Table Saw Blade

Here you may be looking for a good all-purpose table saw blade or one that can improve the quality of your cuts over a broader range of materials. We are pretty much sure that you would be able to find something from the list that can help to upgrade the overall table saw blade performance.

The best type of blades for Rip-Cutting

When you are up for a rough-ripping to break down a board into little-oversized parts, you will love to have a 24-tooth FTG table saw blade as it quickly rips down even through the thick hardwoods. It doesn’t provide smoother cuts, but that should not be a problem as they are supposed to be sawn for the final dimensions later. If you want cleaner cuts and an almost finished surface, then the 40 to 50-tooth ATB and combination blades will do the trick for you. However, it won’t rip as quickly as a 24-tooth blade, and feeding the thick hardwoods will be much slower going.

The best type of blades for Cross-Cutting

The more teeth your blades have the cleaner the cut will. This is the reason why most of the cross-cutting blades have around 60 to 100 ATB teeth. This kind of blade excels at getting the cleanest miters and crosscuts.

The slicing with the 40-tooth ATB or 50-tooth combination blade will not be as clean as the 80- or 100-tooth blade, but they are good enough for regular cross-cutting jobs. A great quality 40-tooth ATB blade can match the performance of an average 80-tooth blade. But again, it is better to have these all-purpose combination blades if your job includes crosscutting, mitering, or cutting delicate sheet-like plywood.

The best type of blades for cutting joinery

Sawing joints require you to have a premium quality table saw blade that can cut across or with the grains to create the glue-ready joins. If you’re sawing joints, you have no getting around the fact that a high-quality blade is needed. In that case, you may need to spend more money on something like the Woodworker II to get halfway decent results.

The best type of blades for sheet goods

Sheet goods include particleboard, MDF, melamine, and Corian board. Here, the best table saw blade performance mostly depends on the type of materials. These types of boards are all reasonably dense materials that can be hard on saw teeth. To cut these kinds of stuff, you need an ATB blade that can wear down the pointy tips swiftly than most of the solid woods will. The shearing action of the blades provides cleaner cuts in this type of chip-prone materials making it a fair trade-off, however, they will get worn out quickly if cut with the normal ATB blades. So investing in this TCG blade for this kind of purpose is rather worth spending money. Otherwise, your ATB blades would be taking trips to the sharpeners sooner than you would expect.

Blades for the non-ferrous metals, plastic laminates, and other composites

When it comes to any non-wooden materials like non-ferrous metals or plastic laminates, or other similar composites, you are not left with any alternative option except using a good Triple Chip Grind (TCG) blade.

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