Product Review – IRWIN Tools 1807381 Marples Triple Chip Grind

IRWIN Tools 1807381

Best Table Saw Blade for Sheet Goods: MDF, Particle Board, and Non-Ferrous Metal

The average DIYers do not usually come up with materials such as metals, plastics, or other different composite materials and spend some good time with them on the table saw. Having said that, it is also important to inform you that inevitably there will be a point when you need to cut a piece of some kind of chipboard like aluminum, copper, melamine, Corian, or similarly different ones. When you do, you know you are up against a strong enemy and you certainly not want to use the good woodworking blades on them and go for some tougher treatments. These materials provide wear down of teeth a lot faster than the jackrabbit does on the ice skates.

After such a long preface, we would like to inform you that these ‘non-wood’ conditions require using a TCG blade to get them through. These blades are specially engineered and designed to smoothly tear through the plastic laminates, particle boards, dense composites, and non-ferrous metals. To cut through steel and iron, you will need to use a ferrous blade like this or the grating cut-off disc.

The IRWIN Marples comparatively prices a bit high, but at the same time, you should realize that the price is more than justified for its great performance and this has to be your top choice when it is about going through the tough materials like this.

This is a premium blade that is made and finely crafted in Italy and it is also one of the top-selling tables saw blades on the Amazon website, that has more than 600, 4/5-star customer reviews.

In the main, if you’re in search of the best cutting table saw blade for metal, plastic/PVC or particle board then this is the perfect one for you.

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Features of IRWIN Tools 1807381

  • Laser Cut blade
  • 10-inch table saw blade diameter
  • 84-Tooth Triple Chip Grind (TCG) Circular Saw Blade
  • Designed for cutting Non-Ferrous Metals, Laminates, and Melamine on a Table Saw or Miter Saw
  • Triple Chip Grind Tooth that alternates between the flat raking tooth and the Trapezoid shaped tooth


  • Available in a lot of different sizes to fit the table, miter, and circular saw blade
  • Provides amazing results on the veneer plywoods and the fragile composite moldings
  • Made in Italy


  • Hard to find one but you may say the price although it isn’t even too bad for such a quality blade

Our Opinion

The IRWIN Tools 1807381 Marples is the last but not the least we will be talking about. For some obvious reasons when it is about using the TCG, non-wood blade, this is our top pick for the best TCG blades suitable for non-wood jobs. This is a premium quality blade that is crafted in Italy. This blade can deliver the cleanest possible performance on different tough materials such as the MDF, plastic laminates, particleboard, copper, aluminum, or any other non-ferrous metals.

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