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The outdoor wood stove has been around for some years. But people pushed the wayside due to the low cost of electricity and fossil fuel. However, as fuel and electricity costs rise, people are looking for a more affordable, sustainable, and safe alternative to fossil fuels. Researchers across the globe are exposing the negative environmental impact associated with burning fossil fuels. Everyone is interested in finding inexpensive fuel sources that can substitute costly fuel and electric energy.

The burning of fuel has familiarized us with new terms such as global warming and greenhouse effects. With the rising electricity bills and fuel costs, people are going for the cheapest alternative to the rising heating bills.

Consumers pay heavily for using fuel as an energy source. They pay for its high cost and its impact on the environment, not forgetting the shipment cost.

As scientific research continues, we need to change the way we conserve our environment. Using outdoor stoves may be a way of utilizing dead tree debris and other organic dry matters.

What is the best outdoor wood boiler? When planning your camping site activity during winter, the guide gear outdoor wood stove is your best choice for your heating. With their portable design, you can move with them from one camping site to another. Before looking for how much do wood stoves cost, consider their benefits.

OneTigris Tiger Roar Tent Stove

Burning with an outdoor wood stove may have several advantages.

When planning for an outdoor event, you will have many accessories to bring to the site. But the source of heat is a factor that you cannot forget on the list. There may be another expensive heat source that may seem convenient to you. But for the environmentalist who desires to keep safe and warm, an outdoor wood-burning stove will be their perfect choice. Are our outdoor wood boilers worth the money? Outside wood boiler presents many benefits. Here are some reasons why an outdoor wood cooking stove may be advantageous.

It is economical 

Using wood is economical. You don’t depend on the expensive propane gas, electricity, or oil company. Once you have your wood around, heating it is easy and doesn’t require any more cost. People may claim that the process of cutting and collecting wood is cumbersome. Generally, it may not be an easy job, but you need some exercise to keep yourself fit after you have collected your wood, no more wasting money going to the gym. The exercise will be enough to keep you fit.

The wood stove burns all sorts of wood. 

If you are not ready to go fetching wood by yourself, ask a firewood person to bring you all manner of wood. They may come with wood having insects, old notes, and pines that may not split. Take all sorts of wood, even those that are hard to split. Provided it can fit the stove; its length is not an issue; you will burn it and use it as fuel.

Outdoor Wood Stove

Provides enough heat 

If you love providing heat to your family during cold months, an outdoor wood stove can meet all your heating demands. With a low budget, you can heat a large volume of water for domestic use.

Environmental friendly 

Many people are switching to this type of wood-burning stove for their campsite and outdoor activities. It is not only for the associated economic gain but also for environmental friendliness. Using outdoor wood furnaces reduces the consumption of gases and other fuel gases that emit dangerous gases to the environment.


House fire is a dangerous accident that happens throughout the year. The advantage of using an outdoor wood-burning stove is that you eliminate house fire risks starting from indoors. The innovation of these simple outdoor wood-burning stoves will help you bid goodbye to house fire risks.


With more use of the wood-burning furnace, the population reduces the risks of exposure to health hazards. The traditional indoor wooden stoves expose people to smoke inhalation risks. It also predisposes your home to bugs, pests, and other storage issues. Outdoor wood-burning stove for cooking makes such risks nearly non-existing.

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It saves money, time, and labor. 

Heating should not demand a lot of money from your wallet. The outdoor wood-burning furnace can adjust BUT out in times of low heat, demand to allow you to enjoy an unlimited supply of hot to your tub. With a larger capacity firebox, you don’t need to be checking your furnace constantly.

Limitations of  wood cooking stove

Before you jump into buying a wood furnace, you must have some limitations in mind that need attention. The furnace may not be the best option if you don’t have enough firewood.


You may need to invest in more labor. 

If you are looking for a quick fix that may not need your labor, an outdoor furnace may not suit you. It may demand some effort. You may need to load your furnace firebox at least once or twice a day. Wood won’t bring itself into your furnace. You will need to cut and stack it before you use it on your wood-burning stove. Basic maintenance will also be necessary to maintain efficiency.

You need well-seasoned wood. 

Outdoor wood stove works best with seasoned wood. The process of seasoning wood may need time and space. Ensure your timber has less than 25 % moisture content to prevent creosote buildup while using your furnace. Different wood types season at different times. Some may take a year to season, while others take much longer. The best way of understanding the moisture content of your wood is by testing with a moisture meter – which is an outdoor wood stove parts supplied with a furnace.

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Needs storage space

The outdoor wood stove installation process may be fast and convenient because it is portable. However, wood needs space for seasoning. The stack needs free air circulation that will keep the wood drying. Generally, you need a firewood rack and dry space free from snow and rain, which may bring standing moisture, causing mold and rot to the wood. 

It would be best if you had an extra tool. 

You may opt for buying wood from suppliers and save on the cost of buying extra tools. However, if you need to fall your trees, you must invest in other tools such as log splitters and chainsaws. Whichever way you choose, it will need extra muscle and experience to get the wood you need for your furnace.

Wood Moisture Meter

Some of the Woodburning stove accessories  you need to buy 

Firewood racks 

After installing your outdoor wood-burning boiler, you will need to invest some money to purchase the accessories. For instance, Firewood Rack will help you store your firewood outdoors in an organized manner. They are designed with good weather-resistant material to help you store your wood during seasoning and as you use it in your furnace firebox.

log splitters

Stove fans 

Heat Powered Stove Fan is another great accessory that you can buy along with your wood-burning furnace. It uses heat from the burning wood to generate electricity which drives the fun. With these fans as outdoor wood stove parts, you can drift hot air to warm your campsite tent while camping in cold winter.

Heat Powered Stove Fan

Canvas Log Carrier Bag

Moving firewood from your rack to the firebox of your wood-burning furnace may not be an easy activity if you don’t carry a Canvas Log Carrier Bag to your campsite. Canvas Log Carrier Bag is designed with strong and durable materials that allow you to carry heavy logs comfortably to the outdoor wood-burning firebox. The tools are designed for multitasking. Apart from carrying your logs, you can use them for storing toys and tools while camping.

Log Carrier Bag

Ash bucket with a lid and a shovel 

Ash Bucket with Lid and Shovel is designed to scoop ash while preventing it from falling from the ground while transporting it. The lid covering ensures that the content inside is enclosed to avoid falling off to the ground. 

ash bucket with lid

Fireplace screen 

It would be best if you had a Fireplace Screen to guard sparks against your outdoor wood-burning stove. They are designed to spread heat and prevent burnt paws.

Safety precautions while using  wood-burning stoves

While most people are shifting to this economical heat source, they need to consider some precautions while using them. The wood-burning stove can be a fire hazard. Careless use or poor outdoor wood stove installation could cause a fire outbreak. To avoid such occurrences, you need to understand the selection, use, maintenance, and installation. 


Before choosing your outdoor wood-burning stove, ensure it is made with sturdy and suitable materials. Materials such as steel or cast iron may be appropriate. Check to ensure that your stove passes the laboratory test from recognized laboratories.

If you are buying a second-hand stove, check it thoroughly to ensure it is free from cracks or other defects. Look at the hinges, legs, draft louvers, and grates carefully to ensure they are in good condition.

For mobile camping, ensure you are using an appropriate stove suitable for such type of dwelling.

Installation precautions 

Before installing your Kotulas outdoor wood-burning stove, confirm with the local authority to ensure it complies with your local fire and building code. Be careful where you install your stove. A centralized location may be the best as a heating device.

Kotulas Cabin Style Outdoor Cooking Steel Chiminea


If your portable wood-burning stove has an automated draft regulator with thermostat control, carefully follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. The dumpers should not obstruct over 80 percent of the pipe area.

Another dumber higher up on the vertical section of the pipe should permit shutting down of the stovepipe in case the chimney is on fire. You can have the dampers designed by the tinsmith or local sheet company.

Wood requirements 

Greenwood is not appropriate for your stove use due to its high moisture content. Select hardwood that has been seasoned for not less than six months for your stove. To speed up the seasoning process, split your wood into even small pieces. Using properly seasoned wood prevents the buildup of creosote in your stove. Creosote is an oily substance that comes from the incomplete combustion of wood and accumulates in the chimney. A spark can ignite the creosote and cause a dangerous fire outbreak. Dying your wood well to the right moisture content (less than 25 percent) prevents creosote formation and provides efficient burning.

camping stove

Starting fire 

Ensure that you open the dumper near the stove before you start the fire. If you have another second dumper on the vertical part of the stove, ensure you maintain it open in case of any fire emergencies. Build a fire on a shallow ashes bed that provides a surface for heat reflection. Use small amounts of cramped paper and cover with small pieces of wood. When the draft starts up in the chimney flue, add up larger pieces of wood.

If the fire burns very slowly, open up the draft louvers of the stove and the dumpers above it. Keep adjusting the drafts accordingly while adding small amounts of wood to make burning continuous.

When starting a fire or during the combustion, never use any flammable fluids such as kerosene or gasoline. It can cause a fire outbreak or burn you.

Another precaution to take while using the store is avoiding using it for trash burning. The resulting flame can initiate chimney fire.

Maintaining the stove 

Before starting a heating season, check the stove chimney and clean it together with the pipe. Make any repairs where necessary and ensure frequent checking to prevent the buildup of creosote and soot.

If you are not competent and experienced, do it yourself, avoid the cleaning process, and find somebody with experience to help you out. It will save you from damaging the chimney lining. It is better to spend some extra coin on a professional than creating a fire hazard that will cost you more.

Final thought 

Are our outdoor wood boilers worth the money? According to the central boiler pricing, the outdoor wood-burning stoves may not be as expansive as you think. Several benefits are arising from the use of outdoor wood-burning stoves. Though it may look like an old-fashioned or traditional heating mode, the benefits are worth the cost. They are economical compared to another expensive mode of heating. The use of this stove contributes to environmental conservation and saving on fuel costs. It is, however, essential not to that the use of these stoves in heating has other drawbacks. For instance, you will need other accessories or tools to make its use complete. The stoves also need well-seasoned wood to ensure quality wheat production and prevent creosote buildup in the chimney. While using the stove, follow the installation and use guidelines to ensure safety.


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