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Delta 28-400

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In the following paragraphs, we evaluate the Delta band saw which has the model no. 28-400. Many woodworkers state that a workshop is just never complete unless of course, it features a top-quality band saw. Now right from the start, this specific method is expensive around $700, but it’s most likely the right one on the market.

That Delta 28-400 has got the full steel frame which makes it I guess the posh finish from the band saw market. You can observe in the image right this one looks great. It’s one that any owner could be proud to possess and also have within their workshop.

Regardless of its great-searching appearance and extremely good ratings by real existence buyers, we still need to determine that that one is precisely right for your own personnel particular needs.

A Quick Purchase Guide to Delta 28-400 Band Saw

For individuals who do not have time for you to go through my full review below, we’ve provided just quick tips that highlight the primary features.

  • Costs around $700
  • Gets 4 out of 5-star ratings
  • Huge table for cutting
  • The saw is on a heavy-duty steel frame made of cast iron
  • Cutting Capacity 13 5/8″ wide x 6″ thick
  • Measures 45-inch x 21-inch x 18 inches and weighs 165 Pounds
  • Comes with a 5-year parts & labor warranty
  • Powerful motor
  • 2 speeds

Primary Overview of the Delta 28-400

If like us, you love to learn more detail in regards to a product before choosing it, then you’ll enjoy my review lower below.

Key Features Described

The Delta 28-400 includes an easily large table for focusing on and it is stated to possess a European feel into it. The device weighs 160 pounds and it is made from steel which reduces all flexing by having an aluminum trunnion table support.

The table support ensures lengthy lasting durability. This guitar rock band saw is extremely well finished both inside and outside. Many others have commented on getting a little bit of difficulty when constructing this guitar rock band saw. But overall your application rating with this saw is high.

Dust Collection

Delta certainly produced an excellent bit of shop equipment. All components fit together nicely and just the best materials are utilized. The Delta 28-400 also collects any dust or debris very efficiently. You will not need to bother about massive levels of dust cluttering the job space.

The table features small holes that help in collecting the dust. Using these small holes, greater than 90% of the dust is collected and taken off the area. You may expect a clear atmosphere when utilizing this saw. There’s additionally a convenient on/off switch having a lock key.

Noise Level

The quantity of seem created out of this machine is extremely minimal. While dealing with the device, it is a lot more enjoyable since there’s less noise to result in distractions and merely overall annoyance. You can even speak with others within the room without getting to yell.

This is often a huge benefit if you prefer a machine that is not producing a lot of seem.


The cast-iron desktop includes a fine surface and seems to become polished well. The miter slot can also be machined perfectly and accepts most typical miter gauges.

Some miter gauges which are recognized maybe the 3/8′ and also the 3/4′. The desktop may also be entitled to match bevel cuts.

The bevel position gauge around the machine is mounted just beneath the table.

The Blades

The blades feature precision ball bearing roller guides. They are both above and underneath the desktop surface. These guides are simple to set and put. If you want to adjust helpful information, it may be super easy to complete.

Over a while of utilizing this guitar rock band saw, you’re going to get accustomed to modifying these guides and it’ll finish up taking you almost no time to complete.

The blade wheels are made from aluminum and also have a rubber surface to seize the blade. These wheels adjust effortlessly and provide a higher amount of precision. Quite a few users in the market prefer iron cast wheels, but don’t allow that to cause you to stray from an aluminum wheel. The aluminum wheel does just what it needs to prosper.

Efficiency from the Delta 28-400

The kind of performance you will get using this machine is excellent. You can use it to chop curves, small delicate pieces, and may saw bigger lumber.

But if you are cutting bigger lumber, it just holds wood that’s 6 inches tall. Anything taller and you’ll start having some problems when cutting wood. This is usually a bit restricting however the efficiency from the Delta 28-400 comprises this.

The Motor

The motor is a 1 HP, TEFC and enables for just two speeds. The 2-speed drive ensures less belt tensioning when working. This motor will certainly cut through any materials that you’ll require especially when you’re cutting non-ferrous metals, this guitar rock band saw is much more effective.

As stated earlier, the motor is quiet while offering an even cut each time.


A couple of products are missing in the previous 28-206 model. For just one it doesn’t possess a quick-release blade tensioner. This model won’t also pay a height riser such as the previous models. You aren’t able to result in the depth from the re-saw greater.

Apart from that you simply don’t receive many accessories however the product is of high quality. A number of these other products can be bought and permit this machine to perform better still of computer already can.

The needed fine-tuning for that 28-400 is extremely minor and enables you to obtain to operate in your project a great deal faster. This straightforward setup enables this saw to stick out in the competitors.

Overall though, for that current cost, we believe it is excellent good value.

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