Product Reviews – Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II

WW10407125 Woodworker II

Best Pro-Quality Woodworking Table Saw Blade

Are you more than a rookie in your DIY woodworking career or have you taken it as a profession where you feel you have reached the pro level and needs a transition to pro equipment? If you have, then this Woodworker II ATB table saw blade is the one with the best general-purpose blades ever made for woodworking.

You should have come up to see this blade has been used in numerous professional carpenter shops. This is probably the best choice of blades for furniture makers and professional carpenters. It is also one of the top-rated tables saw blades for hands down and joinery.

Why Forrest Woodworker ii is special?

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To put it simply, we would say that this blade is built with amazing craftsmanship and materials of the blade. This blade is hand-made one by one, using the C-4 carbide teeth this hand brazed to the plate, and also each unit is hand tensioned to perfect specifications before striking the shelf.

It provides a sanded finish for the long and tricky rip cuts, and the crosscuts are also guaranteed to appear as the splinter-free one. Also, the performance of the blades is exceptional on the plywoods and other similar thin-veneer sheets which can be notorious to get tear-out.

We do not say, getting this blade is enough for you to be a master carpenter, but one thing it truly deserves is the appraisal for its guaranteed and safe performance.

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Features of Woodworker II

  • 10 inch 40 Tooth ATB blade
  • .125 inch Kerf Saw Blade with .625 inch Arbor
  • Thin kerf saw can save up to .25″ on the wood loss for each cut.
  • Tooth style:15-degree ATB, 20-degree face hook


  • This is an ‘all-purpose’ blade which can be used to make rip-cuts or also make cross-cuts or trim plywoods or any other boards with a thickness of up to 2 inches
  • Made in the USA
  • To have them sharpened back to original tolerance it is possible to send the blade back into the Forest
  • Minimum kerf can save .125 inch of material on each cut
  • From the least to no – jump, burning, splintering, or tear-out is seen


  • Very expensive
  • Available in only one 10 inch size

Our Opinion

The Forrest Woodworker II has to be our nod for the best professional quality, high-performance table saw blade if you’re okay to invest a little more money and look for a premium quality finish on those cuts and joineries. This premium product is capable of delivering best finish with the least kerf and is something generally found on the table saws of many professional carpenters. The avid DIYers should consider this blade if they’re determined to produce some great possible quality work.

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