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Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Rockler is a go-to source for innovative tools, jigs, and shop accessories among professional and recreational woodworkers. Rockler’s one-of-a-kind products assist woodworkers in achieving excellent outcomes. The wide range of premium quality Rockler woodworking tools is given below. 


Rockler woodworking hardware is affordable and the best of the brands.

The Security Laptop Drawer protects your laptop from theft and allows you to use and store it without taking up valuable desk space. It fits neatly beneath your desk and is secured by a high-quality key lock. Extended computer usage is possible thanks to a comfortable wrist rest and a ventilated bottom panel that prevents fatigue and laptop overheating. It comes with two 3/4-extension slides that roll smoothly. It also fits most laptop laptops, measuring 1-3/4″ x 17-3/4″ x 13-1/4″. It’s already put together. Screws are not included in the package. Most computers can fit in a space that is over 17″ broad. Working comfortably with a laptop in a drawer is made possible with a foam wrist rest. The bottom panel has a vent to keep the computer from overheating—a steel structure with a thick gauge.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Shop 1
Image Source: Rockler

Rockler Classic Rolling Library Ladder Kit has all of the hardware and fasteners you’ll need to construct a 12’W x 8’H ladder are included. The ladder’s easy-gliding wheels allow you to move it left or right with little effort. Wood floors, ceramic tiles, and low pile carpet benefit from 4″ diameter wheels. Hook bracket assemblies hold the ladder to the horizontal ladder track for no-tip climbing. When not in use, the ladder may be lifted slightly and pushed closer to the wall for storage, or it can be entirely taken off the track and stored in a closet. 

Rockler Fold Down Bed Mechanism
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Rockler Fold Down Bed Mechanism is for queen-sized beds, and these are made of engineered wood, wood, and alloy steel. A fold-down bed mechanism is ideal for visitors, compact rooms, and flats. The counterbalanced hardware allows for smooth operation without binding or overextending. The mechanism employs a clever piston lift system instead of old-fashioned springs that may snap back. For enhanced safety, beds are kept securely locked and softly opened. Steel pivot pins and bracket points are simple to install and require no modifications. Instructions for basic cabinet construction are included and an instructional DVD.

Hardware is available in three sizes: twin, full, and queen. See the optional Murphy Bed Bookcase Plan (#31942) seen in the photo above for a full set. By night, a comfy bed, and by day, appealing furnishings! The Side Mount Murphy Bed Hardware for horizontal installations is also available from Rockler.

Jigs and Fixtures

Jigs and Fixtures Rockler
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Rockler Taper Jig / Straight Line Jig includes table saw accessories and power tool accessories. These jigs make tapered cuts quickly. Woodcutting jig is perfect for chair legs. This hardware jig includes a 36″ miter bar. The taper drill jig allows you to create tapered cuts on your table saw fast, efficiently, and accurately. This woodworking jig also functions as a sturdy, straight-line ripping jig when the miter bar is removed. This straight-line hole jig fits snugly in any standard 3/8″ x 3/4″ miter slot and has a broad, ergonomic grip for a smooth push-action cut. The instruction manual that came with our jig table saw is available for you to customize. The table saw jig makes tapered cuts fast, easy, and exact, thanks to its simple indexed angle adjustment mechanism, heavy-duty hold-down clamps, and smooth sliding design. Our jig tools are ideal for chair and table legs.

Jigs and Fixtures
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Rockler 3-1/2″ Fixed or Movable Louvered Shutters Jig & Hardware Kit are easy to assemble and use. Rockler’s 3-1/2″ louver exterior window shutters template set makes your Plantation-style Shutters easy and economical, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional woodworker. With this template collection, you can make moveable louver exterior shutters for up to 75% less! Exclusive Rockler jigs, hardware, and pre-shaped louvers make building window shutters a breeze.

Plantation-style shutters made with do-it-yourself jigs and templates. The jigs make drilling louver holes a breeze, and there are three self-centering bits for drilling shutter pinholes. To get your measurements, use the measuring instructions. Then, to acquire your free downloadable plan, input the dimensions into the Design Wizard. A complete list of all the materials you’ll need to build your personalized shutters is included in the plan!

Shop accessories

I-socket 110m Tool and Vacuum Switch weighs 0.59 pounds. Plug your router, sander, or another handheld power tool into one socket and your shop vac into the other with the I-Socket Vacuum Automator. When you start your power tool, your shop vac will automatically switch on, and it will run for seven seconds after you stop to clean away any remaining dust and chips from the hose. Turns on your shop vacuum on its own.

I socket 110m Tool and Vacuum Switch
Image Source: Amazon

15 Amp/125 volts, ideal for use with a router, sander, or other portable power tools.

Universal Fence Clamps are light in weight Clamps let you attach a wide range of store-bought auxiliary fences to your current fences without interfering with your job. The clamp arm easily slides into a 3/8 hole in the auxiliary fence’s top to keep it out of the way. That means you won’t have to use clumsy wood screws or C-clamps, and you won’t have to screw into your pricey fence! Table saws, band saws, cutoff saws, router fences, and other tools benefit from this product. Clamps can be used alone as stop blocks or in pairs to create sacrificial fences, half-fences, resaw fences, and other fixtures

. You’ll need a single set of clamps! 2 clamps are included. Steel threaded components with a rigid aluminum body. Dimensions of travel 1/2-5-3/4 (1/2 minimum implies a 3/4 auxiliary fence; if you utilize a thicker, you can fasten to an even thinner main fence). In the auxiliary fence, drill a 3/8 hole.

Universal Fence Clamps
Image Source: Amazon

Keep your turning tools close at hand! This custom-made Lathe Tool Holder attaches to most flatbed lathes and holds up to 12 turning tools and other turning materials. To make tool selection easier, the 12″ diameter tray has six slots for conventional size tools and six slots for small tools and spins. Sandpaper, glue, calipers, and other materials can be stored on the flat middle platform. Mounts anywhere on your lathe bed and pivots to position tools precisely where you need them. Plastic tray with a pivot arm made of steel. It includes a 12″ diameter tray with six normal-sized tool slots and six smaller ones—a plastic tray with a pivot arm made of steel. Tool selection is made more accessible with the help of spins. Additional supplies can be stored on the flat central platform.


Grizzly Industrial G1690 – Miter Trimmer is the best of its kind. It has Amazingly smooth glass cutting. With its cast-iron frame and razor-sharp high-speed blades, our miter trimmer can’t be surpassed for professional precision mitering. This trimmer can effortlessly handle picture frames, door frames, molding, and more thanks to its cast-iron body and razor-sharp high carbon tool steel blades. There are two angle settings, one at 45 degrees and the other at 90 degrees.

Lathe Tool Holder
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The Rockler Double-Edged Scraper is a compact and lightweight scraper that fits easily into corners and small spots to remove glue, pencil lines, rough grain, and more. After panel glue-ups, please keep it in your apron pocket to sweep off the beads of extra squeeze-out as you release the clamps. The scraper comes with one reversible cabinet scraper blade and a rubberized handle for a non-slip, ergonomic grip. Sharpening blades are straightforward; clamp the scraper in your vise and file it twice. One reversible blade is included with the glue scraper (two cutting edges). A rubberized handle and a handy hang hole are also included with the scraper.

The Rockler Double Edged Scraper
Image Source: Amazon

For Projects Plans

For outdoor project plans, workshop project plans, furniture project plans, or for small projects, there is a wide selection of plans and kits. 

Rockler Adirondack Chair Plans with Templates come
Image Source: Jackman Works

Rockler Adirondack Chair Plans with Templates come with full-size pre-cut templates in your choice of robust 1/4″ MDF or cost-effective cardboard. This design is the ultimate of leisure, with broad arms to place your drink on and a curved seat and back that mold your body. Trace, cut, and assemble this chair with the help of pre-made, full-size templates! A cozy, welcoming Adirondack chair may be the most instantly satisfying carpentry job for a weary worker. Step-by-step instructions are included in the wooden Adirondack chairs for adults designed to guide you through the entire assembly process. Choose the cardboard template option to band saw to the line or construct your hardboard templates. Our workshop accessories kept the basic Adirondack chair’s easy-to-assemble attributes while improving the frame and armrests’ durability. Choose from strong MDF templates for frequent usage with guide bushings or more economical cardboard templates for one-time use.

U Bild 911 Tree Seat Project Plan
Image Source: Florida Times-Union

Everyone likes to sit in the shade when it’s hot outside. That is most likely why the tree seat made from U-Bild 911 Tree Seat Project Plan has become a backyard staple. There’s no better way to take advantage of a cool area under a tree than with 360 degrees of the shaded seat. Do-it-yourselfers may now enjoy all of the benefits—and all of the shade—of a traditional tree seat for a fraction of the price of a ready-made one. This attractive redwood tree seat project is intended to survive for many years on a robust base of two-by-fours (as pictured; cedar, pine, or treated lumber will also work well). The project is simple enough for novices because it uses just straight cuts and contains full-size templates for the angles. 

U Bild 599 Country Cradle Project Plan
Image Source: St. Augustine Record

When it comes to calming a crying infant, it seems like everyone has a “trick,” from a ticking clock to a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel to a vehicle journey. The odd thing is, nothing beats the tried-and-true method of a gently rocking cradle for helping a little child to sleep. That’s why every do-it-yourselfer with a child (or grandchild) on the way should consider this country’s cradle project. It’s simple to construct, has a classic elegance that might turn into the next family treasure, and, most importantly, helps the baby (and mom and dad) sleep. 

Almost all of the project’s elements are traced from full-size designs and are made largely from a single 1-by-12 pine board. The construction is straightforward. Trace the parts onto wood, cut them out, and sand them. Then, using glue and wood screws, build the cradle box and base piece separately. Finally, apply a finish of your choosing and suspend the cradle from the end posts to the finish. The completed product is 41 inches in length, 30 inches in height, and 22 inches in width. Plans from U-Bild: Woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers of all skill levels will enjoy U-Bild blueprints. Simple-to-follow patterns (like sewing patterns) generate professional-looking results in these unique “trace, saw, and assemble” designs.

Sign making Category

Rockler Router Letter Template
Image Source: Amazon

Rockler Router Letter Template is a newly revised interlocking letter template set that makes it simple to create great signage! The kerning spacers in our sign-making equipment are 3-3/8″ tall and assure equal letters every time! 5/8″ Signmaker’s Carbide Router Bit is required (sold separately). This sign template set includes 99 letters, numbers, symbols, and kerning spacers. A high-quality brass guide bushing is included in our Rockler interlock sign kit. It’s best to use a plunge router with a perforated base. By sliding neighboring grooves together, these letter templates for routing are interlocked. The state park font letters template has adjustable kerning for a natural-looking text layout with consistent spacing between all letters.

CNC Router Bit Set
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With this unique 5-Piece CNC Router Bit Set from Rockler, you can make signs and tabletops with decorative edges roughly half the time. Three revolutionary dual-purpose bits are included in the package, which cut your components to size while also applying one of three edge profiles: 1/2-inch cove, 45° chamfer, or 1/2-inch round over. There’s no need to take the pieces apart to re-machine them on a router table. Two sign-making bits are included in the set: a 60° V-groove bit and a flattened round nose bit, which are ideal for routing letters or adding decorative effects like scrolling and borders. All five CNC bits are housed in a stylish hardwood cabinet with compartments for each bit.

Top Coating and Finishing

General Finishes Water Based Milk Paint Queenstown Gray is a steely, chilly, industrial gray with blue overtones that will never go out of style. Milk Paint by General Finishes is a premium water-based interior/exterior acrylic paint with zero VOC colorants. It is currently available in 33 hues and is named for its flat, low-luster sheen. It is also premixed for your convenience. This paint does not require a topcoat because it is self-sealing. Clear topcoats should not be used over brilliant white paint because they may be yellow due to a reaction with the substrate. Yellowing may occur in light-colored paints due to topcoat application, although it will be less obvious.

General Finishes Water Based Milk Paint
Image Source: Amazon

Premium furniture paint is extremely durable and has a high adhesion rating for indoor and outdoor usage. Apply to unfinished wood or existing finishes that have been pretreated. Perfect for cabinet refinishing and upcycling. Apply 2-3 applications with an HVLP 2.0 tip using a roller, brush, or sprayer and clean up the water.

Rockler brand covers all aspects of woodcrafts and maintains a good quality. The collection of products is huge, and it is a dream shop for all the woodworkers to find all it in one shop. Rockler’s woodworking supply guarantees your wood-crafting journey to be smooth and recreational.

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