The Best Vinyl Plank Cutter Review 

Best Vinyl Plank Cutter

If your family and friends ask you about the new type of flooring you are getting in your house, they ask why you went with it. We chose to go with a vinyl plank flooring cutter for its durability, making the installation process relatively quick. And if you’ve ever had to paint your hardwood floors only to have to re-paint them a few years later because of scratches, well, vinyl is far more durable. So we thought it would be the best option for our home at the time.

A vinyl cutter will save you time and money because you won’t need to pay for someone else to cut the flooring for you.

Roberts cutter

To cut your vinyl plank, you won’t need any special adhesives or glue. Most flooring cutters are designed to work using your hands.

You can go through the listing below, choose some available products, and decide on the most suitable one. Before deciding on the type to buy, look at the cost, easy-to-use features, materials, and other vital features. If you need to install the flooring materials by yourself, you need to go for an easy tool to use.

Sharpshooter 2.0 Laminate Flooring & Siding Cutter

Laminate Flooring Siding Cutter
Image Source: South Africa

If you need to get your floors and sliding installed faster, sharpshooter 2.0 Laminate flooring and the sliding cutter are tools for desirable results. It is a versatile tool, light-duty with a diminution of up to 9 inches wide x 9/16 inches thick. 

Make ultra-quick cut without the annoying dust, electrical cord, or noise on your flooring and sliding product. Use the tool to cut your WPC, laminate, HardiePlank, CORETec, vinyl, Pergo, LP Smartside, Plank flooring, among other materials. The tool is quick, dust-free, and easy to use. It is a high stand tool with lightweight and economical than a magnum line.

Product features

It saves time 

You can make cuts from wherever you are working. Whether inside or outside. There is no noise and dust as you work. You can choose to work either early or late on your project.

Sharpshooter 2.0 Laminate Flooring Siding Cutter


A single shear blade lasts more than ten or more saw blades. The tool eliminates spending extra cash on purchasing the Hardie board saw blade or several flooring saw blades.

Build with high-quality material

The tool is made from high-quality material and craftsmanship. 

Sharpshooter Laminate Flooring Siding Cutter

Product pros 

  • Replicable blade
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • It is accurate
  • Sturdy structure with easy maneuverability
  • In build ruler
  • Included hone stone
  • Designed with a metal jacketed polymer bearing
  • Aircraft aluminum frame.
  • Optimized structure with best in class power to weight ratio
  • Integrated Camlock
  • Designed with a full table high-density polymer wear surface

Product cons 

  • If not correctly used, this laminate wood floor cutter works well but can easily break your laminate wood material.

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Norske Tools Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter

Use this simple tool to cut a variety of your flooring materials ranging from fiber cement board, vinyl siding, and engineered wood up to 13 inches wide and 19/32 inches thick. The tool comes complete and is easy to use in the installation process. 

Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter
Image Source: Youtube

It produces a precision and clean-cut while creating a no splintering and smooth finish

The laminate floor cutting tool has high-quality and sturdy aluminum construction for longer-lasting. 

Its extended handle increases leverage and performance efficiency. Its design features a table miter gauge for angle cut from 0 to 45 degrees and a high-speed knife.

Product features 

It cuts a variety of materials. 

Use the tool to cut fiber cement board, vinyl flooring engineering wood flooring, laminate, vinyl tiles, and sliding up. It has heavy-duty aluminum construction for accurate cutting.

High-speed steel 

With this cutter, you Experience a clean and precise cut without splintering a smooth finish. The cutting tool includes a 13-inch-high speed blade.

Angle cuts 

The tile cutter for vinyl plank features a meter gauge for angle cut. You can make adjustments from 0 to 45 degrees.

Norske Tools Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter

Dustless and quiet cuts 

You can use this cutter anywhere. Whether indoors or outdoors, the tool will serve you well. It is dustless and quite cut without the need for electricity connectivity.

Ultimate precision 

The product designers are leading in the industry precision, innovation and performance. It is an ideal tool for the professional who desires high accuracy and performance.


Norske tools have a design every professional needs for high performance.


Norske provides products with durable and professional construction that offers a long service. The reinforcement of the table provided added strength and durability.

Handle for increased leverage 

The 28 – ½ inch handle provides increased leverage and easier cutting.

Norske Tools
Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter 1

Product pros 

  • Ultimate professionalism
  • Unmatched precision and durability
  • High-speed steel
  • Dustless and noiseless cutting

Product cons

  • It may not cut materials exceeding their recommended thickness.

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EAB Tool 2100007 13″ Laminate Floor Cutter

EAB Tool
Image Source: YouTube

The vinyl cutter is appropriate for every relevant job user. It works well with professional contractors, do it yourself, heavy-duty users. Designers had functionality in mind when coming up with this tool. This tool offers a professional cut that makes your work easy for the easy and first installation of the laminates and engineered wood floor. It cuts a maximum of 330 cm (13 inches) and a depth of 16cm (5/8inches). EAB Tool 2100007 13″ Laminate Floor Cutter has a heavy-duty steel and aluminum framework and solid ABS work surface for sturdiness. You can extend its handle for additional leverage and achieve easy cutting. Its packaged along with the sharpening stone for re-sharpening its replaceable blade and improving its functionality.

Its affordability and engineering design stand out among competing brands in quality, value, durability, and performance.

Product features 

Extended handle 

You can extend the handle for additional leverage when working on a heavier or thicker material and improve your work efficiency.

EAB Tool Floor Cutter

Easy and replaceable blade

It is easy to adjust the worn-out blade on the cutter. The process is simple. You adjust the screw in the bottom, then rote the two pads to achieve a dust-free cutting. When the blade blunts, you can easily replace it with a new one.

Dustless cutting 

The tool offers free cutting. However, some cheap laminating flooring may occasionally get chipping along the edges. You can reduce such occurrences by turning the laminate floor upside down.

It comes with the honing stone. 

You can work with honing stone. You need to lift the blade, set the rock, and start sliding it through on both sides.

Product pros 

  • Easy to use
  • Offers value for your money
  • Accurate in cutting
  • Extended handle
  • Dust-free cutting
  • Easy to replace the blade

Product cons 

  • Its blade may not be able to handle laminates that exceed its ability

EAB Tool

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MARSHALLTOWN Laminate Flooring Cutter

The MARSHALLTOWN Laminate Flooring Cutter will help you install your laminate, vinyl wood flooring installation. With the tool, you enjoy a dustless and noiseless cut without the need for electricity connectivity. Use the tool for cutting products up to 13 inches, 12 mm thick, and a 1200 Janka hardness. It features a movable aluminum fence for precision and an integrated handle for easy use.


Product features 

Cut variety of material 

Use the tool for cutting up to 330 mm (13 inches wide) LVP, Pergo, Laminate and RCV.


The tool is designed with lightweight and portable USA materials.

Movable fence 

It features a movable fence for 45 degrees and 90 degrees’ cuts.

Cut variety of laminate materials 

With the tool, you can cut laminate vinyl up to 12 mm thick, engendered wood up to 10 mm wide, and 1200 Janka.

MARSHALLTOWN Laminate Flooring Cutter
Image Source: eBay

Durable construction 

The tool features a metal jacketed bearing for enhanced durability and improved assembly for long service life.

Product pros 

  • Easy to use and high maneuverability
  • Was to assemble
  • Offers value for your money
  • Accurate

Product cons 

  • The Assembly process may take time if you don’t follow the correct procedure.

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ROBERTS 8″ Laminate and Vinyl Plank Cutter

ROBERTS Laminate Cutter

Roberts Laminate and vinyl plank cutter is a reputable flooring installation tool with an innovative design to address the current professional’s challenges. It features a special design with a zinc-plated carbon steel blade. Its non-sharp cutting edge allows cutting of the laminate and a vinyl plank flooring with more precision domination. With applying pressure by forceful push of the handle, the tool cuts the laminate flooring effectively up to 10 mm thick and 8 in wide. For the vinyl, the tool can cut up to 4mm thick and 8 in wide.

Product features 

Ideal tool for cutting laminate plunks flooring.

With the tool, you can effectively cut laminate flooring up to 8 inches wide and thickness of 10 mm. you can also use the tool to cut vinyl plunk of up to 8 inches thick and 4 mm thick. It cut with the application of pressure on the handle when you forcefully push.

Accurate and precise cut 

The blunt cutting edge of the tool prevents the splitting of the laminate while cutting. Its zinc-plated carbon steel blade has a band and non-sharp edge for cutting the laminate while preventing it from splitting. Its design also features a safety latch that secures the blade while not in use.


Steel frame for maximum stability 

This laminate floor cutting tool features a heavy-duty steel frame that ensures maximum stability for maximum stability. It also has a support stand that allows positioning and keeping the plank leveled as you make the cuts.

Long handle for leverage 

Its comfortable 26 inches long handle features a non-slip grove grip that offers superior leverage.

Lightweight and easy to carry 

The tool is lightweight. You can comfortably carry it from one room to another.


Product cons

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around 
  • Offers value for your money 
  • More accurate 
  • Stable 
  • Long handle for leverage 

Product cons

  • The tool is designed for cutting end pieces for covering with the base molding. It is therefore not suitable for cutting laminate with attached padding.

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Crain 673 Wood Cutter

Crain 673 woodcutter is an ideal tool for engineered wood, laminate, and softer solid. It is designed with a movable fence for diagonal cutting and guiding accurate repeated cuts. The wheel allows cutter movement from a kneeling position. The tool comes with a complete package with one woodcutter and a sharpening stone for maintaining the blade.

Crain 673 Wood Cutter
Image Source: Intafloors

Product features 

The idea for a variety of flooring material 

The tool is ideal for cutting laminates, softer solids, and engineered wood.

Movable fence 

It features a movable fence for diagonal and accurate guiding of the repeated cut.

Wheel for easy movement 

It also features a wheel that allows easy movement from a kneeling position.

Crain Wood Cutter

Sharpening stone and woodcutter included 

As you buy the tool, you receive a sharpening stone for maintaining a blade. It also comes with one woodcutter.

Product pros 

  • Designed with a movable fence
  • Movable fence
  • Sharpening stone and woodcutter included

Product cons

  • The listing is for only one cutter and not two

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Final thought 

Just because you want to install your floors doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a flooring cutter. It makes the job significantly manageable and much quicker. Best vinyl plank cutters are designed specifically for cutting vinyl and are made of heavy-duty steel, which can hold up to even the most challenging jobs. You can cut planks as wide as ¾ inches and as long as you need them. When you’re cutting vinyl, you must use a flooring cutter with the proper blades. It is difficult to make good cuts using an ordinary table saw.

Does your job require you to go to work at different times of the week? If so, you’re going to want a portable flooring cutter. Make sure the flooring cutter you choose is easy for you to carry around. Most of them can fit in a briefcase, making them very convenient for jobs requiring on-the-spot repairs.

You can use a vinyl floor plank cutter to cut both straight and curved cuts. You’ll never have to worry about getting the lines you want on your flooring planks again. Installing flooring is easier than ever, thanks to improved tools that allow you to cut precisely sized planks in just minutes.

Image Source: Amazon

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