The Pros and Cons of Using the Orbital Sanders in the Woodshop

Pros and Cons of Orbital Sanders

An orbital sander is a powerful tool used to polish a surface by rubbing and grinding with sandpaper. This tool is used most of the time in wood shops for polishing and smoothing woods. It is also a very helpful tool for shaping the woods into perfect shape. There are many types of sanders. Different types of sanders are used for different types of work. The various types of orbital sander are random orbital sander which is used the most to shape woods and known to all, disc sander that is used to shape abrasive paper into a circle; handheld sander, which is used to form wood or stone, vibrating sander, which works though vibration and another type is metal sander which works on metallic material. 

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Among all these types of sanders, the best and most useful one is the random orbital sanders. In most wood shops, people use random orbital electric sanders to make the perfect wood shape without facing any difficulties. This type is also very easy to use, so people use it the most among all the types. 

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Orbital sanders are used in woodshops for forming wood in proper shapes. They are very useful tools for shaping woods. In woodshops, people use mostly random orbital sanders. There are a lot of advantages to using orbit sanders. But, still, there are some disadvantages of these tools. So, it can be said that there are some pros and cons of using orbit sanders in wood shops. People have to use orbit sanders by keeping all the pros and cons in mind for making the perfect use of these tools. 


If people think about the advantages or pros of using orbital tools, then they can find many of them. Nowadays, using orbital tools in wood shops has become a must. In woodshops, some of the pros of using orbital sanders are:

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Easy to use

Orbital sanders are very easy to use. Anyone can use these tools after having a short period of training or a tutorial. After learning all its functions, it is quite easy to use because no task or function is tough to use. That’s why orbital sanders are easy to use. In woodshops, it is needed to use some tools that are easy to use, and orbit sanders play that role perfectly.

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Easy to handle and control

Orbital sanders are very easy to handle. After learning about the tool, it is easier to handle properly. If someone thinks about using an electric machine, he has to learn about the machine’s functions. After that, sometimes it becomes hard to handle the machine because of the size of the machine. But orbit sanders are very easy to handle because of the machine’s size and functions working properly. So, orbital sanders are easy to handle. In wood shops, because of the size of orbit sanders, they take a small place, and they are very easy to handle and control.

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High-quality professional finish

Using orbit sanders is very useful to make a high-quality professional finish. In woodshops, the perfect shape of the wood is very important. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to do the other jobs if it is not in proper shape. Orbital sanders help to form a professional finish of the woods easily. They also help to maintain the finishing quality of the woods. That’s why orbital sanders are very important to form a high-quality professional finish.

Power saving friendly

Orbital sanders are very power-saving friendly. During the use of orbit sanders, less amount of power needs there. It helps to save power. In woodshops, orbital sanders are used frequently. As they help to save power, it is good for the shop because the workers of the shops can save power easily without facing any consequences in their job. It is also good for the betterment of the country. So, in wood shops, orbit sanders play an important role in saving power.

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The orbital sanders have a lot of pros. Using this in wood shops is the best choice to some extent. But, there are also some cons of using orbit sanders in wood shops that can’t be denied. Besides all the pros, people also have to keep these cons in their minds during orbit sanders. In woodshops, some of the cons of orbital sanders are:

Expensive to buy

Orbital sanders are very useful but very expensive to buy. The cost of this tool is quite high, so those who start a new business or have a shortage of money can’t afford it. In woodshops, orbital sanders are needed for making the best products. But still, because of the expense, people can’t afford it or the best quality of these tools, ich is a negative side. So, it can be said that orbit sanders are expensive to buy, which is one of the major cons.

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More time is needed to function

Orbital sanders need more time to function. This tool takes more time to perform properly. Sometimes, it becomes hard to finish the work in time because of this reason. In woodshops, orbit sanders are needed, but they take more time to form the shape of the woods, which sometimes creates a negative impact if there is any deadline. So, this is another cons of orbital sanders in terms of wood shops. 

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In the end, it can be said that orbital sanders play an important role in wood shops. This tool has various types, but the most common and useful one is the random orbit sanders. Orbit sanders are very needed in wood shops for forming the perfect shape and smooth finishing of the woods. This tool is very easy to use and operate. Besides other machines in the wood shops, this tool is also a very important one. This tool has multiple pros and advantages. People can use this easily. Along with the pros, this tool has some cons as well. But, it is seen that the pros are more than the cons. So, people should keep all this tool’s pros and cons in mind and use this tool accordingly. So, using orbital sanders in wood shops plays a vital role.

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