5 things you didn’t know about jigsaws

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Well, as we know that jigsaws are used in woodworking. Here we are going to find out some interesting facts and special features about the jigsaws that you probably never heard of before. So, as the name suggests jigsaws are a simple but very useful saw that has a reciprocating blade used to cut wood or metal. There are a lot of different types of jigsaws but the two main types which are most used are the ones powered by electricity and the other one is a cordless model, also called the battery power chainsaws. And the one that is rarely bought or used is the Pneumatic jigsaws that run on compressed air, unlike others. Jigsaws are also called power tools and are the most versatile type of saws that are currently available. Some of the special features that you might not be knowing are mentioned below.

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Process of working

We all just know that the jigsaws can be used for cutting but, you also get an additional pendulum stroke for some jigsaws which is a more complex tool to be used. In such jigsaws that have an option for a pendulum stroke, a special pin is needed so that it can help in maintaining the motion rate. The jigsaws with this mechanism of action have an increased cutting speed but, can be used only for very rough work. Also, you can turn it off and use it for some smooth woodwork too.


The potential to work properly is also important for a jigsaw. So, for the tool to work properly and efficiently, it needs to have a good power source as it is a power tool. There are domestic and professional jigsaw tools. But you need to have a tool that has power above 700 watts so that the tool can cut more cleanly and efficiently. We don’t recommend domestic jigsaw as it ranges between 350-700. So, a professional jigsaw is the best to work with as it reaches up to 1500 watts and gives a smooth and clean finish hassle-free.

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Versatile use

As you might already know that a jigsaw is a versatile tool. Some people might not be knowing that can you also get jigsaws that can be adjusted to different angle cuts. Well, the jigsaw that has such features can be helpful when you have a lot of woodworking to be done – mostly in a construction site or different woods to be cut or different designs to be made. So, we always recommend the bi-sided bevel capability jigsaw as it can adjust to different angle cuts of your choice.

Reduction of Vibration

The use of a jigsaw can cause some vibrations which might not be good while cutting. Mostly these vibrations are caused when you are cutting harder materials. The vibrations caused while working for a small amount of time may not be convenient for some users. So, the user must know to buy a jigsaw that has a vibration reduction feature that can be comfortable for long use.

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Sole Plate of the Jigsaw

The jigsaw sole plate must not be harmed at all, it should be damage-free. If you need highly accurate and efficient work then the sole plate must not be deformed in any way possible. Additionally, it must be completely made up of cast metal and not any other material. The plate must also be a hardy solid and must bear large loads when working. The anti-slip feature of the soleplate is for cutting very delicate and smooth materials. So, it is always better to pay attention to the soleplate of the jigsaw when you are buying one. Many people might just think it is a normal plate so keep every small thing in mind when buying a jigsaw for accurate and efficient woodwork.

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The uses of a battery power chainsaw or jigsaw are enormous and never-ending and many people having DIY-fever tend to use one nowadays. So, it is better to know some of the special features that might help you too in one of your projects.

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