Top 10 Must-Have Woodworking Tools For Your Workshop

woodworking tools

Muscle power of craftsmanship without the support of proper tools is not enough for you to get started in woodworking. You need to have some essential woodworking tools before you open your workshop.

We have selected 10 best woodworking tools that are important for building the foundation of your workshop to manufacture quality end products on time. To create the list, we mostly emphasized the safety issue as woodworking is a hazardous and dangerous work unless you make yourself equipped with the right tools. So be serious about following the user manuals and taking all the precautions.

Japanese Saw

The Japanese saw is one of the popular tools for woodworkers. If you compare it to the European saws you find the Japanese saw much smarter which is capable of providing the exact cut in a much efficient manner. These two have a simple difference that is the tooth direction. Japanese saws use the cut on the pull method whereas the European saws cut on the push. Pulling is much easier and less energy-consuming than Pushing. Perhaps, for this reason why you see the horse is put in front of the cart. So this efficient Japanese saw is something you must have in your woodworking tools arsenal.

Router Woodworking Tool

The list cannot go further without mentioning the router woodworking tool that is usually mounted upside down and also used for hollowing out an area on the surface of a workpiece. Woodworkers use it to cut different profiles for shaping and joining decorative edges to any piece for enhancing its beauty and dimension. They also use routers to cut joinery like dovetails and dados. The great thing about a router is that one can purchase an unlimited amount of profiles that are best suited to the requirements that arise with woodworking.


The line of difference where a craftsman and a factory worker split is the handwork in the woodworking field. The reason a craftsman is so desirable because he knows handwork that enables him to create joinery which the machining cannot. A chisel is a tool that every craftsman must have in his woodworking tools box as it removes waste and enables a tight and perfect fit in joinery. Chisels are available in different shapes and sizes and also in different materials. Harder materials need lesser sharpening which increases the time to work. You can use chisels for creating mortise and tenons, dovetails, and much more.

Circular Saw

We have another very important saw on the list that is the circular saw. It is a handheld or a table-mounted saw that is capable of setting up the depth of the blade, which enables the woodworkers to create dados, cut-offs and narrow slots. There are some pros and cons that you find in all saws, and one con of the circular saw is its lightweight nature which sometimes causes it to move while cutting. Although stability is very crucial to have in the machine for a safer cut. On the other hand, you can also find it as an advantage as it provides you the mobility and the freedom to easily work anywhere.


The jigsaw is another efficient hand held and versatile saw that we have in our list. It is mainly used for cutting the curves. Although you have enough freedom with a jigsaw as it can cut circles and straights along with the curves. The curve’s fineness depends on the width of the blade. One downside to the jigsaw is that cutting a straight line can be slightly difficult depending upon the nature of the woods that you want to cut. But it is not a big deal once you make sure to have the sharper blades.

Power Drill

The Power drill is a very important tool that includes multipurpose service. You need it everywhere starting from your home use to the workshop inventory. Although this tool is not intended solely for woodworking, beginner craftsmen should buy this to obtain similar results. Having said that, there are some ways to convert your handheld drill into a drill press when you need that adds versatility to it.

Random Orbital Sander

Random orbital sander is one of the most important woodworking tools that one should have. This sander comes with a great finish. When the craftsman starts sanding, the first thing he ensures is the grain direction while deciding on the direction the sandpaper should move. But it is not the case for random orbital sander as its circular movements help you do your job without paying too much attention in the grain direction. It also comes with a velcro pad that does sandpaper discs switching in seconds. You also find most sanders allowing speed control. This is important because you do not desire to over or under sand your woodwork as sanding will exist after you finish your job.

Table Saw

The table saw is the centerpiece of the woodworking tools set. It probably is the largest and most impactful tool in the workshop. Table saw is such an important tool that you do not even need any mentions. It shows that only collecting some hand tools is not enough to create a shop. The hand tools are not capable of doing every job and there comes the need for tools like the table saw.  Especially, when you have many blades to set up and change for different applications. Table saws are very good at creating consistent and straight cuts. To set up a table saw for a perfect cut, the woodworkers need to set the blade’s and also adjust the fence according to the desired width.

Compound Miter Saw

Although the compound miter saw is a mobile tool, it is recommended for you to set it in place with elongated tables on both ends. You find this saw very handy as it can make quick and precise cuts that allow compound cuts. Along with a rotating table, the compound miter saw comes with a rotating vertical pivot that allows the blade and the cutter head to be tilted laterally. This allows both the vertical and horizontal cuts to stay angled on both planes.


Last but not the least that we have is not a woodworking tool but a combination of tools that we can call together as safety tools or safety measures. This is something every shop or professional individual should take care of. You need to go through all the safety requirements of the tools, but there are also a few other issues that need to be addressed. Firstly, you should use proper eye protection to avoid any accidents that can happen due to the crack of the blades or air born of the wood. Therefore, if you want your eyesight to be safe, you must wear safety glasses. Secondly, you need ear protection as well. Since many of the power tools create a high decibel noise, your ears can get damaged and cause tinnitus. You can find many ear protection options available on the market, so choose one that you find most suitable for you. Finally, the last safety measure you should take care of is the dust collection. Dust collection is not visible and thus overlooked, but it can harm you big time by entering into the lungs and inhibit the air capacity of the lungs.


To open a workshop is exciting. It assumed that you want to combine the right skills with the right woodworking tools for providing the best service. While you shop for the tools, do not be overwhelmed and try to be best with the basics. All the tools we mentioned here are the basic tools for woodworking; so just get yourself with these and that will do. Once you feel you ready you can always upgrade and invest at the perfect time.

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