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Have you been facing trouble while joining your wood pieces? Or do you want to improve the bond between your wood pieces? Then, you are probably haven’t come across a biscuit joiner. If you are a professional carpenter, you are well aware of what a biscuit joiner is or how it functions. But if you are learning the basics of woodworking, you need to understand why a biscuit joiner is so important for woodworkers. Only then can you choose the best biscuit joiner for you. 

How does a biscuit joiner work? 

The way it works is a biscuit joiner makes slots in your wood where these biscuits get inserted. When the glue gets on the biscuits, they expand and fill the slot made for them, and they create a very tight joint and reinforce the connection between the two pieces of wood. Now, one big advantage of this is when you’re joining end grain to face grain. So the biscuit joiner itself, like I was saying, is a tool with a cutting edge inside it. It’s like a small circular saw. The blade spins around, and you push it into the wood while it’s running, and it makes that slot. Pretty simple design, but it’s more flexible than that. It can make slots of all different sizes. There are several different sizes of these biscuits available. End grain is a weak part of the wood in terms of joinery, and putting a biscuit in there helps bump up the strength slightly. So we’re going to do these along the edge to show an example. The way you layout this kind of joinery is very simple. You’re simply making two sets of lines where the biscuits will be in both pieces of wood. 

Now that you are aware of the undeniable importance of a biscuit jointer, you must be waondering which biscuit jointer is ideal for you so that you can manage to join your pieces of wood together perfectly and effortlessly. Here’s a guide for you to make your searching easier. 

DEWALT DW682K 6.5 Amp Plate Joiner

Biscuit Joiner

The DEWALT DW682K Plate Joiner Kit allows you to cut slots for holding biscuits with precision. In addition, this kit includes an easy-to-adjust fence, a heavy-duty nonmarring shoe, and preset stops for all common biscuit sizes so that you can craft solid joints quickly and accurately.

Integrated and Adjustable Fence 

Accuracy is critical when creating joints, and The DEWALT Plate Joiner Kit delivers. Its dual rack-and-pinion fence is designed to ensure the blade and fence are always parallel–the toughest part of creating a perfect joint. This one-piece fence is integrated into the joiner’s overall design for convenience, plus it’s adjustable and can be tilted at angles ranging from 0 to 90 degrees. The plate joiner’s configuration lets you make flush cuts without removing the fence. In addition, a 45-degree locating notch in the fence allows for easy indexing of an outside registration.

DEWALT DW682K 6.5 Amp Plate Joiner

Dependable Motor 

The DW682 K’s 6-1/2 amp, 10,000 rpm motor provides plenty of power for making cuts at a depth of up to 20 millimeters–even in the hardest woods. The power behind the cut is an integral part of making this tool safer, as it prevents unexpected movements with your workpiece.

Convenient Design Including Preset Stops

Equipped with a non-marring, heavy-duty aluminum shoe, the DW682K can be clamped down for stable, stationary work. And whether you’re using the joiner clamped down or as a free-moving unit, the retractable, antislip pins help hold your workpiece in place for the perfect cut. And it weighs just 6.6 pounds for easy handling.

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Ryobi 6-Amp Biscuit Joiner Kit

Ryobi 6 Amp Biscuit Joiner Kit

Ryobi introduces the Ryobi Biscuit Joiner Kit. The biscuit joiner allows cutting slots for holding biscuits with precision. It can cut angles from 0-135 Degree with positive stops at 0 Degree, 45 Degree, 90 Degree, and 135 Degree. Includes carbide-tipped blade, accurate metal fences with rack and pinion adjustment and over-mold for user comfort. In addition, this tool features a powerful 6-Amp motor that delivers up to 10,000 RPM. 


If you set the biscuit joiner in 90 degrees, you will see that it will give you a pretty much square accuracy. You will be amazed and impressed by the accuracy level that this biscuit joiner will give you. 


This biscuit joiner is perfect for joining alignment as it can be adjusted according to your need. You can adjust it at point 0 or even at 20, and it will still give you the best feedback. 

Biscuit Joiner Kit


This joiner gives you almost perfect measurement as it goes deeper when you try to set it to even at 0. The measurement is also accurate, which makes your joining task flawless. Of course, you have to unlock it if you want to move it. And this will allow you to have a wide cut. Sounds great, right? 


This biscuit joiner can be easily balanced as it gives you a good grip. So you don’t have to worry about losing balance on the tool. 

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Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Plate Joiner



The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Plate Joiner (model XJP03Z, tool only) provides portability and performance in the field or the shop — without the cord. The XJP03Z combines power and precision with ease-of-use features for strong and accurate biscuit joints, cabinet construction and fine woodworking applications.


This biscuit joiner features Rack-and-pinion vertical fence system engineered for accurate adjustments. Cast aluminum pivot fence with three positive stops at 0Degree, 45Degree and 90Degree, and easy centering on 3/4″ material

Makita 18V LXT Lithium Ion Cordless Plate Joiner


It is comfortable and convenient as the cordless plate joiner provides portability on job sites. In addition, the cordless plate joiner provides portability and performance in the field or the shop without the cord. 


The joiner provides up to 300 cuts or 150 joints on a single charge. In addition, the jointer is large and has easy-to-operate cam locks for fence adjustments. So, it saves up your time. 

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REXBETI Wood Biscuit Plate Joiner Kit

REXBETI Wood Biscuit Plate Joiner Kit

If you are in the woodworking business or enjoy making your furniture at home, This REX031 biscuit joiner is the right tool to make your life much easier. This power tool is designed to cut three different size slots in wood so that you can insert a flat wooden “biscuit” and glue planks together. The biscuit looks like a football and will add significant strength to the joint. In addition, gluing multiple planks together is done to make larger table surfaces instead of working with one solid piece of wood.


The adjustable tilt fence can be locked anywhere from 0° To 90° to make quick, accurate biscuit cuts for easily joining mitered pieces. The angled knob allows you to adjust the fence angle and helps you to tackle edge-to-edge, end-to-edge and miter-to-miter


You can’t just go out and get a Festool domino or even a Biscuit Joiner for $130+ in a little shop. It’s a specialized tool that isn’t utilized very often. Unless you’re constantly gluing tabletops, it works well; you may need to fine-tune the biscuits you use, but it consistently produces excellent results.



Easy to quickly set the fence angle and height, a great tool for beginners. Ergonomically designed top grip handle for enhanced comfort.

Dust control 

Dust extractable design provides easy clean-up and an unobstructed view when in use. The biscuit joiner has a suction function when the biscuit joint is used and can keep the working area away from flying debris—clean slots holes for better glue adhesion and longer cutter life.

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Lamello Zeta P2 Biscuit Joiner with Diamond Cutter

Lamello Zeta P2 Biscuit Joiner with Diamond Cutter

The Zeta P2 is the profile biscuit joiner for P-System anchorage, and the Climax P connector range in particular, and is used to connect wood materials. The integrated vertical mechanical drive on the cutting spindle of the Zeta P2 is the centerpiece of this profile biscuit joiner. The vertical mechanical drive automatically performs a vertical movement during the cutting process to create the profile groove. All P-System fittings are manually inserted into this groove, ensuring a fast form-locking anchorage. In addition, the Zeta P2 can cut P-System grooves for connecting fittings with varying installation depths simply by turning the P-System depth adjuster, thus removing the need to change cutters.

Time saver

You can have an extremely fast joining method using a power tool. This tool is rapid, simple and precise while working familiarly like with Lamello biscuit joiners. Identical grooves on both workpieces, saving time by removing the need for depth adjustments and minimizing the risk of errors.

Lamello Zeta

Innovative technology

Fitting installation with innovative profile groove technology greatly reduces labor time while also negating the need for additional fastening materials. This means you can go easy with your work and get the work done within your time. 

Great fit

This biscuit joiner offers five different cutting depths for various connecting fittings for joining wood. Also compatible with biscuits and other 4 mm fittings. You will receive great fitting and precise feedback. 

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PORTER-CABLE Plate Joiner Kit

Offering seven cutting settings to handle various wood types, the Porter-Cable 557 Deluxe Plate Joiner Kit boasts an industry-leading motor for powerful, dependable performance. Whether you’re a professional cabinetmaker or woodworker, you’ll appreciate the 557’s versatile fence and efficient design.

Power and Precision

The 557 owes its robust performance to a powerful 7 amp, 120-volt motor that rotates the blade at 10,000 RPM. The fence tilts from 0 to 135 degrees for east placement inside and outside corner registrations. A positive adjustable stop at 90 degrees and a micro-height adjustment knob ensure proper biscuit positioning for precision and versatility. The bale handle is attached to the fence rather than the motor for optimum control and stability during cuts.

PORTER CABLE Plate Joiner Kit


Complete with a lock-on trigger, the 557 boasts an innovative fence system with a pivot point that provides accurate height readings, as well as a fencing plate for stabilization, centering, and spacing. A keyhole-slotted blade cover and spindle lock make for quick and easy blade removal and changing, while seven cutting settings tackle a range of biscuit sizes and fastening accessories.

Portability and Comfortable 

For easy portability, handling, and storage, the 557 has a height of 7 inches and weighs just 7-1/2 pounds. So, even if you are a beginner, you need not worry if you can handle the tool or not! 

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VonHaus 8.5 Amp Wood Biscuit Plate Joiner

VonHaus 8.5 Amp Wood Biscuit Plate Joiner

This woodworking tool is for flawless joints. This ensures effortlessly flawless joining of wood pieces. This can be considered as one of your favorite biscuit jointers. 

Accurate Cutting

Create a strong biscuit dowel connection to suit your project. This tool will accurately cut adjoining holes for miter joints, T-joints, butt joints and edge-to-edge joints.

Total Control

The large top grip gives you control over the tool, while the slim, ergonomic body makes for comfortable operation.

Dust Collection

Fit the dust bag to the joiner with a simple push-on connection. Then, with a suction function that operates while the biscuit joiner is in use, it will keep the working area clear from flying debris, giving you the best possible view.


Easy Operation

The adjustable tilt fence can be locked anywhere from 0° to 90° – perfect for angled biscuit insertion for miter joints.

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AOBEN 8.5 Amp Biscuit Cutter Plate Joiner

VonHaus 1

Now that you have decided to do the cabinetry project on your own, Aoben is here to help you with our sturdy 8.5 Amp Biscuit Cutter Plate Joiner that comes with 50 pieces of No.20 size wood biscuits. The tool offers seamless wood joints with a Tungsten Carbide razor-sharp tipped blade with utmost precision. Aoben has been into professional tool manufacturing since 1986. With the principle of “easy and safe working,” we are driven by our users’ experience and the highest level of trust they bestow upon us.

Uncluttered Project

We want to keep your working area neat and clean. When the biscuit joiner is switched on, the sawdust bag collects all the flying debris. All you need to do is fit the bag to the duster with the push-on connection provided.




To keep it simple, we have given you preset standard biscuit sizes ranging from 0 to 20. You can also switch to Manual Mode (denoted as M) if you want to move on to custom depths.


Aoben Cutter Plate Joiner comes with a toolbox to store away your machine in a systematic manner in their designated places.

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Aidelife Wood Biscuit Plate Joiner kit

Aidelife Wood Biscuit Plate Joiner kit

The Aidelife wood biscuit plate joiner comes with a 1 x 4″ blade; the biscuit joiner is also compatible with all biscuit joiner blades that are 100mm (4″) in diameter with a 22mm bore. Includes a dust port with a dust bag for easy clean-up.

Low cost

The kit came packed in a sturdy box that contained all the items shown above. The unit appears to be solidly constructed & well made. You will also be pleased with the price point; this unit provides you the biscuit-joiner capability at a relatively low cost.

The unit easily connects to your Makita angle-grinder. 

Aidelife Wood Biscuit Plate Joiner


This biscuit joiner is compatible with any other joiner and will ensure maximum work value. You can be relaxed while using it as it will not cause any damage to the wool or the work worker. 


Easy to quickly set the fence angle and height, a great tool for beginners. An adjustable fence allows the tool to be set on an angle for easily joining mitered pieces.

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Things to consider while choosing the best Biscuit Joiner

When choosing the best biscuit joiner, there are certain features you need to look for in a biscuit joiner. Once you manage to find all the features, you can be assured that you got yourself the best biscuit joiner. Knowing the features will lead you to the perfect biscuit joiner you have been looking for. 

Fence Features 

It will help if you look for a biscuit jointer to adjust the fence setting. For an ideal setting, you’ll want one that can be set at 45 degrees and 135 degrees. Also, please search for a tool to raise or lower it while it stays completely parallel to the blade.

Power Source 

The biscuit joiner can be found in corded and cordless options. If you want to work for long periods without having to stop to replace a battery, you better get yourself a cordless one. 

Blade Size

Most biscuit joiners will come with the standard 4″ blade. You can also find a tool with a smaller 2″ blade. The smaller blade allows you to cut smaller slots. 

Handle Style

Biscuit joiners have one of two handle styles: a barrel grip where you’re holding the body of the tool or a D-handle. Most people prefer the barrel grip because they can get a better grip on the tool and control where they are cutting.

Concluding Part

Using a biscuit joiner might seem tougher to you at the beginning. But once you understand its functions, you can easily control the tool for your work. These joiners were designed so that they can provide the users maximum usage, so you won’t be disappointed if you can use them in the right way. These are to-go tools for professional woodworkers, and beginners also don’t need to worry as the tools are convenient. All you need to do is, choose your biscuit joiner properly.

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