The top ten belt sander product review 

The top ten belt sander product review

Sanding isn’t glamorous, but many jobs need it. If you’re planning to purchase sanding equipment, choosing the top belt sander is essential. This article will look at the top ten belt sanders in 2022 and provide you with an overview of all important features. In addition, we’ll discuss how simple to swap out the belt if they come with dust collectors and how easy they are to work with.

Alongside the basics, we’ll cover questions about belt sanders in our buying guide. We are starting from stationary belt sanders to cordless sanders. We’ve got it covered. Find out the top belt sanders for 2022.

Makita 9903 Variable Speed

Makita Variable Speed
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Features of the Belt Sander 

Quiet Operation

If you’re in search of speed and power coupled with ease of use, you’ve come to the right place with the Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander. The Makita sander is ideal for completing woodworking jobs. It’s the perfect instrument for furniture makers, flooring installers, carpenters, deck builders, and general contractors. The Makita is equipped with a powerful 8.8 amp motor. It can maintain a constant pace with its electric control of speed.

The belt sander is highly efficient and will get rid of material quickly and efficiently. The belt’s auto-tracking system will track the belt and does not require adjustments. Due to the ingenious layout of the Makita, the belt sander will be able to sand in a straight line with the wall. The Makita can produce 85dB, considerably less raucous than its rivals. This makes it among the most effective belt sanders you can get for garages at home.

Makita 9903 Variable Speed
Image Source: Amazon

The wide ergonomic grip on the front will allow users to use the Makita sander comfortably, while its low-profile design gives you more stability. The Makita is also equipped with a powerful dust collection system. It comes with a dust bag made of cloth that will help reduce dust around your work area. In addition, a 16.4-foot length power cable lets you move around the Makita quickly.

It is fast, efficient, and quiet, and this is the ideal tool to perform any woodwork. It’s Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander is among the top belt sanders you can find on the market. With excellent features and easy use, it’s perfect for commercial or home use.


  • Variable speed dial
  • Powerful 8.8 amp motor
  • Auto-tracking Belt
  • 16.4-foot power cord
  • An efficient dust collection system


  • No connector to attach them to a shop vacuum

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PORTER CABLE 362 12 Amp 4 Inch by 24 Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag
Image Source: Architecture Lab

Best for a commercial environment 

This Porter-Cable 362 belt sander is an excellent tool for hobbyists and professionals alike. This 4″ 24″ sander provides adjustable speed control and the power of a 12 amp motor. This is placed directly over the plate, providing the perfect balance for the Porter-Cable. The all-metal construction of the Porter-Cable is highly durable and suitable for commercial use. A variable speed dial allows users to set their speed settings from 1000sfpm to 1500sfpm. Additionally, it comes with the option of a belt-tracking dial so that you can alter it quickly and effortlessly.

If you have to swap out your belt as you work on a project and need to change it out, the Porter-Cable is a perfect choice. It has an easy-release lever for changing your belt and a fingertip belt-tracking knob. This helps to reduce the amount of time you are unable to work and lets you adjust the belt’s alignment using the rollers.

Image Source: Amazon

The dust collection bag is the capacity of a large one and can rotate 360 degrees. Its ability to move around ensures that it doesn’t get out of your way while you work. In addition, its ergonomically-designed handles enhance the comfort of the user.

If you’re searching for an electric belt sander that can work in a commercial setting but is equally at home in your garage, the Porter-Cable 362 belt Sander is the one to choose.


  • 12 amp motor
  • 360-degree swivel bag for dust collection
  • The quick-release lever to change lever
  • Fingertip tracking knob
  • Variable speeds
  • The powerful motor


  • Reviewers have reported issues with the removable dust bag

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Genesis GBS321A

Genesis GBS321A
Image Source: Amazon

Best Budget Belt Sander for Both Hobbyists and Professionals

Genesis GBS321A Belt Sander is versatile, quick, and highly efficient. It’s the perfect tool for those who work with wood, such as carpenters and floor installers. It’s durable and can provide you with the highest quality results repeatedly. General contractors will appreciate this product.

It has an impressive 8.0AMP motor. This belt sander constantly works, thanks to an electronic control feature. The dial for variable speed control lets you match the pace with the app.

Image Source: Amazon

The Genesis features a highly low-profile design that will provide the user with excellent balance. The flat sides will enable you to go into those hard-to-reach areas. It also provides the option of flush sanding. The auto-tracking system tracks the belt with no adjustment. It also comes with one lever for a quick change to ensure that you will have a minimal amount of downtime. Dust collection bags are highly efficient and can drastically reduce the dust in your workplace.

There’s no problem with this belt sander that is affordable for larger projects. It has a 6.5-foot power cord that ensures it can reach wherever you’ll need to go. Furthermore, the belt sander with a cable is much quieter than other models, and the grip on the front can be adjusted, allowing the user comfort and ease of use.

Genesis GBS321A belt Sander
Image Source: Amazon

This is an excellent belt sander with many features and a powerful motor that can finish the task quickly and precisely. Its Genesis GBS321A Belt Sander is perfect for hobbyists and general contractors.


  • Variable speed control
  • 8.0 A motor
  • Single lever quick-change
  • Cloth dust collection bag
  • Auto-track system
  • Best budget belt sander


  • The dust collection bag isn’t particularly efficient.

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Makita 9403 Cloth Dust Bag

One of the Best Belt Sanders for Low Noise and High Performance

This Makita Belt Sander offers not only incredible power along with speed. However, it’s one of the least noisy models available on the market, giving out a low 84dB. This belt sander with a cord is the perfect tool for deck builders, carpenters, and general contractors that require a high-speed and durable tool. The sander is equipped with an 11-amp motor with electronic speed control, which keeps an unbroken speed, even under heavy load.

Makita 9403 Cloth Dust Bag
Image Source: Amazon

The extra-base can allow the user to sand flush with the wall. Additionally, the 4″ large belt coupled with 1640ft./min speed will ensure quick and efficient removal of the stock. This grip on the Makita is designed ergonomically and is big enough to provide the most comfortable operation. The lever controls make the process of changing your belt fast and straightforward, which will avoid any delay in your work.

It has a removable ceramic wear plate and a low profile, provides an excellent balance, and keeps the price minimum. Double insulation and labyrinth design ensure that the motor and bearings are sealed to avoid contamination. This makes this a powerful belt sander, ideal for commercial settings. Furthermore, the 360-degree swivel dust bag is designed to keep your workspace as clean as it can be.

This is the best tool for home and general contractor users as well. Its Makita Belt Sander is one of the tops available in 2022. It can help you tackle the most demanding sanding projects.


  • 360-degree swivel dust bag made of cloth
  • Double insulation
  • A powerful motor with an 11 AMP rating
  • The low noise output of 84dB
  • Wide belt width


  • The vacuum system can become clogged.

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WEN 6502 comes with a Cast Iron Base

WEN 6502 comes with a Cast Iron Base
Image Source: Amazon

Best Belt and Disc Sander

The Wen 6502 Belt Sander is a brilliant 2-in-one sanding device that provides a 4 x 36-inch belt and a disc belt measuring 6 inches. The belt’s angled design allows it to tilt from 0 until 90 degrees.

This stationary belt sander is ideal for any sanding task that requires a lot of force. The cast iron base can withstand the sanding machine from causing excessive vibrations. The 4.3 Amp motor provides 3600 RPM that is more than sufficient to smooth, sand, and eliminate all splinters or sharp edges of your wood. Even with a heavy load, it has enough power to ensure that it doesn’t bog down.

An adjustment lever for tension lets the user switch to sandpaper in a matter of minutes. Connect your dust collection device to a 2.5 “port and make sure that your workspace free of debris and dust as can. The Wen belt Sander’s cast iron base will keep it from walking and wobbling and sanding, so the sander will stay where you want when grinding.

WEN 6502
Image Source: Amazon

Many belt sanders are limited in terms of angles. However, this model has an adjustable belt from horizontal to vertical. The sanding disk has an adjustable table that can be used for support, with the ability to bevel 0 to 45 degrees and an adjustable miter gauge. The disc includes an extended safety shield if you’re worried about safety.

If you’re looking for a belt sander, one that is strong and versatile, and can take on large-scale projects, then you should consider WEN 6502. WEN 6502.


  • Two-in-one tool
  • Solid heavy cast iron base
  • Removable miter gauge
  • Port for extraction of dust
  • Beveling work table
  • Angled belt design for tight spaces
  • A belt with a diameter of 4 inches and discs of 6 inches in size belt


  • It could overheat if too much tension is put on the belt

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Black & Decker DS321 Dragster

Black Decker DS321 Dragster
Image Source: Amazon

Best Belt Sander for Use Around the Home

Are you in search of an excellent belt sander to allow you to get into even the most challenging corners? The Black and Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander provides users at home with all this and more. It’s compact and lightweight, and easy to use. In addition, the front roller allows users to enter even the tightest corners and eliminate the necessity to flush sand.

It comes with a 6.0 amp motor that is sufficient to tackle most tasks. The Dragster comes with a retractable, three-position handle to ensure maximum control. The belt sander is versatile and allows the user to change their paper easily and quickly with the help of a belt release lever and an adjustment knob, ensuring that the belt stays in the right place.

Black Decker 1
Image Source: Amazon

The dust collection system is highly efficient and will help keep your work area as clean as possible. It will also enhance your work visibility. The Black and Decker Dragster features a sanding belt with a medium grit and weighs only 8.2 pounds. In addition, it comes with a two-year warranty. This is among the top belt sanders for anyone interested in home improvement.



  • Front roller
  • 6.0 amp motor
  • Dust bag made of cloth
  • Three-position handle retracts
  • The lever for release of the belt and the adjustment knob


  • It is not the most efficient belt sander to use for large projects.

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Image Source: Amazon

Best Belt Sander for Small Home Improvements

This durable belt sander can effectively sand and polish. It has several excellent features and powerful motors for the professional home crafter and is an essential stationary sander to use on your workbench.

The POWERTEC BDC4600 Belt Disc Sander has one size belt, 1″ 30″, and the disc size is 5 inches. This is the perfect device for DIY enthusiasts or anyone who requires solid sanders to complete their projects.

The stationary belt sander features an impressive 2.5 amp motor induction. It offers a maximum time of 3450 RPM. It will also provide 1/3HP, which is plenty of power for most tasks. Furthermore, the 4″ 7 1/4 ” x 7 1/8 ” tilting table can tilt at 0-45 degrees and has a miter gauge. These features will help you to get the perfect angle sanding each time.

Image Source: Amazon

The POWERTEC BD Belt Sander’s tracking adjustment feature will precisely ensure that the belt operates. Enjoy excellent dust collection – The 2 1.5″ dust ports ensure your workspace is neat and transparent, even fine dust particles. In addition, you can remove the backplate and roller guards to facilitate quick and simple belt replacement. The POWERTEC is worth the cost you pay for it.

This conveyor and disc sander offer excellent value for money and mighty power. In addition, it comes with various features that let you finish any polishing or sanding job.


  • 2 1.5 dust ports to collect dust
  • Adjustment feature for tracking
  • Tilting tables
  • Mitre gauge
  • 2.5 amp induction motor


  • The purchaser may have to tighten the purchase

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Metabo HPT Belt Sander

Metabo HPT Belt Sander
Image Source: Amazon

One of the Best Belt Sanders for Home Use

This Metabo HPT Variable Speed Belt Sander is ideal for steel or wood and is excellent for getting rid of the paint. This durable belt sander comes with an array of features that let you tackle any task with ease and speed. The Metabo HPT’s Powerful nine amp motor comes with an unloading rate between 820 and 1475 FPM with the trigger locking feature, meaning that you won’t need to hold the trigger for long periods.

The dial for variable speed can be adjusted to the rate that makes it more manageable while in use.

Do you require precision? Need accuracy? Metabo has the front cover with a clear tracking window, allowing you to view the sanding area and the sanding belt to ensure you’re staying on the right track.

Image Source: Amazon

Metabo has put the dust collection bag on the left side. This will allow you to reach those corners and help reduce dust that can build up while ensuring your workspace is neat.

This belt sander is incredibly robust with a wear-resistant V belt that can extend the life of the sander by as much as twice that standard sanders. Furthermore, the model has an elastomer-soft grip on both handles. This makes it among the most comfortable sanding equipment to use.

Its Metabo HPT variable speed belt sander is considered to be one of the best belt sanders that will be available in 2022. It’s powerful and versatile, making it the perfect tool for homeowners who love DIY.


  • Wear-resistant V-belt
  • 9 amp motor
  • Variable speed dial
  • Front cover tracking window for clear front
  • Bag for dust collection left-side mounted
  • Reliable belt sander


  • There’s a learning curve to be experienced.

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WEN6321 Dust Bag

WEN6321 Dust Bag
Image Source: Amazon

Best Compact and Lightweight Sander

Another great product from WEN. This WEN 6321 Belt Sander is an ideal tool for smoothing edges and making your surfaces free of splinters. Its 7 amp motor turns it at a speed of 820 ft/min, which allows it to go through any job quickly and effectively. In addition, it’s lightweight and compact with a weight of just 6 pounds which helps in reducing fatigue when working on sanding.

Another factor that helps reduce fatigue while using the WEN6321 belt is its lock-in security features, so you do not need to keep an eye on the trigger. The adjustment knob for tracking controls the belt in place. Quick-release belts for sanding enable users to switch out the sandpaper and adjust grits quickly. The front roller has been designed to have an extra-long front to let you get into the tight corners.

Dust Bag
Image Source: Amazon

The dust bin is big enough to ensure your workspace is kept clean and free of dust while working. Furthermore, this WEN 6321 Belt Sander comes with a sanding belt of 80 grit, and other sanding belts are available.

This versatile belt sander is ideal for any woodwork task you’re looking to take on. With various features and features, the WEN 6321 Belt Sander is everything you’ll require in the form of a belt sander and an essential tool to have in your garage.


  • 7 Amp motor
  • Adjusting the knob for tracking
  • Safety lock-in feature
  • Sanding belts with Quick-release Release
  • Make sure you have different belts for sanding.


  • The vent for dust collection could be blocked

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Image Source: Amazon

Best Belt Sander for DIY Jobs

This small belt sander will let you complete all of those DIY projects in a matter of minutes. The Porter-Cable 371 is made with DIY homeowners and experts in mind. It’s loaded with features and is designed to provide comfort.

Sand any angle you want with the 371-inch Porter-Cable. It’s just 2 1/2 ” 14″ and weighs just 5 pounds, which makes it among the most compact belt sanders currently on the market by 2022.

Image Source: Amazon

The body grip made of textured rubber lets you control the device with one hand as well as the auxiliary handle allows you to utilize two hands. In addition, the Porter-Cable is a great, well-balanced feel, which means you can use it horizontally, vertically, or in any other direction you want.

Its design Porter-Cable 371, enables flush sanding and covers a large surface. Its power button is accessible and sealed from dust so that you will not turn it off by accident while working with it. In addition, the dust port is removable, which ensures that your workspace is free of dust and dirt.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Textured body grip made of rubber
  • Handle for the second hand
  • It ensures a secure grip
  • The power switch is sealed and accessible.


  • May get hot after long periods

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Some answers of the most asked questions about a belt sander 

If you’ve had the pleasure of sanding down your tabletop or removing paint, you’re aware that these are exhausting tasks that require many hours to complete manually. This is the reason DIY enthusiasts and general contractors, professional artisans, and deck builders employ belt sanders to complete the physically exhausting task of sanding surfaces, finishing rough edges, and absorptivity stripping away paint.

What is a Belt Sander?

A belt sander is an effective tool that can make your life easier when it comes to large-scale sanding tasks. There are a variety of types and brands of sanders. Some include one-stop belt disc sanders.

Sanders is equipped with the power of an electrical motor. The motor rotates two drums, and the continuous loop of sandpaper sits over the drums. Sanders has a variety of engines and features like adjustable speed settings, automated belt monitoring, and so on.

The sanders vary in size, from smaller handheld models to the larger models used in manufacturing facilities. They are mainly utilized for sanding wood. However, they can also grind other materials, such as metal. In addition, they also serve other purposes like stripping paint.

belt sander 2
Image Source: The Spruce Crafts

Are Sanders Difficult to Master?

Belt sanders differ from typical power tools (such as undrilled disc), And, yes, they take some time to become familiar with. They are much larger and heavier than other tools, and they are also quite lively. The ability to control your sander is essential to get the most effective results. When you’ve worked with one of these top-rated machines, you’ll question what you did without them.

If you’ve never tried a sander belt before, it is time to get familiar with the device. First, learn the user manual thoroughly to ensure that you know its features. This includes changing the belts, utilizing the belt tracker that is adjustable, and attaching it to your materials.

While many belt sanders can be pretty similar in operating, their characteristics differ from one model to the next. As a result, there are also different belt sanders, from cordless belt sanders to stationary belt sanders. In addition, they come with a variety of dust collection techniques and features.

Once you’ve figured out how to use your sander, it is essential to practice before tackling your project. You’ll need to get some expertise, or you might discover that you’ve damaged your sanding work and have to begin all over. Test it on softwoods, hardwoods, and even on laminated plastic sheets. You will get used to the feeling of the machine while working using it.

top belt sander
Image Source: Tools First

What is a Belt Sander Used For?

Most often, the tools are used to remove unwanted material from surfaces. They smooth edges and eliminate splinters by swiftly grinding surfaces. Due to their abrasive action, They are usually utilized in the early stages of a construction project. It is also possible to use a sander to remove the finish or paint from wood.

These tools form and smooth your wood and other materials, in addition, based on the kind of sandpaper you’re employing. For example, if your sander comes with fine-grit sandpaper, you’ll receive a stunning and super smooth surface following sanding. The all-in-one sander could also be utilized in polishing the surfaces after you’ve finished your product.

What is a Belt Sander Used For
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How to use a Belt Sander on a Deck?

Many people look at the dimensions of decks and assume that a vast floor sander is required for sanding such an enormous area. However, these aren’t the best tools to hone your deck. They’ll be unable to go through every plank, and they won’t be able to handle uneven surfaces efficiently. In addition, deck boards are typically slightly curved, and therefore floor sanders will not sand equally.

Your best option is to use a sander. Use it in conjunction with a detail sander or palm sander and sanding sponges to reach additional areas that are difficult to access on your deck.

Wear safety equipment such as goggles, a dust mask, and goggles before starting work. Dust created by the sanding of such a vast area could be harmful to health. This is why it’s essential to get a sander equipped with dust collection equipment, including a detachable dust bag or dust port. Some models may have a transparent dust canister. You can see the time you have for you to clean it.

Start with a thick grit belt or an abrasive one within the range of 50 grit. Then move backward on the boards.

Make sure you cover all the boards of your deck. Next, use the palm sanding device to reach difficult areas to achieve. After this is completed, begin the process over again. Now, you can swap out the abrasive belt you used to replace the sanding with a lower grit, like 60/80. After this has been completed, you’ll notice that your deck has a gorgeous smooth surface.

Can you Use a Belt Sander for Hardwood Floors?

The quick answer is yes, you can. But, you should be aware that it’s quite a bit of work, and it’s not the most efficient tool to do the task. It also depends on the kind of belt sander that you are using. Stationary belt sanders are a good example. But, they may not be the best fit.

But, many prefer to do their floor sanding. It might not be as quick as your floor sanding equipment; however, it can get the job done at an acceptable speed. Keep in line with what the wood is doing, and the machine is moving in circular motions, either forward and backward, and from side to side. The more pressure you put on your sanding tool, the faster you’ll be able to bring it back to its original state by sanding it.

How to Change Sandpaper on a Belt Sander

There are five steps to switch the sandpaper on your sander, regardless of which brand you’re using.

  • Let go of the tension lever on the belt for sanding belts, as they are tensioned to hold in the correct position. Then pull it back, and you’ll see it is becoming slack.
  • Take out the old version.
  • Adjust your new tool using your sander. First, be sure to place it in the correct direction. There should be arrows on the belt and the sander. Be sure that the hands are lined with each other. If you place it in the wrong way, it could break.
  • Place the belt on the sanding tool, then make sure it is aligned with the wheels, making sure it is positioned correctly.
  • You’ll need to adjust the tension of your belt. This can be done by releasing the tension lever of your sander.
How to use a Belt Sander Correctly
Image Source: FineWoodworking

How to use a Belt Sander Correctly?

Each type of sander is likely to differ in appearance and function. However, all of them feature the same fundamental functionality. Check out the instruction manual for your particular product to fully understand the specific parts of your product. Whatever tool you’ve purchased, be aware that your sander should always be turned on before placing it on your surface. Do not switch it off after you’ve put it on the surface.

Make sure your flat pad remains in line with the material as you lower it. Once you’ve got your sanding device close to your surface, It’s ideal for keeping it moving to avoid spilling out. Keep in mind that your sanding instrument is heavy, and the pressure it applies to the material is more significant than you think. If you put too much pressure on it, you can damage the fabric. Specific models are equipped with pressure control technology to ensure that you apply the correct pressure to the material. If your model doesn’t include technology for controlling stress, it’s just a matter of directing your machine towards the direction you’d like it to move.

Another good suggestion is to follow your grain while sanding any wooden material. If you choose to go cross-grain, you’re at risk of creating deep grooves, mainly when you keep the sanding tool in a single place too long.

Be aware of the best ways to use safety features when using the power tool. We’ll discuss a few of them below.

It is recommended to practice safety when working with power tools. In the first place, you should ensure your ears are protected because these machines can be very noisy and could cause injury when you do not take the proper precautions. Be sure to turn the device off whenever you’re ready to replace the conveyor belt or clear the trash bag. If you do not, you could be in an emergency department.

Be aware that when you sand metal, you’ll cause sparks. These, along with the sawdust you’ve accumulated in your dust bag, may spark an ignition. Be sure that the dust bag you have on your machine is empty. It is recommended to blow the dust out completely or vacuum it out to ensure no leftover sawdust before sand metal components. Make sure you hold the machine in a secure position because these machines are mighty, and if you are relaxed excessively, it may result in an accident.

Also, ensure that the device is off before plugging it into. It may appear to be a straightforward task, but it’s awe-inspiring how often these devices are turned on after hitting since many have an electronic trigger lock that holds the device in the off position. If the machine isn’t in the off position before plugging into the outlet, it may be thrown across the area. This can be dangerous and cause damage to the pricey power tool.


Sanders has a lot of power for sanding, making your DIY projects a lot simpler. These physically tiring tasks are now easier to do. Finding the best tool for your needs is crucial. We’ve reviewed the most effective tools on the market in 2022 to help you when making your selection.

Think about the advantages that every one of them has, including the power and variable speed control and a quick-change belt lever, just to name just a few. Be aware that the best belt sander you choose for your needs will not have to be an expensive one – it’ll just come with everything you need to complete your requirements.

We hope our reviews of the top sanding equipment can be helpful, along with our buying guide that provides an insight into these tools. Then, the only thing you need to do is purchase your sander and begin the project you’ve always wanted to complete.

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