Top ten chainsaw sharpener reviews to help you buy the best! 

most effective chainsaw sharpener

If you spend time in the woods, you understand the importance of a well-groomed chainsaw. But have you found an effective chainsaw sharpener? Availability of a chainsaw sharpener means you’ll be able to work more efficiently and with accuracy. In addition, if you have a chainsaw sharpener, you don’t need to worry about sharp blades that aren’t working.

Furthermore, you’ll increase your chain’s life, and you’ll save money in the longer term. A lot of people make the mistake of discarding their chainsaw blade and then buying a new one. However, this act can be expensive and inefficient. If you purchase an effective chainsaw sharpener, you’ll be able to work for longer instead of looking for new chains.

Look through our top chainsaw sharpener review for the most basics, additional features, as well as the distinctions between mechanical chainsaw sharpeners and electric powered ones. 

We’ll provide you with the top 10  chainsaw sharpeners for you to choose the best!

If you’re stuck, our helpful buyer’s guide can help to find the most effective chainsaw sharpener that meets your requirements.

chainsaw sharpener
Image Source: Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

Find a tool to match up your method of sharpening. 

Many types of chainsaw blades are not the exact dimensions or shapes. Therefore, whenever you select a sharpener, it is essential to make sure it matches your particular chain. In addition, your Chainsaw’s blade should be marked with numbers on its side that indicate the pitch, also known as the distance between the links. You need to find the number using your sharpener.

Top listed chainsaw in the best price and quality 

Oregon best wall 410-120 Chain Grinder

Oregon best wall 410 120 Chain Grinder
Image Source: Amazon

The Oregon chain grinder 420-120 can be wall or bench mounted with two bolts. This grinder will sharpen your chainsaw chain easily. This universal sharpener for garages can sharpen up to the .404 angle chain. It can be used for various brands, including Oregon, Stihl, and Husqvarna.

This chain grinder comes with single-way motor rotation rollers to ensure maximum safety for the operator. It also comes with an automatic chain vise that can keep the chain in its proper position. The kit comes with the grinder, instructions for the operator, two wheels for grinding (3.2 millimeters and 4.7 millimeters), a flat 6.0 profiling disc, a dressing brick, and a profile guide.

Image Source: Amazon


  • The perfect bench for your wall, or even a vise
  • Only two bolts are required to maximize the efficiency of mounting
  • Sharpens saws to a .404 pitch
  • Rollers with one-way motor chain rotation to ensure safety
  • Manual chain clamp


  • The chain holder is less strong.

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Warblers 10 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit

Warblers 10 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit
Image Source: Amazon

Maintain your Chainsaw in top cutting condition by using this 10-piece chainsaw sharpener kit. The kit contains three round files that measure 5/32, 3/16, and 7/32 inches, flat file, handle the guide for filing, a depth guide, a check gauge, cleaner, and a pouch. The files are made from premium steel and are precision ground to ensure precise sharpening.

The guide to filing helps keep the correct angle while sharpening your chain. In addition, the depth gauge will ensure that you don’t cut off enough material from your chain.

Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit
Image Source: Amazon


  • Extraordinary Value
  • Simple to make use of
  • 10-pieces
  • Durable Material
  • Bar Groove Cleaner
  • Quick Check Gauge


  • Only one handle is included in this kit.

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Oregon 8-piece Chainsaw Field Sharpening Kit

Oregon 8 piece Chainsaw Field Sharpening Kit
Image Source: Amazon

This Oregon Chainsaw Field Sharpening Kit comes with everything you require to ensure that the chain of your saw remains razor sharp. In addition, this kit comes with 2 5/32,” and 3/16″ Round fine-tooth files and a 7/32″ round saw.

It also includes three 5/32″ 3/16″ 7/32″ round saw chain files, a six” flat file with a file guide, and an all-purpose handle for files. 

If you’re unsure what to do with these files, it includes instructions. They are located inside the pocket on the handle of the pouch to help you. So whatever you do to sharpen your blade, this manual sharpener will help you through.

Oregon 8 piece
Image Source: Amazon


  • Make a DIY kit to make sure you are sharpening your blades precisely
  • Includes all the files required for a typical chainsaw
  • It also has a kit compartment that can keep everything organized and accessible.
  • Made from rugged materials for maximum performance


  • Only one handle included in this package is made of wood. 

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Granberg best budget Sharpener for Bar-Mounts

The Bar Mount Chain Saw Sharpener from Granberg is ideal for an effective and quick tool to take while on the task. The design was carefully thought out and featured a great deal of simple genius. As a result, it is a breeze sharpening any dull chainsaw.

Oregon 8 piece Chainsaw Field Sharpening Kit 1
Image Source: Amazon

This tool for sharpening chainsaws is ideal for people who regularly work with chainsaws. It is possible to carry the device without much effort. You can rest assured that you will quickly, effectively, safely, and safely sharpen the chain’s cutters.

This chainsaw sharpener allows you to concentrate on your job instead of maintaining your tools. It is easy to put the device, place it on the blade of your nose, and grind your Chainsaw’s teeth until they are sharp without much effort. It is suitable for any size standard pitch chain and will help you adjust your chainsaws at the correct depth measurement.

It is a Granberg hand-held sharpener constructed of durable, strong materials that can go for miles without being heavy to carry around. In the end, you’ll not even notice that it’s along with you. So keep your machine in top condition regardless of where you go by using this tool for sharpening your Chainsaw.

Image Source: Fire And Saw

The Granberg Saw Chain Sharpener is an ideal tool for those looking to purchase a bargain with the same performance and quality as a high-end tool. Its innovative design allows you to sharpen your cutters on any standard pitch chain, allowing you to grind all of your cutters to the same angles and sharpness each time. It’s the ideal option for those seeking a quality tool for a low cost.


  • Extremely light
  • Work efficiently and quickly
  • Adjust to any of the standard chain pitch
  • It is ideal for those who work outdoors or at different sites during their day.


  • Not as effective as expensive options.

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STIHL Easy Transportation Chainsaw Sharpener

Easy Transportation Chainsaw Sharpener
Image Source: Electro Garden Tools

STIHL 2-in 1 Simple File Chainsaw Sharpener is a fantastic tool for those who often find working on projects in remote or outdoor locations or areas with restricted power access. This tool is made with a compact and small design that allows the user to move it effortlessly from one place to the next. Furthermore, because of how light it is, you’ll be able to take the STIHL chainsaw sharpener with ease. In the end, you will be able to finish your task in a short time and then get back to work.

This STIHL Sharpener 2 in 1 is ideal for people working in a hurry. 

However, if you’re looking for an effective tool that can be carried without hassle, This is the one ideal for you. It’s small, only 8 inches long, and weighs around 12 pounds. By using this sharpener for your Chainsaw, you’ll be able to focus more on your work rather than worrying about maintaining the tools.

This tool is highly recommended for anyone needing a trustworthy cutter sharpener. It is simple to carry from place to location. You’ll be impressed by the consistency and accuracy of this gadget that ensures sharp blades every time you require them. Sharpen your Chainsaw correctly by using the Stihl chainsaw model.

STIHL Easy Transportation Chainsaw Sharpener
Image Source: Amazon


  • It is small and simple to carry
  • Ideal for users who only use it occasionally
  • Provides precise results
  • This is great for those working in the field or in areas where there isn’t an accessible power source.
  • Fits in pockets


  • Not as effective as acquiring an entirely new chain

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Oregon Easy Hold Chainsaw Sharpener

Oregon Cutting Systems 25894 .15 In. Chainsaw File Guide File
Image Source: Amazon

Oregon 25894 chainsaw file Oregon 25894 chainsaw files come with an instruction guide to make it easy to grip. The grip allows you to reach the necessary depths to sharpen a chainsaw’s chain, making it easier to attain the right level of sharpness. The lines engraved on the guide frame assist you in aligning the file with precision and accuracy.

When put together, the device is 5/32 inches long, including the file and the handle made of wood. The file sits securely into the hand for optimal effectiveness in sharpening. In addition, this round file can easily fit in between the chains’ teeth, allowing it to sharpen every crevice and crevice, giving you optimum precision and the best cuts every time.


  • It comes with a guide file wooden grip to make it easy to grip
  • The measurement is a good 5/32 inches.
  • Lines of engraving on the frame of the file guide to ensure alignment
  • Durable
  • Made from the highest quality steel.


  • This kit includes only one file and grip. But, this is not enough for the requirements of sharpening a Chainsaw’s chain.

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Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Buffalo Tools Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
Image Source: The Digital Hacker

This Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener is easy to mount on the bench, vise, or even a wall. In addition, it can easily be adapted to various chain styles. Sharpeners for chainsaws are equipped with the 4.5 inches by 1/8 inch grinder wheel. It rotates around at 4200 RPM.

The sharpener can plug into any 120-volt outlet. 

The electric chainsaw sharpener comes with a single grinding wheel. It can be replaced as it wears out or is damaged, or purchase additional grinding wheels for different tasks. It will make sharpening chainsaws a breeze.

Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
Image Source: Amazon


  • Vises, benches, and benches, as well as even a wall-mounted professional grinding
  • Electric chainsaw sharpener operates at 4200 RPM.
  • Includes a 4.5 millimeter or one-eighth millimeter grinding wheel
  • Connects to 120 volts on every outlet
  • Contains a single grinding wheel gauge
  • Adjustable to various types of chain


  • It is not compatible with all chains.
  • It requires electricity to run.

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Oregon Sharpener/Grinder chainsaw

Oregon Sharpener
Image Source: Amazon

Oregon 575214 Handheld Chainsaw Sharpener Oregon 575214 hand-held chainsaw sharpener comes with an adapter for cars that is 12-volt. It is possible to charge the sharpener at any time, even when you’re out in the woods, cutting trees. Sharpen your saw chain wherever you are by setting your grinder. It’s easy to charge it. You can also utilize alligator clips for charging the grinder from the battery in your vehicle or truck.

Grinder chainsaw
Image Source: Amazon

The kit comes with 5/32, 3/16, and 7/32-inch sharpening stones along with the collet wrench. The guide is adjustable to ensure the highest level of precision. The sharpening stones will sharpen chainsaws that have .404″ pitches.

The grinder motor runs at a highly high-performance speed of about 2500 RPM, which is much more powerful than other electric chainsaw sharpener reviews we’ve reviewed. So take on any tool with this tool for sharpening your Chainsaw.



  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • Sharpeners for hand-held devices are perfect for taking on the go
  • The grinder has a capacity of 25,000 RPM.
  • It comes with 3/16, 5/32, and 7/32 inch sharpening stones.
  • The power adapter is for outlets to charge at the go
  • Additional clips can be added to the alligator clips as an option for charging
  • Chainsaw chains are sharpened with an angle of 404

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Husqvarna Chainsaw Filing Kit

Image Source: Amazon

Many prefer manual sharpeners for their worn-out chain. The Husquvarna 531300081 Saw Chain Filing Kit comes complete with everything you require to file your Chainsaw chain. The kit is small and has a filehandle to make it easier to grip while sharpening Chainsaw’s teeth.

The kit comes with two round files that fit inside the tooth of the blade. Also included is a flat-file. The combination gauge will help to ensure a proper angle of filing for the entire chain filing. Maintaining the sharpness of your chain is never easier using the manual tool for sharpening your Chainsaw.


  • The handle is a file for optimal gripping, which helps make the chain sharper.
  • Two round, tough files that can fit inside the Chainsaw’s teeth
  • Combination gauge for correct angling


  • Insufficiently documented instructions can make the sharpening kit difficult to use.
  • The handle of the plastic can break when sharpening
  • It is not compatible with all chains.

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Timber Tuff versatile CS-BWM Benchtop Sharpener

Timber Tuff CS BWM Benchtop
Image Source: Amazon

The Timber Tuff CSBWM Benchtop Chainsaw sharpener is an excellent product for people working in studios because it requires an electrical power source. The tool operates swiftly and precisely, allowing accuracy and precision in every task. Sharpen your chain’s cutters quicker than you imagined and return to the work you have been doing at record speed.

This chainsaw sharpener electric can be used in garages, studios, workshops, or garages due to its small design. You don’t have to fight to make room for this machine. It’s powered by a formidable 110-volt motor and comes with an output power of around 230 milliwatts! This motor is powerful and allows it to reach as high as 3,600 RPM, making it much faster than other sharpeners for chainsaws. It will keep your chainsaws in top condition with little exertion on your behalf.

The Timber Tuff CS-BWM is very adaptable. For example, you can use the machine with three different chain sizes: 1/8 “, 3/16” as well as 1/4-inch pitch. This means that you can use a variety of chain pitch sizes without needing to switch between filing tools.

The chain saw sharpener includes a small built-in light, so you’re able to work safely. In addition, it will clearly show any adjustments you have to make to keep your saws in tip-top shape.

This sharpener has adjustments guides that will aid you in achieving the highest level of clarity. Additionally, you won’t be worried about the device being overloaded due to the thermal-overload safety technology integrated into the machine.

Wall Mount Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener
Image Source: Amazon

Chainsaws sharpeners make a fantastic tool for any crafter. Electric sharpeners let you be more productive and less time on maintaining your tools.


  • Performs quickly and accurately
  • Features a powerful 110-volt motor
  • It has an overhead light built-in
  • Can make three different pitch sizes
  • It comes with thermal-overload protection technology.
  • Speeds can reach up to 3,600 RPM.


  • It won’t make it into the woods.

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Travel-friendly chainsaw

If you frequently make use of your Chainsaw for long durations away from home, a hand-held sharpener can help you keep your chain razor-sharp. But, if you’re coming back to your home after a project, it is possible to utilize an electric benchtop sharpener that requires electricity.

Often asked questions about chainsaws!

What is the best way to Sharpen the Chainsaw?

Chainsaws can be intimidating, particularly in the case of maintenance. Many people are concerned about cleaning or repairing the Chainsaw’s chain; however, these procedures are straightforward. This is particularly applicable to the most daunting maintenance option – sharpening your chainsaw chains.

Image Source: Backyard Boss

Many people make the mistake of purchasing new blades after their Chainsaw wears out and ceases to cut through wood effectively. But, using a sharpener is simple and can reduce the cost of your Chainsaw shortly!

  1. In the beginning, you’ll require gloves that are thick and tough. They’ll protect your hands while sharpening the saw. The next step is to use the brake on your chain. The chain will not move, and clamping the bar’s face securely will allow you to utilize both hands to do the job. ( Click here to read our complete tutorial on how to.)
  2. The next step depends on the kind of equipment you own. If you’re using a manual chainsaw sharpener, you’ll need to set the guide included with the kit onto the rivets of your chain. The guides’ arrows must be pointing downwards towards the front of the bar. Take the file out of the kit and follow the angle set by the guide. It will only take several strokes until you see a silver-colored shine on the metal, and you are now ready to go to the next cut.
  3. When working with a bench sharpener, you’ll need to put the Chainsaw underneath the device and then switch the motor on. After the bench sharpener has honed down to the required level on the blade, switch the motor off, adjust the chain, and turn the device on.
  4. Continue repeating the process until you’ve polished every cutter on the chain. If you’re using a hand-held electric sharpener, you’ll need to follow the guide to find the correct angles of the blades.
  5. Because it’s hand-held and not a bench sharpener, it’s less precise than the bench sharpener and requires a little more effort to ensure that the angle remains steady – something you’ll need for the best outcomes out of your tool. ( Check out our review of the top track saws) Once you’ve finished the area you’re working on, then you’ll have to put down your device, unhook your chain brake, then move the chain forward and repeat the procedure. After you’ve completed the entire part of the Chainsaw, you’ll have to turn the Chainsaw to the other side so that the chainsaw can be sharpened on the second side of the cutters.
  6. After you’ve done these steps, you’re nearly finished. The next thing to look for is an instrument to adjust the cutting height of your tools. It’s usually included in the package. Then, you should hold the depth gauge until it is close to your cutters to ensure they’re at the right size.

If they’re way over the gauge, you’ll have to make use of the tool to cut them back to the proper level. If they’re not, they won’t be capable of reaching the wood, and you’ll end up with a useless tool.

That’s it! Your Chainsaw is good to go. To ensure the blades stay in tip-top shape for the longest time, make sure you don’t get dirt on the cutting blades. Doing this will enhance the cutters’ lifespan and reduce the cost.

How does a Chainsaw Sharpener work?

There are a variety of chainsaw sharpeners, and all are extremely effective. But, the electrical chainsaw sharpener has been proven to be very effective. They operate more precisely and can extend the blade’s life for your chain. Contrary to chainsaw sharpeners that are manual work, you give guides that show you the proper angle to file the cutters. Then, you move the file over the guide to enhance them.

How do you tighten the chain on the Chainsaw 1
Image Source: Don’t Waste Your Money

Electric chainsaw sharpeners function in different ways. There are two kinds of chainsaw sharpeners for electric chains – hand-held and bench. Both work in the way you’d think of. The sharpener on the bench is stationary (normally placed on a working surface as the bench), while you use a hand-held sharpener by holding the device with your hands and then moving it around to sharpen the blades.

But, there are a couple of other things to be aware of. First, sharpeners for bench use are more precise as they permit the sharpening of cutters while stationary, giving you greater control. For a bench sharpener to be used, you must first set up your Chainsaw and secure it. After that, you need to turn on the motor to grind the cutters. After that, turn the motor off, adjust your Chainsaw’s chain then repeat the process.

It’s an easy process; however, you’ll need to be sure not to file the cutters too much. If you do this, it could harm the chain and cause it to be unsafe to use. Hand-held sharpeners function with a spinning disc used to smooth chainsaw teeth. It also has guides to help you keep a perfect angle.

But, as it’s hand-held, it is essential to focus your complete attention to complete your job correctly. Making the cutters go down at the wrong angle could cause the device to lose its ability and accuracy. Therefore, you should take care to avoid this problem.

What is the angle to use for sharpening the Stihl Chainsaw?

If you’re cutting the blade of a Stihl chainsaw, it’s important to ensure that you are precise when you’re using your technique. For a proper sharpening of the Stihl chainsaw’s blade, you must hold the file at an exact proper angle (90 degrees) and move the file over the cutters at an angle of 30 degrees. This is in line with the Stihl service mark on their edges and will yield the most excellent results.

What is the angle to use for sharpening the Stihl Chainsaw
Image Source: PFERD Australia

What is the most professional Chainsaw Sharpener?

There are plenty of excellent chainsaws for professionals sharpening equipment available on the market.

However, we believe that the best chainsaw sharpener available is compact, light, and compact. It is also easy to carry. In addition, a portable chainsaw sharpener is ideal when working in remote areas. With a quick twist of the handle, you’ll be able to return the blades of your device to their original sharpness and be able to go back to work in just a couple of minutes!

Manual sharpeners work well to be portable, while electronic sharpeners are ideal for shops.

We’ve included both the top chainsaw sharpeners for manual chains and the top electric chainsaw sharpeners in our review. The best choice for you will be determined by the process you use to sharpen your needs.

What is the most professional Chainsaw Sharpener
Image Source: What is the most professional Chainsaw Sharpener?

How Secure Should a Chainsaw Chain be?

Chainsaws will naturally become looser when you work with them throughout the day. However, even though it’s common, you should be aware of this and adjust your Chainsaw’s chains when it becomes too loose. Inattention to this can cause the chain to slide off the bar’s nose and cause a safety risk.

Verifying that your Chainsaw is in the correct tension is an easy procedure. Simply pull on the chain to see the reaction. If it’s flexible enough to allow it to be pulled up yet tight enough to ensure that the drive link remains connected to the nose of the bar, then you’ve obtained the perfect tension for your chain!

But, if the chain cannot move or breaks the drive link, it is necessary to adjust the tension. This is a way to ensure you’re in safe hands when operating the machine. Of course, chainsaw chaps that are safe will also be helpful!

Image Source: STIHL Blog

How do you tighten the chain on the Chainsaw?

The majority of chainsaw chains require adjustment at intervals. Do not worry about it – tightening your chainsaw chain doesn’t require a lot of effort. If you’ve checked chains on your machine and discovered that you must adjust the tension, you’re at the right spot.

It’s best to begin by loosening the bolt on the side panel of the guide bar. If the Chainsaw has a brake attached to the side panel, you’ll have to unlock it before this procedure.

After you’ve done that, look for the screws used to tension. They’ll be on the sides of the guide bar. Once you have them, you’ll be able to make the adjustments needed to the saw’s tension. If your chain is loose, you can adjust the settings by rotating the screws to the left. This will tighten the chain.

If the tension of your chain is too tight, rotate on the screw to your left. After you’ve made the adjustments, then check the tension. If you’ve found the correct pressure, it’s time to work on tightening the bolt to the wall. If not, modify the screws till you’ve solved the issue.

It is also essential to be extra cautious when tightening the nut on the side panel. It is necessary to raise the Chainsaw’s nose as you pull the nut on the side panel. Failure to do this can harm your machine and create an accident that could be dangerous to your safety.

We hope that our chainsaw sharpener reviews helped you locate the ideal tool!

Final words 

Spending money is not a joke! We care for you and respect your earnings. Thus, we have tried to provide you with information about chainsaws. We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience.

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