Are you searching for a good wood moisture detector to detect the moisture content? Here we come with a list of the five best wood moisture detectors along with their features. People who work with wood need a top-notch tool for continuous monitoring of the moisture content of the wood so that the work goes smoothly. Whether it’s a professional woodworker, wood flooring installer, or a weekend carpenter, everybody started to love this product. It detects the moisture content and checks water leakage, mold growth in the wood, etc. Of course, a high-quality moisture meter for wood must be used for the tool, which tracks the wood moisture content and gives a percentage value on the LED display screen. Let’s look into the product to know more about them.

Wood Moisture Detector- Products reviews

Tavool Wood Moisture Meter – Digital moisture Detector Moisture Tester

This Tavool Wood Moisture Meter comes with a digital moisture detector and moisture tester, which measures the exact moisture content in the wood. The pin-type water leak detector damp tester detects the dampness of its meter for any material made of wood

Digital moisture Detector


If you are trying to find hidden water leaks in walls and surfaces, this is the best product to use. This product is made with two high-precision pins that penetrate the test surface and give the moisture level results in the walls. It also gives an estimated value for moisture growth throughout the home. Apart from this, the Tavool moisture meter for wood is the best way to identify the location of moisture and from where the moisture is built up.

Tavool Wood Moisture Meter


The product consists of 8 calibration scales, which help determine the maximum percentage of moisture content on many wood types. The wood moisture detector sensor is a great tool for manufacturers like flooring installers, inspectors, and lumber suppliers, giving a quick and easy scan for every percentage of Moisture Content in the wood products. It also shows the low percentage of the moisture content 5-12%, medium 12-17%, or high 17-60%. After purchasing the product, one must check the moisture content detector by using expensive lumber and hardwoods to avoid cracks, splits, and warping.


The product is simple and easy to use. It comes with a big LED display with a backlit in it. The digital moisture detector is designed with a large, easy-to-read backlit LED screen. It also has the key freezes readings. The product stores the maximum and minimum moisture measurement memory function and the temperature in the C/F display. The product gets automatically power-off after 10 minutes if it is kept without operation. This multi-function moisture tester is sturdy, hand-friendly, and user-friendly. The rubber side grips give multiple measurements from the product. 

Digital moisture Detector Moisture Tester


The product is designed with wood and building materials that can meet all the needs. The moisture contents of wood products like hardwood flooring, cabinets, furniture, lumber, plywood, paneling, window frames, forestry wood, and other materials can be measured with the help of this product. This product is really useful and most usable to use during work.


The main feature of this product is an LED display with a wide measuring range that makes it a bestselling wood moisture detector. It can give an accurate report of wood which is 6%-60%, for building materials 0-40%. The product also comes with strong stainless steel pins with an automatic shutdown function within 10 minutes of non-functioning. This product is lightweight and also easy to carry with you.

Tavool Wood Moisture Meter Digital moisture Detector Moisture Tester


  • Accurate measuring 
  • It comes with two measurement range 
  • User friendly


  • No warranty available 

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General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter, Water Leak Detector

General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter comes with a water leak detector along with a moisture tester. In addition, the product contains pin type, backlit LCD with audiovisual high-medium-low moisture content alerts.

Water Leak Detector


The product is used for determining the moisture content of wood and other building materials like drywall, plywood, or other material. It also checks the water-damaged areas to know if the moisture is still present inside that material. 


Suspicious water stains can be checked with a moisture tester around the house, and with this product, you can also determine whether the area is wet where mold can breed perfectly. 


Before using the product, one can attach the stainless steel pins to the item’s surface, which will be measured to perfect the readings. The overall measurement range of wood is 5 to 50%, and 1. 5 to 33% for building materials can be measured in low, medium, and high moisture tones. This product also gives signals with coloring green, yellow, and red LED visual alerts. 

General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter 1


The 8mm, high digit with a large backlit LCD display gives quick and easy viewing in this product. The product also holds a function to freeze a reading, auto power-off, and a low battery indicator while it is not in use. 


The product comes with an extra 0.3 inch(8mm) stainless steel pin along with a protective cap that can double the calibration checker while using. It also contains a 9V battery for great power backup. 

Meter Wood Moisture Meter 1


  • Got mold prevention 
  • LED display 
  • Lightweight
  • Small Size


  • It doesn’t come with a warranty 
  • Mold can be grown if not detected correctly. 

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Moisture Meter TyhoTech Wood Moisture Detector LCD Damp Moisture Tester 

Moisture meter Tyhotech wood moisture detector comes with an LCD damp moisture tester and two test probe pins for accurate measuring. It can also measure the percentage of water in the walls of firewood, paper floor, cordwood, and trees.

Moisture Meter TyhoTech Wood Moisture Detector LCD Damp Moisture Tester


The product is designed in such a manner that the product fits for one-hand mode use. It also gives a better grip which is very useful for the contractors, woodworkers, and the homeowners who measure the moisture content for most of the woods, bamboos, papers, and gives quick and accurate measurement data for the items.


The product measures the moisture content by moisture test range which is from 0-99.9%. Its accuracy varies from ±0.5%, and the resolution can extend up to 0.1%. The product has also got an electrode length of 10mm, which is about 0.4″.

Detector LCD Damp Moisture Tester


The product can hold the data function; it allows to read the data for a long time and gives a convenient reading in the large LCD display. It also has an auto power-off function, conserving the Battery Energy with a low battery display of about 9V.

LCD Damp Moisture Tester


  • Lightweight
  • Small Size
  • It can be kept in a pocket
  • Package with a Toolbag


  • No warranty 
  • Slow concerning others 

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eOUTIL Digital Moisture Meter, Water Leak Detector, Moisture Tester

eOUTIL digital moisture meter, water leak detector, moisture tester come with a unique pin type, backlit LCD display along with audible and visual high-medium-low moisture content alerts on the display screen. 

Moisture Tester


To determine the moisture content of wood and other building materials like drywall and plywood or for checking water-damaged areas, this product will give you the best wood to know if the moisture is still present in it or not. The product is designed with two high-precision pins, which can penetrate the test surface, give the results of the moisture content level in the walls, and give an estimated value for moisture growth.


This is one of the best moisture meters as it is not only for moisture testing but also for temperature testers. The temperature range comes in between 0-50°C.


The product can also measure the accuracy, which is ±2% for wood and building material.

eOUTIL Digital Moisture Meter


The eOUTIL digital moisture meter contains backlit, which allows reading easier. In addition, it comes with a hold button which allows it to freeze the reading until the switch is pressed to unfreeze.


  • Accurate resolution
  • Eight calibration scales
  • Backlit LCD display


  • No warranty available 


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Dr. Meter wood moisture meter comes in 2in1, both pin and pinless moisture meter for wood. It contains a backlit LCD display for pin-type and scanner wood. In addition, the product is designed with a green backlight display which gives signals from that display for more intuitive measurement tips. It also comes with a bonus nylon storage bag which can be used to store the product conveniently.

2 in 1 Pin Pinless Moisture Meter for Wood 1


The product comes with a 2-in-1 moisture meter that gives awesome dual functions for pin-type and pinless scanning. The pinless scanning mode gives non-invasive measurement, which is ideal for wood and other building materials. The pin-type mode gives a faster response than the pinless because it has higher accuracy.


The product contains four pinless scanning modes of softwood, hardwood, gypsum board, and concrete mode. Before use, it reduces the redundant settings; an over-range alert is given to warn the customers. When the wood moisture exceeds 17%, or the wall humidity exceeds 70%, this wood moisture tester starts to beep to alert before causing any damage. 

Meter Wood Moisture Meter


The Dr.meter intelligent wood moisture meter measures the humidity of wood and building materials and measures 0-40° current environmental temperature where only +/-2 degree error is detected.

Moisture Meter for Wood


  • User-friendly design 
  • Gives over-range alerts 
  • 2 in 1 moisture meter


  • No warranty available 
  • Pinless Moisture Meter is very slow working.

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After reviewing all the five best moisture meters, it’s convenient to use them for easy and simple work. If you still haven’t tried, get the best moisture meters earliest to work easily and also look at the added-value features which make the product more useful and user-friendly. 

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